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13:05  14 october  2021
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'No Time to Die' review: Audiences may think Daniel Craig has the best James Bond exit ever

  'No Time to Die' review: Audiences may think Daniel Craig has the best James Bond exit ever Now we wait to see how audiences will react to the franchise doing something it has never done in its history.But at the same time, the movie feels very different.

after " no time to die " is the James Bond series in front of a turning point. A new 007 must come from and the big question is, of course, who could best fill out the role. We met the director Cary Fukunaga to zoom interview and asked him about the future of the film series. He also revealed which properties for him make a James Bond.

Diese Eigenschaften braucht der nächste James Bond – sagt der Regisseur von © Universal Pictures These properties need the next James Bond - says the director of "No time to die"

This article deals with the future of James Bond. The rest of the interview, in which we are more on "no time to die", can be found here:

The first part of the interview to "no time to die"

the future after "no time to die" - with or without Cary Fukunaga ?

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"I have [producer] Barbara [broccoli] and [producer] Michael [G. Wilson] some ideas patched, which I find cool. But of course it is up to you to decide which direction it should go, and luckily I do not have to make this difficult decision, "explains to us Cary Fukunaga as we ask him about his opinion on the future of Bond-Franchise. Thus, the "no time to die" director is clearly open that he has already thought about how it could go on.

Whether he will stage further bond films in the future, Fukunaga does not want to set itself on. because even in the case of the case that Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson would like to implement his ideas, the filmmaker would return, if at all - only under a condition: "Let's see first, like the spectators Time to die 'react and then the' Bond family 'can decide if they want to work with me again, "says Fukunaga.

Vettel is bond "Smart Come next"

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We have led the interview before the theatrical release and now it is clear that "no time to die" from critics as fans was predominantly positive - not quite as good as "Casino Royale" and "Skyfall", but better than "A Quantum Comfort" and "Spectre". Also on the cinocases, "no time to die" beats the Corona circumstances accordingly quite well, even if that will not be enough to Hieven the blockbuster in the profit zone:

will "no time die" despite record numbers to the cinema Flop? This enormous sum must still play "James Bond"

Whether Broccoli and Wilson are interested in a new cooperation with Cary Fukunaga, so it is still open. "No time to die" performs too well to exclude from the outset, but not good enough to guarantee Fukunaga a secure place on the next Bond Registry.

Cary Fukunaga describes the perfect James Bond

We asked Cary Fukunaga then after the succession Daniel Craigs asked, whereupon he understandably did not want to answer. For this, however, he called us a handful of special qualities that every bond must necessarily have to have and who should never change in future films:

"I think Bond must be someone who has a problem with authorities who have an outsider is. Someone who likes fast cars and a fast lifestyle and somehow comes out of every situation ", so the bond director. Interestingly, Fukunaga has not held itself on one of these rules in "no time to die". (Which is meant, we do not want to reveal here. Everyone who has seen the movie ...)

But we do not want to take him literally. In any case, Fukkunaga's statement gives a pretty good idea of ​​which standards also the new bond must be measured in his opinion. Who could be that? There are some promising candidates:

Who will be the next James Bond? These are the top favorites for the succession of Daniel Craig

About that 'No Time to Die' ending... .
NEW YORK (AP) — This story discusses the ending of “No Time to Die." That such a spoiler warning is even necessary is strange in the world of James Bond. Doesn't he save the world and get away with the girl? Isn't that one of the immutable laws of 007, right up there with the tuxedos, Aston Martins and facially scarred villains of seemingly limitless financing? Just as surely as his foes can build a teeming lair in a volcano, Bond has a gadget, and a wry quip, to deploy at just the right time to rescue humankind. So sayeth the Book of Bond.

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