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17:57  15 november  2021
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This city of France is the one where it falls the most snow in winter. In 2005, it was covered with 120 cm of cumulative snow. Located 500 meters above sea level, it is not in the mountains.

Saint-Etienne est la ville la plus enneigée de France il tombe beaucoup de neige. © iStock Saint-Etienne is the most snowied city in France it falls plenty of snow.

France is a country with a temperate climate. Heat in summer, cold in winter ... The seasons are well marked but some areas are not all housed at the same sign. If Marseille enjoys a beautiful sunshine year, Biarritz is one of the cities where it rains the most . Mouthe, small village of Doubs, gets in the first place of the coldest village of France .

In France, a city is distinguished by the amount of snow that it falls there in winter. Contrary to what one might think, the municipality is not in the mountains!

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Walking under a thick white coat Every year, Saint-Étienne is "on average the most snowy city of France" is the

Weather Chain . It thus exceeds Grenoble, though associated with the snow by the mountainous massifs that surround it.

Located along the Furan Valley, Saint-Étienne is bordered by 6 main hills, Mont d'Or and Montaud to the west, Mont Dourgend (Vivaraize), Villeboeuf the top, Montferré and the Crêt-de-Roc to East, from 566 to 671 m altitude.

Its strong snowmaker holds its "altitude and exposure to the cold and wet winds in the Northwest" is the expert website in Meteorology. These are not some flakes that fall on the city but thick layers of snow that accumulate! "The average is 82 cm of snow through winter. The Expert Weather Expert website: "In 2005, Saint-Etienne had received more than 120 cm cumulative snow.

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Two other French cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants are also very snowy and follow Saint-Étienne: Grenoble with 42 cm snow on average and Strasbourg with 35 cm.

Weather Express adds: "It is not surprising in the most oriental areas that snowfall are the most common. On the podium of the most concerned regions: Lorraine, Franche-Comté, Alsace as well as the Ardennes. These sectors record an average of 25 to 30 days of snow a year, punctually 35 in the exposed sectors (trays etc ...).

The snow against global warming

"Global warming does not prevent the snow from falling in the mountains" explains the Frédéric Decker meteorologist from the

Dauphiné liberated . The expert adds: "The atmosphere that warms up a wetter air, which turns into rain on the reliefs. If the temperature is close to 0 ° C at that time it snows. But the rain / snow border is slim, it is played for a few degrees. Over time, "snow years" will become more and more rare, but there will always be.

Forgotten the meters of snow that amounted! The expert says that "overall, the number of days of snow remains rather stable, but on average, the amount of cumulative snow tends to decrease in years in years on average mountains and plain. »

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