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13:05  14 october  2021
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76ers' Ben Simmons willing to sit out entire season if he isn't traded?

  76ers' Ben Simmons willing to sit out entire season if he isn't traded? The 76ers reportedly aren't willing to budge on their asking price of an All-Star, draft selections and pick swaps for Simmons, and Simmons also seems comfortable in his stance. It appears we're no closer to any resolution regarding this standoff as October nears. Subscribe to Yardbarker's Morning Bark, the most comprehensive newsletter in sports. Customize your email to get the latest news on your favorite sports, teams and schools. Emailed daily.

Henning realizes that he has overreacted and decides not to sell his part of the courtyard in order to restore peace in the family at some point. But then he learns from Alex that Judith has found letters from Heike and must fear that his affair with Heike will be exposed. Till must painfully realize that Ute will never forgive him for swapping babies. Should he fight for her love anyway? In the best moments with her mother, Leni is overcome by sudden sadness because she has to think about death, but Jana knows a recipe against it.

TV Soaps That’s what happens in the soap operas today . “Storm of Love”: Christoph thinks it is Ariane’s glass – and drips the truth serum into it. © ARD/Christof Arnold. In “Rote Rosen”, Sascha seems to break because of his father’s life lie. In “Sturm der Liebe” Christoph’s new attempt with the truth serum goes wrong. With “Alles was geht” a stranger in the Schillerallee causes speculation. 2:10 p.m., First: Red Roses. After the fishing trip on Sascha’s birthday, Andreas hopes to save his relationship with Tatjana. She promptly pulls his tooth, but Sascha seems to break because of his

  Das passiert heute in den Soaps © ARD / Nicole Manthey 14:10 clock, the first: Red roses

Hendrik can convince Britta to enforce the risk of ths-op on katrin at the clinic line. Both are moved despite the risk of the idea of ​​bringing Katrin to life. When there was a surprised on ankes marriage with the ex-man of her in coma-lying friend Katrin, Anke assumes her to condemn her. Neither Dörte nor Florian can be anke the excuses.

15:10 clock, the first: Storm of love

Robert announces and plans to leave the "Fürstenhof". When Ariane experiences that, she tries to convince him of staying, but Robert does not stop working with Lia longer. Then Ariane Lia makes an offer. Alfons returns from Sweden and as a souvenir has some doses surbshipping - a Swedish delicacy that he has not yet tried - in the luggage. Werner warns him urgently to open the doses, but it's already too late ...

Netflix broadcasts

 Netflix broadcasts A few weeks ago, " below us " series lybringer Easy (Lars Steinhöfel, 35) for a job as a photographer to Mexico. He even missed the dream wedding of his best friends - and has disappeared until today. The contact with him has broken off since he made Mutterseelen all on his way through the desert. A risky action. Understandable that his husband Ringo (Timothy Boldt, 30) is sick before worry. He goes to the search for his great love.

TV soaps That’s what happens in the soap operas today . “Rote Rosen”: Tatjana (left) claims to Mona that Paul is no longer an option for her. © ARD / Nicole Manthey. 2:10 p.m., First: Red Roses. Even if a trip with Mona is good for Tatjana, she worries about Sascha. She ticks off the topic of men for herself first, even if she still has feelings for Paul. Amelie is no longer under suspicion of murder, but with her damaged reputation no longer finds a venue for the dance marathon. She considers Hendrik’s suggestion to book the ‘Carlas’ to be absurd.

TV Soaps That’s what happens in the soap operas today . “Everything that counts”: Marie realizes that she is now completely alone. © TVNOW / Julia Feldhagen. Lucy and Joell become a couple in “Sturm der Liebe”. Marie is thrown out of the squad for “Alles was haben”. In “GZSZ” Patrizia has to Patrizia’s decision to leave Berlin seems to be the most sensible solution not only for her. Shortly before they leave, their plan is unexpectedly called into question. Not only Jonas’ relaxed attitude to cleaning triggers a debate in the new flat share, Nihat and Tuner also reveal peculiarities that the others

17:30, RTL: Under us

Paco recognizes that he needs a break to get his feelings for Nika to handle . Fate has other plans. Julius leaves Easy and Ringo the surname question in a competition. Once again, the two recognize what a clever son they have. Till is asked by a stranger to prevent the towing of your car. When Till does not comply with this, he falls evil to his feet.

19:05, RTL: Everything that counts

Chiara assumes that you can convince Simone not to fire Moritz and keep it up to "Battle On Ice". But then Simone Chiara brings with an offer in distress and its conscience conflict is growing. When Simone returns from the rehab, she is happy to know her family under one roof.

19:40, RTL: Good times, bad times

While Geller finds that Johanna makes a good impression, Katrin is skeptical. And actually Johanna is obtained from her memories. Therefore, she takes thankfully as she likes to offer her a change of school. But then Jay suddenly reports. Erik announces after his age at the cooking show and gets Svenja's trouble. Even though he stands to his decision, he regrets not to be able to realize his dream.

College football report card: Gig 'em! Texas A&M aces its Alabama test; who wants brisket brittle? .
The Aggies weren't supposed to have a shot against No. 1 Alabama. And Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral got a win but also a big kick in the face.There is no grading on a curve here, so failing marks have zero chance of being reversed, and passing ones are handed out less frequently. (Again, reminding people that emails and complaint tweets will be deleted.

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