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10:25  15 september  2021
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Transcript: Kim Jong Un and the Northeast Asian Arms Race

  Transcript: Kim Jong Un and the Northeast Asian Arms Race Patrick Cronin: Thank you for joining Hudson Institute’s discussion today on Kim Jong-un and Arms Racing in Northeast Asia. I’m Patrick Cronin, Asia-Pacific Security Chair at Hudson, and I am delighted today to be joined by my distinguished colleague, Alex Wong, who among many other achievements recently served as the Deputy Special Representative for North Korea at the State Department. Jean Lee of the Wilson Center, a pioneer in the on-the-ground reporting inside North Korea, and Ankit Panda, the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the author of the outstanding book, Kim Jong-un and the Bomb: Survi

Coree-North-Missiles: North Korea Takes Ballistic Missile Test Shots


Seoul Ballistic Missile Test - North Korea shot Two Ballistic Missiles from its eastern coast, a few days after testing a long-range cruise missile, said Wednesday the staff of the South Korean army.

Pyongyang continues the development of its military arsenal while negotiations with the United States on an abandonment of its ballistic and nuclear programs in exchange for a lightening of US sanctions have been deadlocked since 2019.

"North Korea has shot two unidentified ballistic missiles from the central region of its territory towards its eastern coast and the intelligence services of South and the United States conduct a detailed analysis for further information, "said the South Korean staff in a statement.

What N Korea's missile test means for the world

  What N Korea's missile test means for the world Though cruise missiles are not banned by the UN, this test presents new problems for other nations.Cruise missiles, unlike ballistic missiles, can swerve and turn through most of their flight - allowing them to attack from unexpected angles.

The Army of South Korea has identified its level of vigilance and is fully ready in cooperation with the United States, he added.

The Japanese side guards also reported a shot capable of being a ballistic missile, drawn from North Korea and arrived outside its exclusive economic zone.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has described this "scandalous" missile shot and denounced a threat against peace and security in the region.

Yoshihide Suga and the South Korean President Moon Jae-in convened their respective national security councils, said their services.

These shots, carried out in violation of UN decisions, then intervene as the foreign ministers of South Korea and China discuss regional affairs in Seoul.

China Says North Korea Should 'Exercise Restraint' to Reach Political Goals With West

  China Says North Korea Should 'Exercise Restraint' to Reach Political Goals With West China did not respond to questions about North Korea's newest missile tests, instead urging all parties involved to "actively engage in dialogue and contact."North Korea has long attempted to use the threat of nuclear weapons as a response to what it claims is hostility from the U.S. and South Korea, the AP said. At the same time, it has sought to apply pressure to remove sanctions against it and receive economic aid.

surveyed about the cruise missile pulled over the weekend, Chinese Minister Wang Yi said everyone should work to promote peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

"Not only North Korea but other countries lead a military activity," he said to journalists. "We should all make efforts to encourage a resumption of dialogue."

Northern Korea said last weekend have successfully tested a new long-range cruise missile, the qualifying "strategic weapon of great importance".

According to analysts, it could be the first North Korean cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear charge.

(with Ritsuko Ando in Tokyo; French version Camille Raynaud and Bertrand Boucey, edited by Blandine Hénault)

North Korea's latest ballistic missile test appeared to involve firing missiles out of train .
North Korean state media said the "railway mobile missile system is an effective counter-striking means" and can "deal a heavy blow" to enemy forces.The test was carried out by the Railway Mobile Missile Regiment and was a kind of proof-of-concept evaluation of the practicality of the "railway mobile missile system," North Korean state media reported, noting that the system was "deployed for the first time for action" during this test.

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