Sport ADAC GT Masters at the Nürburgring: Afterwards or other start time?

22:50  18 october  2021
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Violent insults after starting crash at Sachsenring: title fight escalated

 Violent insults after starting crash at Sachsenring: title fight escalated © ADAC Motorsport The Landgraf-Mercedes # 70 (background) was turned over at the start the emotions in the ADAC GT Masters cooked after the Sunday race on the Sachsenring high. As on Saturday, it came to a startcrash in the second run of the weekend, triggered by Albert Costa in Grasser-Lamborghini # 63 (Bortolotti / Costa), which turned Maximilian Buhk in Landgraf-Mercedes # 70 (Marciello / Buhk). Subsequently, both Buhk, as well as Raffaele Marciello were quite indignant.

ADAC GT Masters goes 24h-Rennen? 16:30 Uhr wäre im November ein bisschen spät © Alexander Trienitz ADAC GT Masters Goes 24h race? 16:30 clock would be a bit late

in November while the teams of the ADAC GT Masters prepare for their races on the Hockenheimring this weekend, the ADAC must continue to look at: At the season finale at the Nürburgring, the German GT championship is a small one Dilemma into the house.

reason is the time change on October 31st. The last race weekend from 5 to 7 November is already in the winter time. That would mean that the race would lead to the darkness at the normal start time at 16:30.

But would that be a problem? A final in the dark would certainly provide a special flair. The GT3 bolides are also designed for nighttime, as they also denied 24-hour races.

Blake Masters picks up Trump alumnus endorsement in Arizona Senate bid

  Blake Masters picks up Trump alumnus endorsement in Arizona Senate bid Robert C. O’Brien is endorsing Blake Masters in the race for the Republican Senate nomination in Arizona, which could prove crucial in this competitive primary with important 2022 implications. © Provided by Washington Examiner O’Brien served as national security adviser to former President Donald Trump and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That resume could help Masters, 35, appeal both to Trump supporters who are prevalent in GOP primaries in Arizona and to the state’s influential voting bloc of conservative Mormons.

Special rules at the German Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) is not to be considered; There are no special bureaucratic conditions for aftertraction. Theoretically, it would be feasible to hold the championship decision as a highlight in the dark.

However, there are some points that say. For example, the route must be illuminated so that the vehicles are recognizable for the viewer. The 24-hour race often sees only light cone to fly to the camera. No problem with a long distance race when a double-digit number of hours on the clock is still.

In a quick, short-lived sprint race, however, the cars must always be clearly identifiable for viewers (and TV commentators). That's why external light sources need. Since there is no permanently installed system on the Nürburgring, such as some distance in the Middle East, a provisional plant would have to be set up, for example, in the DTM night qualifying 2003.

Maximilian Götz About DTM title win: "Satisfaction, also opposite Audi"

 Maximilian Götz About DTM title win: © DTM Maximilian Götz fought years ago with Kelvin van der Linde for a title Maximilian Götz crowned in a controversial folding race on the Norisring to the DTM Champion 2021. For the Mercedes AMG driver, this is the greatest success of his career and at the same time the moment in which an open account was paid. The title profit is "a satisfaction, also over Audi. I have to say that," reveals Götz in a press hour directly after the title win. "As you know, I have in Hockenheim 2019 [Note d.

there is a danger that the lights of this plant at wet route for the drivers Mirror unfavorable or even straightforward in the worst case. Also, the plant would of course cost money, which would easily save with an earlier start time.

Ultimately, the race director Sven stops stops in the responsibility. Just like rain-overflowed route, it is in its area of ​​responsibility if he would hold a race for night for sure. In other words: should something happen in aftertride, he may have imaginable questions in retrospect.

and ultimately the question arises as to whether the already exciting title fight should be provided with such unpredictable factors. At a race in daylight, the well-known conditions would rule for all involved - also for teams that otherwise do not participate in 24-hour races and have no identification characteristics such as LED strips.

An earlier start time would also provide the advantage that one would have more scope with regard to the weather conditions to push the race backwards. A late race could be influenced by evening fogs.

ZakSpeed ​​confirms Start in the ADAC GT Masters 2022 with two cars

 ZakSpeed ​​confirms Start in the ADAC GT Masters 2022 with two cars © Alexander Trienitz Zakspeed will also send 2022 two Mercedes-AMG to the ADAC GT Masters Already two events before the end of the season, the Team Zakspeed presents its future plans. 2022 It should therefore be continue in the ADAC GT Masters. The commitment will continue with two Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Information from 'Motorsport-Total.com' According to the ADAC currently favors a solution with a pre-drawn start time. It's not officially confirmed.

"Locker" schedule as weather prevention

There is another challenge. The Eifel weather, which always forces already in other months the race to long interruptions or even cancellations, in November, of course, even more unpredictable. Although the probability of snow in November is not too large (if not excluded, of course), but fog is an ongoing issue.

be why must the schedule put so that possible displacements can be absorbed. The ADAC it can already afford to knit him a little looser, as the Porsche Carrera Cup does not start at the Nurburgring. The race would have overlapped with the start to the Porsche Sprint Challenge Middle East, for some Carrera Cup team their cars have already been sold.

Even so, the ADAC not trust the roast. Therefore, currently trying to offer on Thursday tests for all racing series, just in case a training fails. In most races, the teams of the ADAC GT Masters test on Thursday before the event. This time should all series can benefit.

And then there was the problem that the Grand Prix circuit-was originally booked for a 24-hour race for electric cars. This race has now been postponed by one week back.

However, there is the race weekend of the ADAC GT Masters fringe events with electromobility exhibition at the Ring Boulevard and test drives on the Müllenbachschleife on Saturday and Sunday.

Baptist returns for the Masters 2021: "My passage in Do not forget the lyrics brought me customers" .
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