Sport A man has found a boulder and retain it for years because he thought he was from gold - but he's a little more valuable

07:50  22 july  2021
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Boulder, Colo., named best place to live for second year in a row

  Boulder, Colo., named best place to live for second year in a row Boulder, Colo., has been named the top place to live in America for the second year in a row by U.S. News & World Report.U.S. News said in a report published Tuesday that it examines housing affordability, net migration, desirability, the job market and quality of life, including access to quality health care, college readiness among high school students, crime, average commute and overall well-being among residents, when determining overall scores for cities. It ranked 150 of the most populous metro areas in the U.S.Boulder secured an overall score of 7.6 out of 10, one-tenth of a percentage point higher than runner-up Raleigh-Durham, N.C.Huntsville, Ala.

Most pennies are worth 1 cent, but to coin collectors, some are worth more than their weight in gold . Earlier this year , an ordinary looking penny made headlines when it was found among the possessions of a man named Don Lutes. Only a handful of these bronze pennies have been discovered, including the one found by Lutes. "The most valuable Lincoln cent sold privately in 2010 for .7 million," said Stone. In order to preserve copper for the war effort, the U. S . Mint switched to making pennies from zinc-coated steel planchets, instead of the usual bronze coin blanks, Stone explained.

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David Hole tried everything to destroy the shell. He has crushed on the reddish stone, tried it with a stone saw, an angle grinder, even with acidity - nothing could break him. He was so sure that in the find, which he discovered in 2015, would be gold. In reality, his find was much more valuable than gold.

In fact, the boulder was a 17 kilogram of heavy meteorite, 4.6 billion years old and crashed on earth from 100 to 1,000 years ago. At this end, the geologist Dermot Henry, after Hoe had brought the rock in 2018 into the Hole Melbourne Museum. Henry identified the stone as H-chondrit, a 22 percent of iron-existing meteorites. It contains tiny crystalline droplets that have emerged in the flash-like warming of dust clouds from the early solar system.

Japanese siblings each win gold judo medal less than an hour apart in historic fashion

  Japanese siblings each win gold judo medal less than an hour apart in historic fashion A pair of Japanese siblings each took home a gold medal in the judo competition on Sunday. Uta Abe won the gold medal in the women’s 52-kg on Sunday after she beat France’s Amandine Buchard in the final match. Less than an hour later, her older brother followed suit in winning judo gold. Hifumi Abe beat Georgia’s Vazha Margvelashvili to win the men’s 66-kg gold medal, officially making them the first brother and sister pair to win gold on the same day in the same Olympic competition. Keeping it in the family!ABE Uta wins #gold for #JPNABE Hifumi wins #gold for #JPNThe #judo siblings both win gold at a home Olympic Games!#StrongerTogether | @tokyo2020 | @Judo pic.twitter.

He was always neat and dapper, he had a good figure, and he held himself well, like a man who' s used to taking a lot of exercise. Now I come to think of it he wasn't bad-looking, not in a big, massive way, but graceful, you know, and lithe. When I saw this bowed, cadaverous, bald-headed old buffer with spectacles I could hardly believe my eyes. '" Are you surprised to find us here?" he asked me. '"Well, I hadn't the faintest notion where you were ." '"We've kept track of your movements more or less . We've seen your name in the paper every now and then.

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The second meteorite in Victoria since 1995

"He had this typical surface structure," Henry said to " The Sydney Morning Herald ", an Australian daily newspaper. "It arises when entering the atmosphere. The top layer melts - and thus shapes the meteorites. "Thousands of stones have already analyzed and his colleague Bill Birch - only two of them were real meteorites. But when Birch took the stone in his hand, he knew he was real this time. "An ordinary stone is not that hard when you pick it up."

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Hole found the stone in the Australian Maryborough Regional Park. Maryborough is located in the Golden Outback, where there was a lot of precious metal during the gold rush in the 19th century. "This is the 17th meteorite found in Victoria - in contrast to the thousands of gold pieces," said Henry to the Australian Newsportal " 10 Daily ". The previous one was discovered in 1995. The meteorite must be flown from a asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, when two asteroids are bound together, and somehow managed to land on our earth. "Looking at this chain of events, it is an almost extraterrestrial coincidence that he was even brought to us."

This article was already published by Business Insider in January 2020. It has now been checked again and updated.

The Maryborough Meteorite. Credit Museums Victoria (Rod Start) - 7 © Museum Victoria (Rod Start) The Maryborough Meteorite. Credit Museum Victoria (Rod Start) - 7

Canada's Akinola Tears ACL, Larin Also Ruled Out for Rest of Gold Cup .
Both forwards were injured in a defeat to the U.S. on Sunday that left Canada with a second-place group finish. View the original article to see embedded media.If Canada is going to win its first Concacaf Gold Cup since 2000, it will have to do so with a significantly depleted squad.Canada's 1–0 defeat to the U.S. men's national team on Sunday was more costly than just finishing second in the group, with forward Ayo Akinola tearing his ACL and forward Cyle Larin also suffering a leg injury that rules both attacking stars out for the rest of the competition.

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