Sport For women managers, the inequalities compared to men have not diminished in the company

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Interestingly, however, women scored lower than men on levels of social confidence and assertiveness: traits that one might expect to tie in with authority. It may be that the way in which female managers display authority differs to what we ‘traditionally’ imagine as an authoritative person; for example, female managers are more likely to lead by example than their male counterparts. One factor likely to contribute to this is women ’s greater concern over how they are perceived as managers compared to men . Despite a gradual increase in the number of female managers , it is unfortunately

Women ’s advancement in the workplace has taken significant strides in the past 50 years. Research demonstrates, however, that despite an increased presence of female employees in mid- management positions, executive positions across the globe continue to be dominated by men . Due to their lack of female colleagues in management , women are also isolated and are often subconsciously viewed by others in the company as symbolic gestures of the company ’s goodwill efforts to promote equality. The advancement of a limited number of women into upper echelons of power has created a dynamic

Selon l’étude, 50% des cadres considèrent, à raison, qu’il existe dans leur entreprise des inégalités salariales entre hommes et femmes à compétences et poste équivalents. © anilakkus According to the study, 50% of managers consider, rightly, that there is wage inequality between men in their company and women with equivalent skills and positions.

The finding is overwhelming. According to , a survey by the Association for the Employment of Executives (Apec) published on Wednesday, nearly nine in ten female executives (86%) believe that inequalities in relation to men have not decreased over the past five years. last years in business. Male executives do not have the same perception: 41% claim to have "perceived a reduction in inequalities" during this period, according to this survey conducted in February of 1,000 executives in the private sector. “Our study acts as an indicator of inequalities. We realize that things are progressing, but that they are not progressing fast enough ”, explains to Liberation Christine Lê, president of the board of directors of Apec, for whom this study, carried out every year, enables to “fight inequalities better and raise awareness among businesses”. Anne-Sophie Panseri, member of the national office of the organization FCE (Women entrepreneurs) France, sees in this result the sign of "the impatience of women" vis-à-vis equality objectives , which nevertheless appear in the law.

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For - Women are the ones who are expected to handle various responsibilities from the childhood which makes them a good multi-tasker. - Be it managers in the top companies or the ones who are managing their homes, women in all areas manage their work flawlessly. - Their inherent qualities make them good managers as they are more patient in the difficult situation and are able to manage situations with their positive attitude and calm mind compared to their counter partners. - They have the quality of managing their children and are simultaneously able to concentrate on their career.

1. Women pay more for common household items than men do. Shampoo, deodorant—even a 10-pack of socks—are among the many products that cost more for women , according to an analysis by Marie Claire. The turnover rate of female employees in tech is also disturbingly high. Whereas only 17 percent of men in the industry leave their company at a given time, 41 percent of women in tech resign from their positions, with 56 percent of that group leaving mid-career. 8. When women enter male-dominated industries, the pay decreases.

Main area of ​​concern: the remuneration of women. According to the study, 50% of executives consider that there are pay inequalities in their company between men and women with equivalent skills and position. With good reason: in 2019, the median salary of female executives amounted to 46,000 euros gross per year, against a little more than 52,000 euros for men, i.e. a differential of 13%, according to Apec, which underlines in the study that “this gap has not tended to decrease over the past five years”.

Not enough high-ranking women

The difficulty of women executives in reaching high positions, the famous "glass ceiling", is also highlighted. As proof, according to Apec, nearly a third of respondents "think that women executives are not sufficiently represented in management functions within their company". Almost half of female managers also feel that they are not sufficiently represented in the management bodies of their company. Result: "Many women respond to these constraints by creating their businesses or their jobs, because they are fed up with not being able to evolve in a traditional business environment, assures Anne-Sophie Panseri. At some point in their career, they prefer to set up on their own. " According to her, the stake is therefore "huge" for companies, which risk seeing their employees desert if they abandon the issue of professional equality.

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Equal pay between men and women equated their status in the organization confer-. ring them a source of empowerment. Apart from equal pay, organizational aspect, which included an. filled but it is often observed that female employees do not get an equal set of job characteristic as well. as organizational features at par with male employees further leading to diminished JM levels. These. lower motivational levels of female employees make them a mediocre source of human capital having .

That women receive lower wages than men is a known fact of most economies. However, Procurement Leaders research shows clear evidence that women earn lower wages than their male counterparts even when in the same role. Offering women the same salaries are men will help increase female representation at the senior levels and therefore improve the profitability of the entire company . Jonathan Webb. I am a researcher into supply chain management and corporate procurement.

Finally, the use of quotas to impose parity in management committees also continues to be debated among executives. Half of women are in favor (52%), against a third (34%) of men.

If the results show "that there is still a lot to do to reduce these inequalities", Christine Lê, of the Apec, remains confident, and welcomes the recent advances in terms of professional equality, with in particular the in place of the professional equality index , now compulsory in companies with more than 50 employees. This Wednesday, seven of the eight national employee organizations called to “correct” this indicator, in particular to better assess wage inequalities. Last October, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, promised consultation with the social partners to define a new indicator to measure the proportion of women in senior executives.

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