Sport Florentino Perez: “I have not read Zidane’s letter and he was not the one that wrote it”

05:54  25 june  2021
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" I know him [ Zidane ] and it has been a hard year, I fought for him to stay," Perez told Onda Cero' s Transistor programme. " I have not read the farewell letter , I swear on my grandchildren. The person who wrote that letter was not Zidane . " I wish him well, he has been a legend for Real Madrid and he has all of our recognition, he has the dream of being the French coach and I 'm sure he will achieve it ." Ramos' protracted exit from Los Merengues was a long-standing source of frustration for supporters, especially those who felt he should have retired with the club he has captained so well, yet Perez

" Zidane symbolises all that is Real Madrid. He is a part of our legend; a champion as a player, and a coach. Perez also urged the entire club, in particular the players, to follow Zidane ' s example and avoid the folly of expecting to win simply because they play for Los Blancos. "The players are also fans, they get excited, suffer, and are proud of our record," he continued. "This is what we are and what we've achieved without falling into complacency because we know what it means to be at Real Madrid.

Florentino Perez granted an interview to Jose Ramon de la Morena on Onda Cero’s El Transistor program where he discussed the new Santiago Bernabeu, Ramos and Zidane’s departures, Ancelotti, revitalizing the squad, and more. The interview took many twists and turns as Jose Ramon de la Morena struggled to ask engaging questions, with Florentino calling out the presenter on more than one occasion.

Florentino Perez wearing a suit and tie © Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The full interview has been transcribed below:

The New Santiago Bernabeu

“The new Santiago Bernabeu will be ready by the end of 2022. The work at the Bernabeu has been planned so that the fans can attend games while the construction continues at the same time.”

Biden nominates 'Living Constitution' voting rights activist to New York appeals court

  Biden nominates 'Living Constitution' voting rights activist to New York appeals court President Joe Biden on Tuesday nominated a prominent voting rights activist to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. © Provided by Washington Examiner Biden tapped Myrna Perez, director of a voting rights program at the New York University School of Law, along with four other candidates to fill a growing number of judicial vacancies that have opened up since he took office.

Florentino Pérez has said that his club are not contemplating Cristiano Ronaldo’ s departure but one day they must, and his equivocal tone suggests his options remain open. The Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has claimed that Manchester United made an offer to sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur this summer but missed out on the Welshman when he joined the Spanish club instead.

He insists Florentino Perez , the Bernabeu president, is the one at fault. Ramos said 'respect needs to be earned not imposed' when he was asked about the appointment of a disciplinarian manager. Manchester United owner Joel Glazer FINALLY writes to fans with 708-word letter saying he WILL

Sergio Ramos

“I love Sergio Ramos like a son. I brought him to Madrid in 2005 — we spent 16 years together. So yes, his farewell was a bad day for me. Why didn’t I join him at the press conference? I never join players at press conferences. Never. Not even when we sign a player — I am part of their presentation, but the press conference is separate.”

“I admire Sergio Ramos, he’s been a legend for us. I love him as if he were my son. I told him that the offer had a deadline and he did not admit it. I will not go into who is right. There are nuances, everyone knows. I am here to talk about the future, not the past. Sergio will return one day in another capacity.”


“If I was surprised after Zidane’s departure? No, I know him. I expected it after that tough season. Think about it, if you had to do 4 press conferences a week with some of the questions that get asked. It’s tiring. I spent an afternoon trying to convince him. I fought for him to stay, tried to convince him, but he decided to leave.”

Vikings' Mike Zimmer: Players not vaccinated against COVID-19 will have 'harder time' this season

  Vikings' Mike Zimmer: Players not vaccinated against COVID-19 will have 'harder time' this season Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said those who don't receive shots will only make things more difficult for themselves throughout the summer and fall months. He explained:"The unvaccinated players are going to have a harder time in the season. They’re going to be wearing masks, they’ll have to social distance. They’ll have daily testings. They won’t be able to go home for bye week. They’ll have to come back here and test every day."When we go on the road, they won’t be able to go out to dinner with anybody. They’ll have to travel on buses differently, travel on planes differently.

President Florentino Perez (right) described Benitez as ' one of ours' and welcomed him back to the club. Benitez (left) puts pen to paper on his three-year contract at Madrid to become their manager. Benitez gave a short speech upon facing the media before Perez read out the list of trophies he has won. He passed up the chance to praise legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas, in what many will interpret as yet another indication that David De Gea will replace the Spain captain at the Bernabeu this summer. 'Today is not the day to talk about individual cases. I just want to enjoy the huge talent that

Well he was a kind of a underdog coach because he was a assistant manager of Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti of Real Madrid despite of the advice of 2 guys who are tactical good and gaining experience as a coach which Real Madrid gave him a opportunity to become manager, we did’nt know if Real Madrid is going to win the. I wish I had more to shade more light on this issue but if you're able to read this, I 'd suggest you look up a Twitter account by a good friend (@/Cerebrone) he has some really great threads on effects of Messi and Ronaldo, Pep and Jose to all the crazy numbers in La Liga.

“If you ask Zidane the same thing 8 times in each press conference for a whole year, of course he gets tired. I don’t think he has any issue with me. I did not read the letter. I don’t think it was written by him, someone wrote it for him.”

