Sport Texas and Oklahoma's inevitable Big 12 departure will linger, even if SEC move isn't swift

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Texas and Oklahoma have been talking with Southeastern Conference officials about leaving the Big 12 Conference and joining the 14-team SEC , to permanently changing the college athletic landscape. The Houston Chronicle first reported the possible move , and initially, high-level sources at both Texas and OU were evasive with the American-Statesman. We’re trying to manage all the new things coming our way like everybody else and learning as we go.” Asked about the viability of the rumor, Castiglione said, “Come on, man. I don’ t even want to be associated with rumormongering.

In Oklahoma , Texas , Arkansas and Texas A&M, the four charter members of the defunct Southwest Conference have reunited. Missouri, east of the Big 12 , was tossed back with some old rivals. LSU combines the required SEC flavors with Ole Miss and Mississippi State. If SEC 1 expands to 16 teams, Big Ten, ACC and PAC 12 will also move to 1 team for the worse. At that point, the four conferences will have 64 teams and a format that looks like an NCAA men’ s basketball tournament before the playoffs begin. This provides more crest for the idea of separation from the group of power

The Big 12 recently held a conference call updating stakeholders on the progress of College Football Playoff expansion. In the midst of the update, someone on the call asked how it would impact another round of conference realignment.

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According to one source on the call, Oklahoma president Joseph Harroz Jr. reiterated his school's commitment to the Big 12. My how times have changed.

Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the SEC about joining the league should the two Big 12 powerhouses choose to leave their home conference, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday. At least Texas has reached out to the SEC inquiring about admission into the nation's most powerful conference, sources tell CBS Sports.

Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC? What that would look like, and who would love (and hate) it

  Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC? What that would look like, and who would love (and hate) it What if Texas and Oklahoma eventually joined the SEC? Sporting News groups the supporters and opponents of a move.The Houston Chronicle spiced up this week's conference media days with a report that Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the Southeastern Conference about joining it.

Oklahoma , Texas , and Texas Tech all finished the season with identical 7–1 conference records, creating a three-way tie for the South division championship. Under Big 12 tiebreaker rules, ties are normally broken by head-to-head matchups but this case was unique as Texas beat Oklahoma 45–35, Oklahoma beat Texas Tech 65–21, and Texas Tech beat Texas 39–33 which made breaking the three-way tie impossible using head-to-head games.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said he’ll arrest Democrats who fled to DC to block a controversial election bill. Meanwhile, the Texas House of Representatives voted to round up the decamping Dems by force, if necessary. As the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives geared up to vote on a The bill itself has been described by Republicans as an “election integrity and security ” bill, and by Democrats as an effort to legally enshrine “voter suppression” and make it more difficult for minorities to vote. It would require identification for voting by mail, prohibit unsolicited mail-in ballot applications

Whether Texas was speaking for Oklahoma as well has not been determined.

University of Texas regents chair Kevin Eltife is behind the pitch, sources tell CBS Sports. Eltife is a 62-year-old commercial real estate investor in Tyler, Texas, who served in the Texas Senate from 2004-13. He was appointed as a regent to the UT system by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2019.

Here we are again, 10 years after the Great Realignment of 2010, contemplating realignment again for the same old reasons. Make that one reason: money.

The generator is that aforementioned CFP expansion. The conferences with the most best teams win.

The SEC favors CFP expansion that would include the 12 best teams. If it turns out that way, the SEC could wind up with six of those 12 teams if it adds Texas and Oklahoma to the fold.

Texas and Oklahoma's Inquiry Into SEC Stuns Conference Media Day, Texas A&M

  Texas and Oklahoma's Inquiry Into SEC Stuns Conference Media Day, Texas A&M The news that the Big 12's top schools were interested in an SEC move stunned Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork and the conference media day. View the original article to see embedded media.HOOVER, Ala. – Ross Bjork appeared at SEC media days on Wednesday with intentions to support his two football players and his football coach.Maybe he’d lurk in the shadows, greet league staff members and say hello to media members he hadn’t seen since before the pandemic.

Two more Texas Democrats have tested positive for coronavirus during a trip they took to Washington, D.C.. Three Texas lawmakers had previously tested positive on Friday and Saturday. Earlier on Sunday, Austin Rep. Celia Israel said in a statement: 'After given notice Friday evening that a colleague tested positive for COVID-19, I and my colleagues immediately took rapid antigen tests. 'While I tested negative, a subsequent test Saturday morning revealed I was now COVID positive.

