Sport Jordan: For the King, the crisis that has shaken the monarchy is "finished"

12:45  08 april  2021
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'End of an era': With Prince Philip's death, the role of a modern monarchy comes into play

  'End of an era': With Prince Philip's death, the role of a modern monarchy comes into play "Prince Philip's death will have a knock-on effect on people reconsidering the worth of the monarchy," said author David McClure.Experts say that as her children and grandchildren step up their royal duties, the transition to the next generation is an unstable time that could raise doubts about the monarchy's value in today's world.

Le roi Abdallah II de Jordanie, à la chambre des représentants à Amman, le 23 mars 2021. © AFP - - King Abdallah II of Jordan, in the House of Representatives in Amman, March 23, 2021.

It was a very expected message. King Abdallah II of Jordan said Wednesday, April 7 that the unprecedented crisis erupted this weekend in this century-old monarchy was "finished", stating that Prince Hamza involved was at home under the protection of the sovereign. Except that the king made a statement on television instead of expressing himself. The form as the Fund have disappointed a lot from Jordanians. Still, the diet is still Lojn to be weakened.

"I assure you that the sedition has been stifled in the egg. The challenge of these last days was not the most dangerous for the stability of the country, but it was the most painful for me, "said the king in a message read by a presenter of public television.

How Queen Victoria remade the British monarchy

  How Queen Victoria remade the British monarchy She took the throne amid calls to replace the royals with a republic. But Queen Victoria held power through ambitious reforms and imperialist policies, and her legacy endures today.During the period now known as the Victorian Era, she oversaw her nation’s industrial, social, and territorial expansion and became known as a trendsetter who made over European attitudes toward the monarchy. An estimated one in four people on Earth were subjects of the British Empire by the end of her rule. But when Victoria took the throne, the British monarchy was deeply unpopular.

Hamza, half-brother of the King and Prince heir from 1999 to 2004, "is today with his family in his palace, under my protection, pursued abdallah II. He has committed to the [Hashemite] family to follow the path of his parents and grandparents, to be faithful to their message and place the interest of Jordan, his constitution and his laws. above any other consideration. The king was expressed for the first time since the revelation by the authorities of a "malefic plan" aimed at destabilizing the throne. He added that "the parties involved in this sedition were from our home and outside", without specifying if he spoke of parties outside the royal or external family in Jordan.

Twenty people are under the locks, including Bassem Awadallah, a former head of the Royal Office hated by a large part of the population, and Cherif Hassan Ben Zaid, a member of the royal family which was a special emissary time of the king in Saudi Arabia.

Jordan: King Abdallah and his half-brother together one week after the crisis

 Jordan: King Abdallah and his half-brother together one week after the crisis © - King Abdallah II of Jordan (right), Prince Hamza (Center) and their uncle Hassan (left), April 11, 2021 At Amman King Abdallah II of Jordan and Prince Hamza appeared together on Sunday, a week after a crisis during which the king's half-brother was accused of endangering the monarchy.

The form as the King's Speech Fund have disappointed a lot from Jordanians, according to Camille Abescat, doctoral student at CERI, International Sciences Po Research Center, at the

Anissa El Jabri

microphone, the Inertional RFI service. "These are words that have affected part of the population," she says. I could see a lot of messages of support to the king. But at the same time, these messages and publications on social networks were really counter-balanced by many disappointment messages because the statement does not bring any new element on events and also because there was a lot of people who hoped for an announcement of political reforms against corruption or economic reforms. And finally, there are Jordanians who regret that things have been settled internally, in the royal family, and who consider that the prince should have been returned to justice like any normal citizen in Jordan. For those who are waiting for reforms, it does not convince them at all.

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Prince Hamza, the favorite prince of the Jordanians "True to the king" Prince Hamza, who denied the charges against him, announced Monday under the pressure of the Hashemite family. He returned to the rank and promised to "stay true to the king", without however amending his criticisms against power.

This case intervenes in a political context tense in the country. "We are really in a time when we have been manifesting for several months, where protesters call for political and economic reforms," ​​says Ceri Camille Abescat. That's why Prince Hamza's words really resonated among the Jordanians, since they have translated many things that the Jordanians also thought. Nevertheless, this idea of ​​a Jordanian power over the thread and fragile is a bit of an image that sticks to Jordan as soon as it crosses a political crisis. But the Jordanian regime has found in the last thirty years prove its resilience as soon as it makes disputes.

The king received supporters from rulers around the world in recent days. US President Joe Biden expressed "the strong US support in Jordan" and pointed out "the importance of abdallah II leadership for the United States and the region," the White House reported in a statement.

The King met Wednesday in Amman, the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who assured twitter the willingness of the US to continue their "long-term partnership and to contribute to prosperity and stability."

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