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09:05  15 september  2021
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Dialogue with Spain deepens division between Catalan parties

  Dialogue with Spain deepens division between Catalan parties MADRID (AP) — The leader of Catalonia in northeastern Spain has announced that he is excluding a separatist party in his ruling regional coalition from talks with the central government aimed at solving the tensions over the growing pro-independence sentiment in the region. Catalan President Pere Aragonès also said he will urge Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sànchez to accept a referendum on the region's independence when they meet Wednesday in Barcelona, the Catalan capital.

Tensions between Madrid and Barcelona are rising after independence announcement by Spain invokes 'nuclear option' after Catalonia declares independence . On October 10, just days document was, however, immediately suspended by Puigdemont to “give time” for negotiations with Madrid After the Catalan regional parliament declared independence , the EU and other states reiterated that

The Spanish government has said that the head of the Catalonia region has failed to clarify whether he declared independence last week. In a letter to Madrid on Monday, Carles Puigdemont instead called for negotiation over the next two months. The Spanish government has warned that Catalonia must revoke the declaration or face direct rule from Madrid . Separately, a judge ruled that the Catalan chief of police will not be held in custody. Spain 's state prosecutor had asked for Josep Lluis Trapero to be detained while he is investigated for sedition against the state. A court spokesman told Reuters news

  Espagne : de nouvelles négociations entre Madrid et les indépendantistes © Petras Malukas / AFP

S For a year and a half, the negotiations between Madrid and the Catalan Independentists take again this Wednesday, September 15th. Objective: to find a way out of the crisis in this region shaken in 2017 by an attempt at secession. After allowing the doubt, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirmed Monday night that he would move in person in Barcelona for these talks. "I have always defended dialogue [?], The need to open a new chapter" in Catalonia, affirmed the socialist leader. The latter has made appeasement in this region one of its high priorities since its arrival in 2018.

That said, the prospects of agreement are inferred both the positions of the government and the regional executive of the separatist Moderate Pere Aragonès are opposed. Pedro Sanchez has once again swept the main demand for the independence: an agreement on the organization of a referendum of self-determination. "If we are facing uptake claims, it is clear that the discussion will not last long," he insisted. A referendum of self-determination would be "contrary" to the Constitution, according to him.

Spain restarts talks to resolve Catalan secession crisis

  Spain restarts talks to resolve Catalan secession crisis BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spain’s prime minister and Catalonia's leader met Wednesday to restart negotiations in hopes of finding a solution to the ongoing political crisis caused by the region’s separatist movement. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez sat down with regional president Pere Aragonès at the seat of the Catalan government in downtown Barcelona. Expectations are low for any huge advances from the meeting which has caused a rift within the separatist camp. Aragonès and his Republican Left of Catalonia party call the talks a “historic opportunity.

The Catalan regional parliament has voted to declare independence from Spain , while the Spanish parliament has approved direct rule over the region. Catalan MPs easily approved the move amid an opposition boycott. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had told senators direct rule was needed to return "law, democracy and stability" to Catalonia. It could include the firing of Catalan leaders, and the Spanish government taking control of the region's finances, police and publicly owned media.

A new era of negotiations has come to stay in the Spanish political scene. 48 hours after the November ballot, the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) signed an agreement with the anti-austerity party Unidas Podemos “to form a progressive coalition.” Relations between PSOE and ERC have been strained lately, especially after ERC’s leader Oriol Junqueras was sentenced to 13 years in prison over the independence referendum in Catalonia. However, the radicalization of the Spanish right-wing with the rise of Vox and the fear of a third election have pushed both forces to engage negotiations –94

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No referendum, but a vote of the Catalans

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The Prime Minister is only favorable to a vote of the Catalans on the granting of new skills to the region, which already has its own police in particular. The attempt of secession, in October 2017, of this region of the northeastern country, populated by 7.8 million inhabitants, was one of the worst crises lived by the Spain since the end of the dictatorship Francier in 1975. Despite the prohibition of justice, the Regional Government of Carles Puigdemont had organized a referendum of self-determination, enamelled by police violence and followed, a few weeks later, a declaration of unfamiliar independence.

Mexico highlights Cuban leader's visit on Independence Day

  Mexico highlights Cuban leader's visit on Independence Day MEXICO CITY (AP) — The big highlight of Mexico’s Independence Day Thursday was a visit by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador welcomed the Cuban leader on the reviewing platform for Mexico’s annual Sept. 16 military parade. López Obrador called on the United States to end the economic blockade of Cuba. The Mexican leader also called on Cuban-Americans to “leave aside partisan or electoral interests” and seek reconciliation.“Hopefully President (Joe) Biden has enough political sensitivity to act with greatness and put an end to the political attacks on Cuba," López Obrador said.

On the day of the Catalonian independence referendum, there were plenty of reports about Madrid 's efforts to prevent the referendum from taking place, including large number of police shooting rubber bullets at voters and blocking entry to polling stations. Madrid , on the other hand, has declared earlier that the referendum is unconstitutional and thus invalid. Right at the moment the government is in negotiations to pass the budget, and the distribution of money between the autonomous regions has been one of the issues of conflict between Barcelona and Madrid over the past few years.

"We are deeply skeptical of the attitude of the Spanish government and the outcome of this negotiation ," Jordi Sanchez, general secretary of Together for Catalonia, said. The cynicism is shared by the National Catalan Assembly, which sees the talks as an attempt to defuse the situation. The last time the topic topped Spain 's political affairs was when separatists staged an independence referendum in October 2017 — which was declared illegal. In an attempt to improve relations, Madrid recently issued an amnesty for Catalan independence leaders who were jailed after the referendum.

The Spanish Government, then led by the Conservatives, had reacted by putting the region under guardianship and stopping the main leaders of the movement that had not fled abroad like Carles Puigdemont. Condemned for nine of them at the prison in 2019, they were pardoned in June by the Sanchez government. The establishment of these negotiations had been obtained by the ERC (Left Republican of Catalonia) of Pere Aragonès in exchange for its support for the renewal of Pedro Sanchez early 2020.

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Apaated relations between Madrid and Barcelona

A single meeting was held in February 2020 before the discussions are frozen because of the pandemic and the political context in the region at which Pere Aragonès succeeded. Independentist Radical Quim Torra last May. Since his election, the relations between Madrid and Barcelona have appeased, allowing this resumption of the negotiations and an agreement on a controversial project of expansion of Barcelona airport.

But they have just been revived by the decision of the central government to suspend this project last week, because of a "loss of confidence" in the separatist regional government, gnawed by the tensions between ERC and together for Catalonia ( JXC), the formation of Carles Puigdemont.

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