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Connor McDavid's potential monster contract with Oilers, in perspective

  Connor McDavid's potential monster contract with Oilers, in perspective Connor McDavid is about to make more money per year than any player in the NHL, but you might be shocked to see where his salary ranks in terms to other major sportsNot bad for a guy who just left his teens five months ago.

Why is there such a massive difference between what NHL and NBA stars get paid? The answer is both very simple, and very complicated. When you see how much more revenue is made in the NBA , that accounts to a massive difference in total payments to players each year.

Just to make a player a top player based on ratings, they have to inflate certain values that don ’ t really fit with those players . I’ll never understand why people need those ratings. GameInformer has posted some more NHL 19 details in their latest article, Six Changes That Make NHL

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Just a few days ago, Connor McDavid signed a contract that’ll make him the highest-paid player in the NHL at $12.5 million per year. It’s a commitment so large that there’s been discussion about whether the Edmonton Oilers will be able to comfortably build a Stanley Cup winner with their franchise cornerstone eating up so much cap space.

The same week, the Houston Rockets of the NBA announced that star James Harden had completed a contract extension with the team covering six years. The average annual salary? $38 million. In 2022-23, when McDavid is still making $12.5 million, Harden will get $46.8 million.

Why aren't NFL players the highest-paid athletes?

  Why aren't NFL players the highest-paid athletes? The opening of the NBA's free-agency period Saturday and the flurry of deals it spawned, including Stephen Curry's record-setting five-year, $201-million contract, had NFL fans and players questioning why NFL stars earn less than other sports' stars.Indeed, Curry's contract dwarfs that of the extension signed last week by fellow Bay Area resident Derek Carr, whose $125 million over five years is the largest contract in NFL history.

So why do NBA players make so much more than NFL stars ? But because of the issues described above -- there's so much money to go around, and you can' t pay the superstars more if you wanted to -- players and their agents have power and can wave away non-guarantees.

Why NHL superstars don ’ t make as much as NBA players . They avoided bad free agency deals.

For many hockey fans, this is one of the most puzzling dynamics of the sport. How could McDavid, the best player in the NHL, get paid similarly to an NBA journeyman like Miles Plumlee? Why is there such a massive difference between what NHL and NBA stars get paid?

The answer is both very simple, and very complicated. There are a lot of factors that go into compensation for professional athletes, and over the years, we’ve seen those factors push NBA salaries to new heights. So why does Harden make so much more than McDavid? Let’s dig into the reasons.

1. NBA revenues are significantly higher than NHL

Thanks to its massive presence on the internet and a shiny new cable TV deal with TNT, ESPN, and ABC, the NBA projected revenues around $8 billion for the 2016-17 season. It’s unclear whether they hit that exact mark, but that estimate is substantially higher than any number the NHL could possibly reach.

Connor McDavid’s $100 million extension changes the NHL’s contract landscape

  Connor McDavid’s $100 million extension changes the NHL’s contract landscape Next season, Connor McDavid will be the NHL’s highest paid player when his newly announced eight year, $100 million extension kicks in. Original deal was expected to be $13.

Today I`m covering possibly the most confusing, unclear question of what exactly makes a player an NBA superstar . Why the Spurs are the NBA 's model organization - Продолжительность: 12:02 Dom2k 204 805 просмотров.

Plus, the NHL has a hard cap, and it makes it very difficult for teams to maneuvre around it. The NBA has a myriad of exceptions and the NFL doesn' t have the same calculation for cap dollars that the NHL does.

For the 2015-16 season, the NHL totaled about $4 billion in revenue, while its projection for the past season was at $4.5 billion, per Sports Business Daily. There were reports concerning the salary cap that said revenues didn’t increase substantially for 2016-17, so it’s possible revenues stayed closer to $4 billion.

No matter what, you’re talking billions in extra revenue that the NBA creates compared to the NHL. That ultimately trickles down to the players, who have the same revenue split in each league now.

Under the current collective bargaining agreements for both the NBA and NHL, the players receive 50 percent of basketball or hockey-related revenue, respectively.

For NHL players, that’s down from the previous CBA, which gave them 57 percent of hockey-related revenue before owners instituted a lockout in 2012. When you see how much more revenue is made in the NBA, that accounts to a massive different in total payments to players each year.

