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01:10  30 march  2021
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Some may wonder if a person can become a pro at Betting, after all, it's a game of luck and you can never predict the odds. However, we often realized that experienced bettors often record more wins than the newbies.

This shows that it is possible to become a pro at Betting. This article will provide you with ten helpful tips to improve your Betting skills.

1. Understand The Concept of Value

When you learn to look out for value, you stop placing bets based on the probability of a particular team winning but rather the value of the odds on offer.

2. Understand Basic Maths

Betting is a game of numbers, thus you will need more than instincts and intuition to excel at it, you need at least a basic knowledge of maths. You should be able to understand the relationship between probability and available odds.

3. Understand How the Bookmakers Make the Odds

Most of the time bookmakers instead of the actual possibility of outcomes on either side, make the odds based on what they expect most people to play. Predicting how bookmakers will make the odds is difficult so the easiest thing is to believe that the bookmakers will not put the odds in your favor.

4. Learn How to Fall in Love With the Ugly Duckling

Experienced players often go for the uglier teams (teams that are least likely to win) because they have realized that the least attractive teams are often more valuable than the attractive teams since everyone will prefer to bet on them for security reasons.

5. Don’t Get Lost in Celebration or Defeat

Do not let a loss weigh you down so much you are discouraged from trying again because you don’t believe in yourself anymore, hold on to your analysis and try again. The same goes for your victories, don’t let it get to your head so much you decide to bet beyond your bankroll.

6. Don’t Raise the Bar Too High

Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure by raising the bar too high. Multi bets indeed provide multiple returns but if it goes sour it can also cause huge losses. So multi bets are a bad idea if you don’t have a true value.

7. Have a Long Term Sensibility

See your Betting journey as a long-term project, so all your moves and actions are long-term. Build your Betting bankroll consistently by increasing it with each game, with the time you could start making a significant income.

8. Start With a Realistic Betting Bankroll

Pick a convenient number that sits in the middle. Not too much you go broke for it and not too little so it can withstand losses. In the long run, your goal should be growing your bankroll fast enough without going bankrupt.

9. Let Go of The Need to Make it Interesting

Instead of trying to make it interesting, place a premium on value. Explore other sports to see if they are more valuable.


Becoming a pro at betting at an online casino requires a lot of hard work, there is no shortcut to it. But always have it in mind that nothing is guaranteed.

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