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French leader Macron is slapped during visit to small town

  French leader Macron is slapped during visit to small town PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped Tuesday in the face by a man during a visit to a small town in southeast France. Macron’s office confirmed a video that is widely circulating online. The French president can be seen greeting the public waiting for him behind traffic barriers in the small town of Tain-l’Hermitage after he visited a high school that is training students to work in hotels and restaurants. The video shows aMacron’s office confirmed a video that is widely circulating online.

Voters chose a man who had never held elected office but they also backed the National Front in record numbers. The election left France 's decades-old Socialist and Republican political elite reeling, and became a choice between a relative novice from the centre of politics and a populist agenda. Although Emmanuel Macron won the department with more than 70% of the vote , most of his supporters were concentrated in the city of Bordeaux. Marine Le Pen scored better in the more rural areas.

Source: Interior Ministry of France . 1 Ms. Le Pen’s anti-globalization platform was popular in places where deindustrialization has driven high poverty and unemployment. 2 Ms. Le Pen did well in parts of the southeastern coast, historically a stronghold of the National Front. 3 Mr. Macron racked up large Many French voters abstained, leading to the worst turnout since 1969. And nearly 9 percent of voters filed blank ballots, a measure of dissatisfaction. Mr. Macron will face the difficult job of healing a divided France and persuading the country to accept the European Union and a series of unpopular structural

in TERGNIER, a small town of Aisne, three in four inhabitants have not moved. This abstractizer wave, which grows after poll, could cushion down in 2022.

  A la rencontre de la France qui ne vote plus © Cyril Marcilhacy

TERGNIER, Sunday, June 20th. In this city Runway from Aisne, local democracy once again derailed. Already a victim of massive abstention at the last municipal (66%), the village of 13,000 inhabitants beat its own record this Sunday, June 20: 73% of voters abstained in the first round of the regional. Seven points above the national average! On the square of the town hall at this beginning of the afternoon, a car parked motor lit. Jeremy led his wife to the main polling station but no question of slipping a newsletter into the ballot box himself. "Today, I only vote the presidential, the rest does not interest me," he recognizes. Guy, 72 years old, is on the same wavelength. Narquois, it makes the gesture of blocking the faces of candidates on electoral posters. But now a woman comes out of the municipal building. Georgette, fifty, did his citizen duty. But ... almost by chance. "I had something to ask in town hall so I took the opportunity to vote." A white newsletter. "Whatever the ones who are elected, the problems remain the same," she sighs.

Allies hope to bond, look beyond virus at G-7 summit in UK

  Allies hope to bond, look beyond virus at G-7 summit in UK LONDON (AP) — There will be roundtable meetings, one-on-one chats and a group photo against a picturesque backdrop. When leaders of some of the world’s richest nations meet Friday at the English seaside for a three-day Group of Seven summit, much of the choreography will be familiar. But the world has changed dramatically. Since the G-7 last met two years ago, the coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 3.7 million people and decimated economies with lockdowns and layoffs. A planned G-7 meeting in the United States last year was postponed, then canceled.So when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomes U.S.

More striking than any particular guarantee, however, was the universality of the claims made. assembly of European leaders that met after Napoleonic era to piece Europe back together; met Louis and his queen, Marie Antoinette, were executed in 1793. (king of France at the start of the

floating voter . a person who does not always vote for the same political party and who has not decided which party the political meetings , speeches, etc. that take place in the period before an election. an election in which one person or party gets very many more votes than the other people or parties

Video: Story 5: Regional, a failure for Marine Le Pen - 21/06 (BFMTV)

A Feeling of the Vote That Confirms Aurélien Galle, First Deputy Mayor (PCF) of TERGNIER. "When I chat with people, that's what I hear:" It's useless, it will not change anything "", is sorry, which also incriminals the output context of the confinement or the party some fathers. The IFOP made the same observation in its study "voting day" , published after the poll. "A franc skepticism towards the impact of these elections is the first factor of this low participation," writes the Institute of Surveys. In TERGNIER, the same dynamics as at the national plan are observed. In this popular municipality, the national gathering vote is usually very high. But as everywhere else in France, the frontier electorate has this time preferred to go fishing. The RN Sébastien Chenu candidate has only 28.7%, nine points less than Xavier Bertrand.

"By dedicating his training, MARINE LE PEN may have blunt"

"protest has passed from the tribecy vote to abstaining vote," Frederic Dabi, Director General of the IFOP. How to explain it? The political scientist paradoxically sees an effect of the banalization of the RN: "Jean-Marie Le Pen was customary to say," People want a naughty FN. " By dedicating his training, Marine Le Pen may have blunt. " Can the urn strike contaminate the presidential election and question the Duel Macron-Le Pen announced for 2022? Without going so far, Frédéric Dabi is sure of one thing: "We are facing an abspection wave that is likely to chamble".

Regional election poses crucial test for French far right .
PARIS (AP) — A decisive, second round of voting in France's regional elections on Sunday is being scrutinized as a litmus test of whether the anti-immigration far right is gaining in acceptability before the French presidential election next year. Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Rally, has spent a decade trying to cast off the extremist reputation that made the party anathema to many French voters in its previous guise as the National Front. A failure to win control of a region Sunday would mark a stinging setback for the rebranded party.

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