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22:25  16 april  2021
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Before Top Game in Leipzig: Flicks demand for his players

 Before Top Game in Leipzig: Flicks demand for his players Three players must be replaced, the heads of the national player are released. Bayern coach Hansi Flick has a lot to do until the duel with RB Leipzig - and a demand to his team. © Imago Images introduces itself on hot months: Bayern coach Hansi Flick. With a victory at RB Leipzig On Saturday, FC Bayern could make a huge step towards Neunde Championship in a row. Seven counters would then be the lead on the second of the league rangking. Until then, however, it is still a way.

Jérôme Boateng must leave FC Bayern Munich at the end of the season. The reasons are publicly known publicly - Sport1 expert Stefan Effenberg delivers them.

Warum Boateng wirklich gehen muss © Provided by sport1.de Why Boateng really has to go

short and just finished Hasan Salihamidzic announced a few days ago, that the end of the season's ending contract with Jérôme Boateng is not renewed . He did not provide a reason.

club-internally means: Boateng is no longer the fastest, in addition, you want to drive the upheaval. Why with Dayton Upamecano already committed its successor from Leipzig. (Report: At that time, Boateng learned from Bayern-out)

Bayern farewell confirmed: Boateng will "go through the big gate"

 Bayern farewell confirmed: Boateng will that already registered on Monday from the kicker exclusively reported from Jerome Boateng has now been confirmed by the official Bayern site. The Munich sports board Hasan Salihamidzic did that. © Imago Images completes his farewell tour at FC Bayern: Jerome Boateng, World Champion of 2014. At 32 years, Jerome Boateng must already publish his tents from FC Bayern Munich on Monday - and after a highest Successful decade.

has Boateng's finish really only athletic reasons or is more behind it? Stefan Effenberg, who completed 234 competitive games for Bayern and used to be often excited itself, has a different opinion. (Service: Everything about the Transfer Market in Sport1 TransferTicker)

in the new Sport1 Podcast "My Bayern Week" He speaks Tacheles: "You can do one and one together. In purely sporty he would have for one, two or maybe even get a new contract for three years. So there is no sporting reasons. It will have other reasons that are away from the green lawn. " ("Make me worries": Effe warns about Seven Bayern stars)

The Check24 double pass with Armin Veh and Urs Meier on Sunday from 11 o'clock on TV on sport1

criticism of FC Bayern: "Should just go to sporty"

Effenberg Next: "I do not want to go into detail, but those responsible are already a great idea that it is not only important to what happens in the square, but also the trumber. There is Boateng a bit extravagant and different. I like That, as long as the performance is right on the square. But that was, I think, really a decisive point, why those who have said that they do not extend the contract. That's a pity, because it should only be athletic. "

Coman tends to long-term Bavarian whereabouts

 Coman tends to long-term Bavarian whereabouts Kingsley Coman has been playing for FC Bayern for almost six years. After sport1 information, the French tends to a long-term whereabouts. © Provided by sport1.de COMAN tends to long-term Bavaria-whereabout Positive news at FC Bayern ! How Sport1 Chef Reporter Florian Plettenberg reveals in his podcast "My Bayern Week", Kingsley Coman tends to a long-term contract extension. In the room is a new working paper until 2026. of the Sport1 podcast "My Bayern Week" on podcast.sport1.de , in the Sport

Effenberg criticism of the Bavaria Bosses!

that Boateng has taken care of negative headlines in his free time, Bayern-Bossen around Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Honorary President Uli Hoeneess has always been a thorn in the eye. Therefore, even they wanted to sell Boateng long. Hansi Flick, however, formed a regular player and guarantor for the Sextuple and wished his whereabouts. (Service: Everything about the Bundesliga)

The Sport1 Podcast "My Bayern Week" on podcast.sport1.de , in the Sport1 app and the common streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer and Podigee

Alaba And Boateng "for a decade"

that SalihamiDzic had announced the non-contract extension of Boateng just before the quarter-final leg corporation against Paris, flick made sweeping. That he and Alaba go to the end of the season (must), is one of the reasons why Flick tends to change to DFB. (Service: Table of the Bundesliga)

The Hécatomb is confirmed at Bayern

 The Hécatomb is confirmed at Bayern © provided by Sports.co.uk Hansi Flick could leave Bayern Munich this summer. The Bayern Munich has been left for a huge fear, Saturday. The fault of the alert felt by Kingsley Coman with the right knee. There was finally more fear than harm and if the French international is released at the break, it is only precaution.

"Alaba and Boateng are not only vanity pipes. These are the supports, for a decade," criticizes Effenberg the decision: "I think that the two absolute regular players are. If you are such a one Quality lose, you also have to replace them qualitatively equivalent. "

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"Salihamidzic is under observation"

does not succeed Salihamidzic this job, he believes that it might be tight for the sports board: "He is under pressure and observation. I can imagine: Do not work in the next transfers, it will work in Lifting field and back. He is mainly responsible for this. " (Service: Results and Schedules Bundesliga)

Why Effenberg would decide for flick in the case of the showdown for flick and not for Salihamidzic, which he calls for by Kahn and Flick, why Uli Hoeneß's statements are a danger and warns the FC Bayern, Experiences you in the new Sport1 Podcast "My Bayern Week" . Effenberg's furry speech because of the rumors around Julian Nagelsmann there is to hear in all lengths.

Sport1 Chef Reporter Florian Plettenberg talks to Sport1 Moderator Jana Wosnitza in a row five as always about the topics and news of the week at Bayern and the German national team. From now on Fridays: "Plettigoal" reveals the tendency at Hansi Flick and the schedule of the summit meeting with the bosses. Stefan Effenberg analyzes FC Bayern and the most important personnel. Wolfsburg's sports director Marcel Schäfer estimates the chances of the Munich. The Sport1 Podcast " My Bayern Week" is available on podcast.sport1.de , in the Sport1 app and on the common streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Deezer and Podigee.

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