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10:23  11 march  2021
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The House’s three big ideas to take on tech power

  The House’s three big ideas to take on tech power They had the CEO hearings, now they get to workLawmakers shined a light on some of tech’s shady business practices, and now they’re getting ready to finish the job. On Thursday, the House Judiciary’s subcommittee on antitrust returned for a far less flashy hearing with experts. It’s the beginning of a second and far more important phase of the committee’s work, pinning down new rules that would address those practices.

The tech turnaround is underway! Many stocks that had fallen sharply recently were able to make up some ground again. In some cases, stocks have risen in the higher single-digit percentage range. A few stocks even posted double-digit gains over the course of Tuesday this week.

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Is the tech turnaround going on? An exciting question. Foolish, corporate and long-term oriented investors should rather ask themselves the question: Which stocks are just getting started and still have a lot of further potential?

tech turnaround? Fastly with potential!

One of the first stocks that I think has a lot of long-term potential is Fastly (NYSE:

Dave Farrell Eager To Take On Tour Tech Director Role In 2021

  Dave Farrell Eager To Take On Tour Tech Director Role In 2021 While 2021 is a year that is hopefully more normal than 2020, one area that will be different in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour garage area will be at tech inspection. Longtime Tour tech director Rick McCaughey announced his retirement at the end of the 2020 season. Moving into his spot will be Dave Farrell, […]A native of upstate New York, Farrell has been working racing tech for decades, from USAC to Legends cars. He jumped over to Modified racing in 2009. Now, he‘s the Whelen Modified Tour tech director.

). As part of the tech turnaround, the shares have increased by around 7%. With a current price level of 57.50 euros, the Fastly share is still trading well, well below the old highs.

What is the core idea behind the Fastly share, apart from a tech turnaround? Quite simply: That the amount of data in the Internet world is expanding consistently. And that Fastly, as a tech player, can benefit from this development. With its content delivery networks, the starting position is in any case available to be able to experience an upswing in the 5G age, for example.

Fastly also has some prominent major customers. Whether Shopify

or TikTok: Many well-known players are now relying on the solution, which is an indicator that the content delivery networks are really appreciated in the tech world. The net retention rate is also well above 100%, which also shows that existing customers are consistently willing to spend more on the solutions.

Fastly recently disappointed with sales growth, but in the long term I am convinced that the investment thesis is intact.

Buckle up, Wall Street, we're just getting started

  Buckle up, Wall Street, we're just getting started Tonight: Sands is leaving Las Vegas; Texas is being, well, Texas; and now that we're thinking about traveling this year Moon trip 2023? Who's in?Editor's Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN Business' Nightcap newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free, here.

As I said: even without a short-term tech turnaround. This is also due to the market capitalization of approx. 7.9 billion US dollars, which is comparatively small.

Teladoc Health: Also more than just a flicker! The tech turnaround has now also led to a price increase in the shares of Teladoc Health (WKN: A14P98). The share certificates were recently able to increase by approx. 8.7% to 162.10 euros. It is remarkable. Whereby the stock is still around 35% below its all-time high. A discount is therefore definitely still available. However,

Teladoc Health is also more than just a tech turnaround. In a company-oriented manner, we can recognize a budding leading digital company in the healthcare sector. Telemedicine is the spearhead. The data management and tracking of health data has been added with Livongo Health and could be expanded consistently. An exciting investment thesis that has since been born here.

Forget Apple! These tech stocks are a better choice!

 Forget Apple! These tech stocks are a better choice! © Provided by The Motley Fool, Inc Apple Store with Apple Logo Apple Stock Please don't get me wrong: Apple stock (NYSE: ) can certainly still generate solid returns over the long term. After all, the ecosystem of the cult group from Cupertino is gigantic, as is the brand, of course. And the products have a very loyal following. Nevertheless, key figures such as a market capitalization of 2 trillion (!) US dollars or a price-earnings ratio of approx. 36.8 make it clear that the valuation situat

Teladoc Health is now also valued at $ 29.5 billion, which is still cheap to me. The healthcare system is already gigantic today. The daily doctor-patient interactions alone, which can be digitized in the future, should be able to justify a higher level of assessment. Foolish investors can therefore also rely on digitization in this market. As I said, the market is gigantic.

Not just the tech turnaround!

The tech turnaround started on Tuesday of this week. Will it last? Wait. Ultimately, however, for Foolish, business-minded investors, it's about making the best long-term investment decisions with potential. Fastly and Teladoc Health stocks could be among that group.

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Vincent owns shares of Fastly and Teladoc Health. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Fastly, Shopify, and Teladoc Health.

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