Sport Scandal on Video: Policeman Chokes 13-year-old

11:50  21 september  2021
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'Varsity Blues' trial promises fresh insights in old scandal

  'Varsity Blues' trial promises fresh insights in old scandal BOSTON (AP) — The first trial in the “Operation Varsity Blues” college admissions bribery scandal will begin this week, with the potential to shed light on investigators' tactics and brighten the spotlight on a secretive school selection process many have long complained is rigged to favor the rich. Jury selection is beginning Wednesday in federal court in Boston in the case against two parents — former casino executive Gamal Abdelaziz and former Staples and Gap Inc. executive John Wilson — who are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to help get their kids into the University of Southern California by falsely presenting them as athletic recruits.

is the London police with their "bobbies" figurehead of the city or a brutal pile that does not deterrent in front of the choking of students?

Metropolitan Police © Hollie Adams / iStock Metropolitan Police London police chokes school boys

In the south of London, a schoolboy should have been appreciated by a police officer of the Metropolitan Police in a search. The 13-year-old Benjamin Olajive was on his way to McDonald's, as he was stopped by policemen , whom a black person was reported with a knife. Apparently, Benjamin corresponded to the description.

videos show five civil servants using Benjamin, which suffers from ADHD and PTBS, create handcuffs while browsing his clothes and their backpack after a weapon. You can hear Benjamin scream: "My hands, my hands", while his wrists are tightly pushed behind his back and violently down his head.

Prince Charles Visits House at Center of Cash-for-Honors Allegations

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officials justify

the Metropolitan Police declared Benjamin " Try to escape the civil servants "and be tied up with handcuffs so that a search could be performed". In addition, he "had stepped against a police car several times and caused bumps" and was "arrested" because of the suspicion of property damage.

After testimonies, the search took about 45 minutes before Benjamin was set to a van and brought to the police station in Brixton. The police declared that the "object", which someone considered a knife, acted in reality for an Afro-crest. His mother now fears that her son could give a trauma.

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Loughlin served a two-month sentence last year after pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge connected to helping their daughters get into USC.The "Full House" actress served a two-month sentence late last year after she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge in connection to a scheme to have their daughters, Olivia Jade Giannulli and Isabella Giannulli, admitted into the University of Southern California as purported crew recruits.

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