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22:50  15 october  2021
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Two women sue Nebraska in order to be recognized as legal parents of sons they had as a couple

  Two women sue Nebraska in order to be recognized as legal parents of sons they had as a couple Two women are suing Nebraska after being denied parental rights over sons they had when they were a couple. Each woman gave birth to one son.Erin Porterfield and Kristen Williams started their family in 2002 using assisted reproductive technology. Each woman gave birth to one of their sons, now 16 and 18, and both are considered a “person that has put themselves in the position of a parent,” for both sons, but with no legal parental right.

Dusseldorf. In North Rhine-Westphalia, further relaxation has been valid since the beginning of the month. Gastronomies and dealers welcome the new rules. A 2G option, as it gives it, for example in Hesse, reject.

 In diesem Restaurant im thüringischen Erfurt gilt verpflichtend die 2G-Regel. In NRW ist das derzeit kein Thema. © Martin Rush In this restaurant in the Thuringian Erfurt, the 2G rule applies mandatory. In NRW, this is currently not an issue.

in North Rhine-Westphalia, the house right is considered everywhere. This allows, for example, every shop owner to let only those customers in their business that will be available to him. If he does not want people who neither against COVID-19 nor from the disease, he does not want to have in his store, then he can exclude them from the purchase. But that's probably rather theory, and with such thoughts, at least large parts of the North Rhine-Westphalian economy are currently not employed.

Natural infection isn't enough to protect against COVID-19, experts say. You still need a vaccine.

  Natural infection isn't enough to protect against COVID-19, experts say. You still need a vaccine. Although antibodies from having COVID-19 may provide some protection, health experts say nothing protects better than the vaccines.Health experts say that just isn't true.

on the contrary: "We welcome the rules we have in North Rhine-Westphalia. For us you work well, "said a speaker of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) NRW on request of our editorial office. The numbers have been very stable for weeks, the restaurateurs in North Rhine-Westphalia wanted to make an offer to all customers, "also tested". "But of course we would be glad, if we reach the highest possible immunization rate, because we are closer to the goal of being able to do without all admission restrictions," says the speaker.

Since the beginning of the month, the new Corona Protection Ordinance in NRW has been in force. Accordingly, since the 1st of October, there is the possibility to dispense with outdoor mask obligations, and the option to replace a PCR test through short-term rapid tests. In addition, the new edition of the Regulation provides for releases for restaurateurs and organizers. For example, in the inner gastronomy, no special distances or partitions between the tables are more mandatory. Both are now only recommended. What remained, the mask obligation is when you leave your own place. For large events (sports events, concerts, music festivals and the like), the upper limit of 25,000 spectators is omitted. For large events outdoors, the upper limit of 50 percent of the regular audience capacity is loosened. Here all seats can now be fully occupied when organizers make sure that masks are worn outside the places.

The Latest: US to drop 19-month ban on nonessential travel

  The Latest: US to drop 19-month ban on nonessential travel WASHINGTON — The Biden administration says the United States will reopen its land borders for nonessential travel next month, ending a 19-month freeze due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New rules to be announced Wednesday will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals entry to the U.S. regardless of the reason for travel. That starts in early November, when a similar easing of restrictions is set to kick in for air travel. Senior administration officials previewed the new policy late Tuesday on the condition of anonymity to speak ahead of the formal announcement.Vehicle, rail and ferry travel between the U.S.

The Regulation shall apply until 29 October. At least in the next two weeks, probably nothing will change. Also not because of the debate by 2G, which has been initiated by the judgment of the Administrative Court Frankfurt in Hesse. There was a lawsuit against the unequal treatment of restaurateurs, organizers, hoteliers and others on the one hand and retail on the other side. Result: The trade can now apply 2G and allowed to leave tested outside. Which probably will not happen because the controls would be difficult to feasible and, for example, in foodstuffs could hardly deny ingestance. And if, then, only if tested at least could shop with a mask, while this would like to spare the vaccinated and recessed. That would be one possibility.

in NRW, according to the Ministry of Health, there is no inquiry from the retail trade for 2G. "NRW currently applies to various offers a mandatory 3G regulation. Access to certain offers only for fully vaccinated, ganzen or tested persons will apply here, "says a spokesman for the Ministry.

Aging equipment, spills test ties between oil, California

  Aging equipment, spills test ties between oil, California LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hoping to recover a lost anchor chain, a work boat dragged a grappling hook along the seabed near an oil platform off the Southern California coast. But it hooked something else -- a pipeline carrying crude oil from the towering rig to shore. Once snagged, the 197-foot (60-meter) boat dragged the pipeline until it snapped on one of the drilling platform’s legs. The gushing oil created a slick that ran for miles along the Ventura County coast northwest of Los Angeles.

for Peter Eighth, Chief Managing Director of the Handels Association NRW, the discussion about 2G or 3G is covered anyway. "3G would actually be the topic," explained pay attention on request. Corresponding rules would only result from his point of view only if simultaneously removed mask and distance obligation. "For example, we could imagine that the mask obligation could be eliminated with a customer consultation discussion. But not only for vaccinated and geneses, but also for tested ", so pay attention.

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