Sport Gareth Bale discusses career moments, teammates and the existence of aliens

03:05  19 june  2021
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You can believe in UFOs without believing Trump's election lies

  You can believe in UFOs without believing Trump's election lies 2021 is shaping up to be the year of believing the unbelievable might be possible. © Provided by CNN Money UFO Navy Corbell 1 There are Covid origin mysteries we may never solve. Now, there are unidentified flying objects the government believes to exist but cannot or will not explain. And then there are the election lies we still know are untrue. The biggest mystery. We still don't know whether Covid occurred naturally or sprang from a lab accident. We may never know.

" Gareth Bale making headlines with yet more antics on the substitutes' bench - CNN" is I feel there's a big difference between "believing aliens exist " and "loads of evidence that aliens exist including UFO sightings". They can all be real, it does not lend support to the existence of aliens , which is

Wales captain Gareth Bale apologised to his team for his penalty miss as part of a jubilant post-match huddle after beating Turkey 2-0 in their Euro 2020 Group A match in Azerbaijan on Wednesday. Footage from Baku Olympic Stadium shows Bale delivering a rousing speech to the the team . Bale had blasted a penalty over the bar, but the skipper redeemed himself by teeing up Aaron Ramsey’s goal and Connor Roberts’ late second.

Gareth Bale was recently interviewed by Sky Sports where he answered some questions from fans. One key highlight was his belief about the existence of UFOs and aliens where he revealed he has tried to convince his teammates at Tottenham as well.

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“Evidence of aliens is everywhere. People need to research, it’s interesting, I’m quite into it. [Harry] Kane doesn’t believe because he hasn’t done research. I’ve convinced Joe Rodon but he’s still on the fence, the amount of UFO sightings can’t all be false.”

Bale also talked about his biggest individual career moment being his overhead kick goal against Liverpool in the 2018 Champions League Final in Kyiv. Bale was hesitant to call it one of the best goals in Champions League history, instead electing to say its up to other people’s opinions where it ranks all-time.

He was asked about who he believes is the best teammate he has played with during his career. Bale said its Cristiano Ronaldo based off how long Ronaldo has been able to stay at a consistent, top level.

Bale also talked about his first day training with Real Madrid and Ronaldo. He said he was helped a bit since Ronaldo spoke English and Bale could only speak the language at the time. It also helped that he previously knew Luka Modric and then-assistant manager Paul Clement prior to his time under Carlo Ancelotti.

How Schalke Superstar Bale in the 2nd league lures .
a relegated and a player who has just failed at the European Championship - they fit together?! That thought of the Schalke socials and curl Gareth Bale per Tweet. © Provided by sport1.de How Schalke Superstar Bale in the 2nd league Lures blacksmith Schalke 04 this summer still on the big transfer coup? probably not. But for a lot of sensation, the relegated from the Bundesliga nevertheless provided when he lured Gareth Bale publicly to Gelsenkirchen.

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