The move will temporarily paralyse the state' s House of Representatives, which requires at least two-thirds of the 150 members be present for a vote. At least 50 House Democrats boarded two private jets from Austin to Washington DC on Monday. The move comes amid a wave of voting restrictions in Republican-led states. It is, however, a symbolic move . It probably only delays the inevitable in Texas and is unlikely to change the dynamic in Washington, where the Republican Senate minority has more effective means to block the Democrats than simply leaving town.

OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. Maybe not.

The SEC has to give this inquiry serious consideration. It could conceivably become the first superconference of the modern era -- 16 teams from Florida to Texas. Such a realignment would basically scuttle the Big 12 and force the ACC and Big Ten to expand just to keep up with the SEC.

With Texas and Oklahoma, the SEC could conceivably go from a $44 million per team annual payout to $60 million. There wouldn't be many difference-making programs left to admit. Notre Dame is an independent. USC is in the Pac-12, which already has its own slew of issues.

Whether it happens, this is what's next for major college athletics. Adapt or die.

Who says the SEC stops at 16? Maybe it goes to 32, the same number of teams that populate the NFL, and just creates a separate league.

The SEC would need 11 of 14 schools to vote in the affirmative to admit Texas and Oklahoma. Texas A&M would be a certain vote against expansion. Missouri and Alabama could be among the dissenters for competitive reasons. As with Texas A&M, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina may have concerns about future realignment loosening SEC footholds within their states.

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  Top 25 Reset: How Transfers, Draft Decisions Changed Our Men’s 2021–22 Outlook As the dust settles on rosters around the country, some team’s title hopes have risen since spring, while others’ have faded. The midpoint in the college basketball offseason is almost here, and rosters across the country are nearly finalized for the upcoming season. This makes projecting what the season might look like far easier than Sports Illustrated’s first 2021–22 men’s top 25 back in April.A couple of needle-movers remain in the transfer portal, and there’s the possibility of a few high-profile 2022 recruits reclassifying and joining college programs in 2021, but for the most part, things are set in stone.

Even though McConnell wants to move on, people close to him say his thirst for power is so strong that he would be willing to reach an agreement with Trump if it meant he'd be back in control of the Senate. "If you told Mitch McConnell that every single day he'd receive a love letter from Donald Trump excoriating his physical appearance and ultimately he ended up with the majority in 2022, he'd take the deal in a heartbeat," former aide Josh Holmes told the Post. More stories from theweek.comBeto O'Rourke is organizing wellness checks for seniors during Texas ' blackouts.

The move comes as tensions boil in East Asia, notably around the South China Sea, where China is laying claim to a number of disputed islands while the US has increased its backing for Taiwan, which Beijing views as an integral part of the People’ s Republic of China. The UK, like many Western nations, has been highly critical of Chinese domestic and foreign policy, attacking Beijing’ s alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang and in Hong Kong, a former British colony. China denies any wrongdoing.

The Big 12 has a grant of rights agreement that would serve as an impediment to this happening immediately. That agreement states, if any team leaves the conference before the TV deal expires in 2025, the conference would own that team's television rights.

Texas and Oklahoma could leave, break that agreement and simply say, "Sue us."

There are questions about how the Longhorn Network would fit in. Oklahoma has a third-tier agreement with Bally Sports, too. But the SEC and its two potential new partners are so big and so rich that those seem to be just details.

At worst, even if SEC expansion is not immediate, Wednesday's developments will be lingering over both conferences until the Big 12 contract expires in 2025.

"There is way too much smoke at this point," one Big 12 source tells CBS Sports.

Texas has long considered itself too aristocratic for the pedestrian SEC. If it left the Big 12, the ACC or Big Ten were considered more likely destinations. Oklahoma was the more likely choice and better fit for the SEC.

Either way, the schools' brands would be diluted. OU and UT rule the Big 12. In the SEC, Oklahoma and Texas would be perhaps the fourth-, fifth- or even sixth-best programs.

Making $60 million a year would soothe those egos. In a way, none of this should be surprising. The Pac-12 came within 30 minutes of the raiding the Big 12 in 2010.

The SEC is bigger and far better than the Pac-12. It's not likely to turn down this epic request whether it's in the next two weeks or two years from now.

With Texas, Oklahoma on board, SEC should target these schools next .
Oklahoma and Texas are in. Should the SEC continue its shopping spree? SN takes a look at more options.That took 10 days to go from rumor to reality, a blockbuster move that gave the Southeastern Conference more brand power than any other FBS conference. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey has the 16-member conference out in front, and it's a good bet the Sooners and Longhorns will join the conference before the 2025 agreement.

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