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13:25  21 november  2021
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When Keeping It ‘Woke’ Gets Racist, Liberals Should Say So

  When Keeping It ‘Woke’ Gets Racist, Liberals Should Say So Some of the things that conservatives have dubbed “critical race theory” aren’t worth defending.On one level, this was an odd campaign promise. Properly defined, critical race theory (or CRT) is a body of legal scholarship concerned with the ways that formally colorblind laws can camouflage racial discrimination and reproduce inequality. While taught in many graduate law programs, the works of leading CRT scholars such as Kimberlé Crenshaw and Derrick Bell do not feature in the official curricula of Virginia’s K-12 schools. And no Democrat in the state was trying to change that.

frustrated fans insulting Werder Profi Roger Assale after the later penalty for Bremen against Schalke evil.

Werder-Profi rassistisch beleidigt © Provided by sport1.de Werder-Profi racist offended

Roger Assals by Werder Bremen has been after the 1: 1 against FC Schalke 04 in the social networks "racistly offended and massively proclaimed".

This was announced by the North Club on Sunday on Twitter. (data: Results and schedule of the 2nd Bundesliga)

"The SV Werder is 100% behind his player, condemns the unworthy comments on the harshest and reserves further steps," it said to Twitter. Werder stand for "a diverse and tolerant society, in hatred and exclusion no place".

Allegedly wrong vaccination certificate: Werder informs about investigations against coach Start

 Allegedly wrong vaccination certificate: Werder informs about investigations against coach Start against Werder Bremen's coach Markus Start has been initiated according to association information a preliminary investigation because of the alleged use of a fake vaccination certificate. The 47-year-old rejects the allegations. © Imago Images / Nordphoto shows the allegations decidedly back: Mark's beginning.

Assale brings Elfer for Bremen Out

Assale had gained the disputed penalty in the secondary-league top game, which was transformed by Niklas Füllskrug to 1: 1 - and provided for a great rage of the Schalke. (News: All current information about the 2nd Bundesliga)

so S04 co-coach Mike Büsken felt the broadcast "Understand fun?" reminds, Chef coach Dimitrios Grammozis spoke of a "impudence" .

Roger Assalé had gone to ground after a duel with Schalke's Henning Matriciani. Referee Tobias Stieler had first continued to continue, but after VaV control but subsequently decided on penalty. (Data: The table of the 2nd Bundesliga)

of the machine search double pass 2nd Bundesliga with Oliver Reck - on Monday from 21.45 clock live in the free TV and in the stream on Sport1

Baumann explains the beginning-off: "Impact on the image of the association"

 Baumann explains the beginning-off: Werder-Sportschef Frank Baumann has spoken on Saturday morning for the reasons for that from Markus beginning. He highlights the selection process of the new head trainer and takes the Bremen professionals in the duty. © Imago Images / Sportfoto Rudel must search for a new coach: Frank Baumann. allegations were too stressful for Werder surprised.

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The Mantra of White Supremacy .
The idea that anti-racist is a code word for “anti-white” is the claim of avowed extremists.The segment aired on June 25—the height of the manic attack on, and redefinition of, critical race theory, which Carlson has repeatedly cast as “anti-white.” It was one of his most incendiary segments of the year. “The question is, and this is the question we should be meditating on, day in and day out, is how do we get out of this vortex, the cycle, before it’s too late?” Carlson asked.

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