NBA players discuss who are the league’s most underrated

  NBA players discuss who are the league’s most underrated Who are the most underrated players in the NBA? We asked a number of individuals from around the league to discuss their underappreciated peers. Eastern Conference center: "The most underrated player in the NBA is TJ McConnell from the Sixers. If you just look at his stats, they're never going to jump out at you, but that little f***er is tough. He's a tough kid. I remember thinking, 'Oh, I'll just screen this little white boy and lay him out,' but he fights through every screen. He's gritty and he doesn't back down from anyone.

This is a list of NBA players with most championships won as a player . The National Basketball Association ( NBA ) is a major professional basketball league in North America. It was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA).

I love me some basketball , but the opening rounds of the NBA playoffs don ' t provide much in the Unlike the NBA , the NHL postseason is tough to predict, with teams up and down the rankings primed to make a run. A broken finger or a few missing teeth won't keep NHL players out of the playoffs.

In the NBA, 50 percent of related revenue is roughly $4 billion. In the NHL, it’s more like $2 billion, or closer to $2.25 billion if the league reached its projected estimates for the season. And that’s before you factor in roster sizes.

2. NHL teams have to pay significantly more players

The official NHL active roster size is 23 players, and they can have up to 50 players under contract. The official NBA active roster size is 12 players, and they can have up to 15 under contract.

Even if you exclude all the NHL prospects who aren’t in the league yet, you’re talking up to 713 active roster spots across 31 teams in the NHL versus 450 active roster spots across 30 teams in the NBA. That’s an average of eight extra players per NHL team that need to be paid on a league-wide budget roughly half of the size.

There are also lots of costs associated with development and prospects, which NHL teams pay to sustain their pipelines of talent. NBA teams are just beginning to invest a lot more there with the growth of the NBA Gatorade League (formerly known as the D-League, but the NBA found another way to get more income).

Harden signs extension, giving him richest NBA deal ever

  Harden signs extension, giving him richest NBA deal ever James Harden became a star in Houston, and now he's ready to call the city home. Harden signed a four-year, "supermax" extension Saturday, a whopper of a deal that guarantees Harden about $228 million over the next six seasons and makes it the richest contract in league history. Video by CBS Sports

Don ' t understand why NBA players make so much danged money? Let the NBA Money Cycle (and its half-wit cousin the NBA Lockout Money Quasi-Cycle) explain. By Tom [email protected] Nov 18, 2011, 9:32am EST.

There are arguments to be made that Jimmy Butler is already a superstar in the NBA , but now the Bulls have officially become his team, endorsed by Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo, it is time for him to show just how good a player 20 NBA Players Most Fans Forget Were Drafted By Random Teams.

3. A hard cap, a soft cap, and term limits

In the NBA, there’s a hard cap on how much one player can make, but teams are able to go over the soft cap for their rosters if they’re willing to pay luxury taxes. In the NHL, there are hard caps on both individual players and team payrolls.

This limits flexibility for NHL teams, as they cannot spend their way of problems in the way that some richer NBA teams can. It makes it harder to want to commit big money to one player when you know it gets you closer to a firm limit you cannot go past for any reason.

The NBA also limits contract terms to five years or less. This has the impact of lowering risk on the part of teams, which can feel more comfortable taking a gamble on someone because they can’t demand more than four or five years.

We’ve seen this happen regularly in the NHL, where players get a higher salary in exchange for lower term. In the NBA, this is basically how every contract operates because nobody is getting locked in for that long. It limits the risk on the part of the team, which can make it easier to dive into big-money deals. Even with max contract rules, small roster sizes and big revenues mean massive salaries for most NBA players.

If the NHL had term limits similar to the NBA, you might see more teams willing to take gambles on guys if it’s only for four or five years. When those same players demand seven- or eight-year terms, teams get more easily locked into bad deals that can create problems under a hard cap.

WWE 2K18 is confirmed for Nintendo Switch

  WWE 2K18 is confirmed for Nintendo Switch 2K Sports Rasslin’ returns to Nintendo after a decade-long hiatus  A Switch launch was suspected for WWE 2K18 shortly after 2K Sports revealed its cover star in June (the dastardly Seth Rollins). GoNintendo spotted a listing for an Austrian retail chain showing its availability on Nintendo's newest console, but nothing was confirmed or commented on until now.

Welcome back to the "Greatest Ever" series as we continue with the rank of the 20 most complete players in the NBA History. Through the history of the league ,there have been many versatile players who have been superstars ,leaders,known names in the world of basketball and so on.