“Zidane has the dream of one day becoming the manager of France. I still love Zidane. If he wants to return, this is still his home.”

Iker Casillas Farewell

“The Casillas thing was not because of me. A minority group whistled at him and it made me feel bad. Things did not go well, I called him and told him that an act had to be done. He had to say goodbye.”

“...these questions are very random. What is the point? Why do you always have to get out what is not important? Why don’t they get the clicks? If Madrid fans are happy with Zidane. Now he brings up the Casillas issue ...”

There is a two minute dialogue on the show where Florentino Perez and Jose Ramon de la Morena argue about how bad the questions are that are being asked.

Juventus, the incredible capital increase

 Juventus, the incredible capital increase The deficit of Juventus is abyssal. In order to solve it, the Agnelli family, owner of the club, will inject hundreds of millions of euros. © Provided by Football 365 Juventus logo Andrea Agnelli had hope. That of seeing the super league grow. But barely created, it was silenced by English supporters standing against the participation of the six Premier League clubs involved in the project. Several weeks later, the president of Lava be obliged to put their hands in the pocket.

And him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. - - It is not easy to improve the English rendering of this verse, and there is a sacredness in the sound of the old, old words; but still, they convey to few readers the full meaning of the original. The word "come" is made to serve, within two or three lines It may be that the words "come" ( arrive at ) and "cometh" ( is on the way ) , contrasted as they are in this verse, refer to the different positions of those who seek Him --to the ninety and nine in the fold, and the one who in the far distance hears His voice and comes in doubt and fear; but the context seems.

Bale believes he can win Zidane power struggle and outlast Real boss. LIVE! | Stay on top of the latest news and rumours from the transfer window. Mourinho believes Real Madrid president Florentino Perez would jump at the chance to work with him again and he is equally open to a second stint at the Bernabeu.

Ancelotti, the current squad, and Mbappe

“Ancelotti was not a third or fourth choice. We never spoke with Conte, Allegri, or Pochettino. We are delighted with the return of Ancelotti and Pintus. A new cycle is starting. We have a great team. Madrid always works to have the best. We have great young people who must be valued.”

“You have to take care of and work with young people. Look at our defense; Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo; they all arrived very young, as teenagers, and then they became the best defense in Real Madrid’s history. They may come when they are 18, but you must wait and have patience.”

“Mbappé? He’s not a Real Madrid player so I cannot talk about him. I know what the fans want. We are working on a rebuild. You all know who I am. You know what I can do. The people trust me because they know what I can do. They know I bring the best players in the world. Mbappe is a PSG player and that must be respected, you know I cannot talk about him. I won’t talk about Mbappé and Haaland.”


I don’t know what will happen with Varane. He’s in the Euro’s now and we will talk to him when he returns. We haven’t received any offer for Varane. If he wants to leave, he’ll say it.”

Latino groups want swift confirmation of Myrna Pérez as federal judge

  Latino groups want swift confirmation of Myrna Pérez as federal judge "This is an important step from the Biden administration to begin to correct the imbalance of federal judgeships," Latino group leader says.President Joe Biden nominated Perez last week for the appeals court, which serves New York, Connecticut and Vermont.

Marcelo, Bale, Brahim

“Marcelo will be our first team captain. It is difficult to find another left back like Marcelo. He and Roberto Carlos have been the best in history.”

“Bale? He’s a great player. When I think of Bale, I think of Kiev. I remember the finals he won us.”

“Brahim Diaz has developed his footballing talent in Milan. If he can’t be here, he will continue to develop there.”

The European Super League

“What failed in the Super League? Nothing, we’re still working. Why should UEFA rule over us? The fans rule football. That’s why we started the Super League, with the 12 clubs with the most fans in Europe. It [a controlling third party like UEFA] doesn’t happen in the NBA, or in tennis tournaments, or in golf tournaments. The Super League is created so that the clubs with the greatest impact could play. And there is room for everyone” .

“There are games that no one watches, and that doesn’t make money. Those that generate more money have to play. It’s an open league where the national leagues will not disappear.”

“You look at the TV audiences for certain games, there are none. The Super League is not closed off to anyone, nor does it want to take away sporting merits, but some teams will have to start. We take those with the most followers because they are the ones who buy the best.”

“The English teams felt pressured by UEFA, and they signed something that they are not allowed to sign. Ceferin tried to kick us out from the Champions League, but the courts told him it’s illegal. And now let’s see what happens. Football lost 8 billion euros, while Ceferin was raising his salary. I have not spoken with Ceferin. They [UEFA] want to maintain their privileges. We lose 800 million and Ceferin increases his salary. In what country do we live?”


“We needed more experience and Raul is taking it year to year. One day it will happen — he has all the qualities you need to have to coach Real Madrid.”

Luis Campos

“I have read some things in the press, but it is not true. Luis Campos is not affiliated with Real Madrid. He was with Mourinho, but not since then”

Engineering firm Morabito Consultants' October letter to Champlain Towers board president detailed concrete issues .
An engineering firm hired for Champlain Towers South's milestone recertification found "deep" concrete deterioration near the pool but couldn't perform repairs, in part, because of concerns about stability, according to an October letter. © Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images This aerial view, shows search and rescue personnel working on site after the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside, north of Miami Beach, on June 24, 2021. - The multi-story apartment block in Florida partially collapsed early June 24, sparking a major emergency response.

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