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01:40  14 april  2021
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PayPal Launches 'Checkout With Crypto' to Let Users Pay in Bitcoin and Convert to Fiat for Merchants

  PayPal Launches 'Checkout With Crypto' to Let Users Pay in Bitcoin and Convert to Fiat for Merchants PayPal will allow users to pay in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether at millions of merchants in the U.S. starting today, according to an announcement from the company on Tuesday. © Screenshot: PayPal/YouTube Called “Checkout With Crypto,” the new service will let anyone holding crypto through PayPal actually pay using crypto and PayPal will convert it to fiat currency for the business that’s accepting the payment.PayPal launched the ability to buy cryptocurrencies through the platform in October but this is the first time users will be able to buy things with it.

Morgan Stanley's Chief Volkswirt Chetan Ahya sees no competition for Krypto assets such as Bitcoin and others in the digital currencies of the National Central Banks. The application purposes are too different.

E-Yuan: Chinas in Entwicklung befindliche Digitalwährung. © Aleksandra Sova / Shutterstock E-Yuan: China's digital currency in development.

Chetan Ahya and his analyst team at Morgan Stanley remain left when it comes to the so-called CDBC (Central Bank Digital Currency), ie the digital currencies issued by central banks. While the width is not yet, but specifically, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), 86 percent of central banks worldwide worldwide on the implementation of appropriate concepts.

Goldman Sachs-Report: Bitcoins Performance provides other assets in the shadows

 Goldman Sachs-Report: Bitcoins Performance provides other assets in the shadows Since the beginning of the year, new records can be recorded in numerous asset classes and industries - including the crypto currency Bitcoin. © Provil by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Bitcoin Course Catapulted • Record Series Secures BTC Space Under Top Performers • Other assets far behind The year 2020 ended the Krypto-Veinstein Bitcoin Around 29,000 US dollars - his upward movement has since become unbraked and pushed it from record high to record high.

CDBC rather means of payment, Krypto rather asset

in some countries of the earth, especially in the People's Republic of China, are CBDC already in the test phase. Also in Ukraine, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Sweden and Korea run pilot projects of different sizes. The nationwide introduction should be a few more years.

for crypto courses resulted in a negative effect through digital currencies of central banks, the financial experts in a report published on Monday reported from the Business Insider .

Morgan Stanley justifies this assessment that CBDC and crypto currencies serve different purposes and have different incentives. Above all, CDBC served to receive and make payments - the way it can be Fiat currencies.

crypto currencies, on the other hand, would be used as "value storage", as asset, and were not intended for daily payment transactions. That would be theoretically possible, but above all because of the high volatility of the crypto currencies as a contrainuctive application.

PayPal steps up crypto efforts with acquisition of blockchain security startup Curv

  PayPal steps up crypto efforts with acquisition of blockchain security startup Curv On its website, Curv explains that its "secret sauce" is the use of multi-party computation (MPC) protocols that eliminate the use of private keys for crypto storage. According to Curv, private keys are the single point of failure in public key cryptography. The company said its MPC protocols leverage independently generated shares of cryptographic material, mathematics and cloud computing to prevent unauthorized access to digital wallets and provide a distributed way to sign blockchain transactions and manage digital assets.

So crypto currencies would not be seen as an alternative to real or digital Fiat currencies, but rather as a method to protect against their value losses. Accordingly, in Bitcoin and Co, more than in securities are invested.

CBDC No "Kryptonit" for Crypt Dietes

Thus, the assessment of the financial experts from Morgan Stanley deviates from the other funds. The Bank of America had even referred to CDBC as "Kryptonit" for crypto feeds. Kryptonite is a fictional metal used in the DC comics around Superman to destroy the forces of the Comic hero.

Morgan Stanley sees the competition of the CBDC rather in so-called stable coins , ie crypto feeds covered with real assets, as it would be the case for the planned Facebook currency diem (formerly Libra ).

Similar to Morgan Stanley, positions itself the European Central Bank . Even the guardians of the euro look more speculative assets in crypto currencies.

Therefore, the crypto trading in the Robinhood App .
flourishes the Very popular broker app Robinhood took a variety of new users as part of the Corona Pandemic. The Gamestop saga also contributed massively to the awareness of the company. The financial service provider not only benefits from stock trading, even the trades with crypto currencies have gone almost by the ceiling since the beginning of the year. © Provided by Finanzen.net Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Robinhood benefits from Corona Crise and Gamestop Saga • Crypt Diets in U

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