NHL . One attribute that makes him the most unique superstar the game has seen: He's the first to have higher expectations for himself than from anyone else.

4. NHL stars don’t have the marketing power or individualism of NBA stars

McDavid is a big deal, without a doubt. But given the team-first attitudes that have permeated through the hockey world over the years compared to the more individualistic vibe of the NBA, McDavid simply isn’t a star on the same magnitude of LeBron, Harden, or Kevin Durant. He’s just not, whether you’re looking at endorsement deals, social media following, or another gauge of popularity.

When an NBA team has a star like Harden, that’s not just a chance to win a lot of games, it’s also a massive marketing opportunity with a name and face who have transcended popularity in the sports world. NBA stars, partially by virtue of being very tall people, tend to have a tough time going about their lives publicly without people noticing them. There are probably a lot of American cities where McDavid, on the other hand, could comfortably walk around without anyone realizing who he is.

That kind of individualism extends to contracts, where there’s not nearly as much pressure on NBA players to take smaller deals in order to win. Yes, it still happens, whether it was the Spurs’ stars, the Heat’s Big 3, or Durant in Golden State, but given how NHL teams operate under hard caps, there’s a cultural pressure for every star to take less money to stay competitive. McDavid reportedly did just that with his Oilers deal, even though you could argue he was worth even more than the bigger deal he may have turned down. There’s not nearly as much of a “let me get my own” attitude in the NHL, where Stanley Cups are the prime measurement of success.

Sherman: Players must consider strike to get NBA, MLB money

  Sherman: Players must consider strike to get NBA, MLB money After a cohort of NFL players complained they were underpaid comparatively to their NBA and MLB peers, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is posing the notion of a strike to his colleagues. Due to a sudden ascent in the NBA's salary cap, numerous players have received eight-figure contracts, much to the chagrin of many NFL athletes. Sherman is ready for a holdout in order to receive a bigger payday and tried to bring forth the idea of a work stoppage to the rest of the league."If we want as the NFL, as a union, to get anything done, players have to be willing to strike.

The National Hockey League Players ’ Association put out a strong statement against the decision in April. When asked by ESPN what they would change about the game and why , several NHL athletes said they would allow players to go to the Olympics.

Which league makes more money: NBA , NFL, MLB or NHL (talking specifically about the league , and not its players )? Why do NFL Players make less money compared to other Major league players like NBA and MLB?

5. NBA stars have a much larger impact on their teams

Going beyond the dynamics of how much teams can spend and how many players they need to employ, the reality is that an NBA superstar like Harden will likely have a greater impact on his team’s chances of success than an NHL superstar like McDavid.

The reason for this is simple: the NBA superstar is on the court far more than the NHL superstar is on the ice.

Last season, Harden played 81 games at an average of 36.4 minute per night. That’s a total of 2,947 minutes out of 3,936 minutes by the Rockets during the regular season. Harden was on the court nearly 75 percent of the time.

McDavid, even as the Oilers’ best player, comes nowhere close to that kind of usage because no NHL player does beyond the goalies. Last season, McDavid played all 82 games at an average of 21:08 per night. That’s 1,733 total minutes out of 4,920 possible regulation minutes by the Oilers (the actual minutes total is higher given overtimes). McDavid is on the ice closer to one-third of the time.

This is something NHL players will never be able to change. Yes, McDavid can still have an outsized impact on the game relative to other hockey players, but the dynamic of the sport is different than in basketball, where a single player can play the majority of the team and swing the odds in his team’s direction. LeBron James, for example, plays an average of 42 minutes per game in the playoffs. His teams only have to weather roughly 13 percent of each game with him on the bench, so it’s no surprise they’ve reached the NBA Finals in seven straight seasons.

An NHL player, even the best of the best, will never be able to do that on his own. In the end, with all those other factors included, it’s no surprise McDavid can’t sniff the kind of salaries commanded by the LeBrons and Hardens of the world.

AHL allowing players on minor league deals to go to Olympics .
Players on American Hockey League contracts will be eligible to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics. President and CEO David Andrews confirmed through a league spokesman Wednesday that teams were informed they could loan players on AHL contracts to national teams for the purposes of participating in the Pyeongchang Olympics. The AHL sent a memo to its 30 clubs saying players could only be loaned for Olympic participation from Feb. 5-26.The Olympic men's hockey tournament runs from Feb. 9-25.

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