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01:40  14 october  2021
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After two months of procrastination, the decrees on the LDC for all will finally be signed

 After two months of procrastination, the decrees on the LDC for all will finally be signed © Albert Facelly Pro-PMA event in Paris on April 25, 2021. They carry number 2021-1243 and will allow the LDC To become - finally - reality for thousands of women in France. The law enforcement decrees authorizing the LDC for single women and lesbian couples have been published Wednesday morning in the Official Journal. The Minister of Health announced that he would sign them in the wake.

Handball – Ligue des Champions (H/J4) : Montpellier signe un deuxième succès de suite face au Vardar Skopje road © provided by Sports.co.uk Handball - Champions League (H / J4): Montpellier signs a second success immediately against the Vardar Skopje

on the European scene, Montpellier is not the Even team , staying on a downturn in the Championship facing Cesson-Rennes, Patrice Patrice Canay played a second consecutive significant performance in the Champions League. After dominating the European champion 2020 Kiel, the Héraultais went to seek victory in the boiling atmosphere of Skopje against the Vardar. Thanks to Julien Bos (7 goals on 9 shots), the MHB started the match by imposing its rhythm and, apart from the immediate equalization signed Ante Gadza (2 goals on 3 shots), the Montpelliérains did the race in head throughout the first half.

Germain points an arrogant arbitrator

 Germain points an arrogant arbitrator © provided by Sports.co.uk Christopher Wooh (RC Lens) - Valere Germain (Montpellier FC) || 209997_0057 Championship Francais Championship FFF Football France Lens Ligue 1 League 1 Uber Eats Ligue1 MHFC Montpellier RCL Sport Sports Stade de la Mosson We did not know it in this register. Usually all in restraint, Valere Germain has dropped in a mixed zone, after the victory of his team Montpellier on Lens this Sunday (1-0), match counting for the 10th day of league 1.

But, if they quickly counted three lengths in advance, the teammates of Yanis Lenne (2 goals on 3 shots) have never very clearly the difference in the display chart. However, Marko Panic (2 goals on 3 shots) then Captain Valentin Porte (2 goals on 3 shots) allowed the MHB to join the locker rooms with a margin of four lengths . At the beginning of the second act, if the inevitable Timur Dibirov (7 goals on 10 shots) brought the Vardar Skopje with three goals, the North Macedonian club could not get closer to Montpelliérains. The gap has long oscillated between four and five lengths even though Lucas Pellas (5 goals on 7 shots) and its keevin bonnefoi goalkeeper (1 goal on 1 shot) at long distance have brought this six goal advantage. It took the start of the last quarter of an hour to see the Heraultais definitely knock off their opponents.

What role for the diaspora in the new Africa-France relationship?

 What role for the diaspora in the new Africa-France relationship? © AFP - Ludovic Marin The French President Emmanuel Macron surrounded by young Africans at the Africa-France summit of Montpellier, October 8, 2021. They are French, binational and dynamic. They move Africa, and may also be the political lines. The diaspora, featured at the last Africa-France summit, is at the heart of the Paris strategy to reinvent its link with the continent. Play the role of ambassador on the continent? No problem for Matina Razafimahefa.

In the space of four minutes, Julien Bos, Lucas Pellas and Kyllian Villeminot (7 goals on 10 shots) inflicted a 4-0 at Vardar Skopje to allow their team to approach the last minutes with eight goals in advance . The North Macedonian answer came from Kevynn Nyokas (2 goals on 5 shots) and his brother Olivier Nyokas (1 goal on 4 shots) to bring back their five-goal team but the end of the match did not allow players of the Vardar Skopje to put himself at the unison of their supporters, present from the beginning to the end of the match. In the end, and thanks to a last intervention by Kevin Bonnefoi on Jet of seven meters (12 stops at 40% efficiency), Montpellier imposes six lengths (25-31) and returns to his victim of the day at the Group Ranking A.

EHFCL H © Provided by Sport 365 EHFCL H Handball - Champions League (H) / Group A

4th Day

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Kiel - Zagreb: 36-28

Video: Final - Enrique: "The only regret is this quick equalization" (dailymotion)

aalborg - meshkov brest: 34-33

vardar skopje - montpellier : 25-31

Thursday 14 October 2021

18h45: szeged - elverum

Group Ranking A

1- Aalborg 6 Points

2- Kiel 6

3- Szeged 5

4- Montpellier 5

5- Vardar Skopje 5

6- Elverum 2

7- Zagreb 1

8 - meshkov brest 0

CLAP End for Picamoles .
© provided by Sports.co.uk Top 14 - Bordeaux-Bègées: Picamoles will retire at the end of the season This is a page that is preparing to turn. Indeed, at the end of this current season, Louis Picamoles will put an end to his professional rugbyman career. Today boarder of the union Bordeaux-begles in Top 14, French, 35 years old, has itself made the announcement, on Wednesday, on the occasion of an interview given to the French sports daily L 'Team.

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