Sport Bayer 04 happiness: Thanks to the wrong decisions and ADLI, Leverkusen is on course

18:15  21 november  2021
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teen alarm! Only Moukoko younger than Bayer-Youngster

 teen alarm! Only Moukoko younger than Bayer-Youngster at Bayer Leverkusen debut two extremely young players. These move far forward in the ranking of the youngest Bundesliga players of the story. © Provided by sport1.de Teenager alarm! Only Moukoko younger than Bayer-Youngster near Bayer Leverkusen have shifted two teens in the ranking of the recent Bundesliga players of history on the positions two and three.

The most valuable gift in professional football are three points for a moderate performance. Perffected perhaps only three points for a moderate performance favored by happy arbitrator decisions. In this respect, Bayer 04 Leverkusen experienced a perfect Saturday before the Sunday Sunday.

Amine Adli und Kapitän Lukas Hradecky © DPA Amine Adli and Captain Lukas Hradecky

The 1-0 victory over the VfL Bochum was not a beauty, nothing to specify, but he brought the maximum yield and helped the factory club back in four place, where his claims for the season Located. It was, more, the first success after four in the Bundesliga victorious play. The last thing dated from 3 October from 3: 0 in Bielefeld, which you almost forgot.

remains VfL Bochum in 1848 on the track track?

 remains VfL Bochum in 1848 on the track track? Bundesliga: Bayer 04 Leverkusen - VfL Bochum 1848 (Saturday, 15:30) © Provided by Sport1.de remains VfL Bochum 1848 on the track track? After there has not been a victory in the last four games, Leverkusen wants to return to the success track against VfL Bochum in 1848. Bayer 04 Leverkusen was most recently against Hertha BSC a 1: 1 draw. The VFL won in the last match against the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim with 2: 0 and is 13 points in the midfield of the table.

therefore, coach Gerardo Seoane began his intelligations for this game with the formal set: "I congratulate my team to this victory." Otherwise there was less reason for praise. The rest of the work did an opponent that Bayer 04 announced the boundaries on that day without overcoming its own limits in the end. And a referee VAR team, which decided in two with games-shaped situations against clear evices for Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

The first occurred in the 30th minute. Jeremie Frimpong, who had prepared the early 1: 0 by the Emergency Medium Towers Amine Adli from the right side spectacularly rattled in a duel with the ex-Kölner Elvis Rexhbecaj. Referee Daniel Schlager showed the yellow card to the Leverkusen. But already the first view of the TV images showed that it was a dangerous, red-worthy attack with open sole. Thomas Rice tried to keep the contention when commenting. "He comes too late. And we were taught that an open sole pulls a different color, "Bochum's coach explained. For a similar foul, Frimpong's colleague Robert Andrich had seen red in Stuttgart red and had been closed three games.

Löwen: "Annoy me endless"

 Löwen: in Leverkusen acted Bochum at eye level, but took the wrong decisions in Torn coat. Eduard Löwen also sees the positive. © Picture Alliance / Tim Rehbein / Rhr-Photo Not satisfied with the Bochum opportunity recycling: Eduard Löwen.

The second, content of even less controversial scene happened three minutes before halftime. National Jonathan Tah entangled into a misconcised dribbling, from which he could only free himself against Christopher Antwi-Adjei with a rustic duel in the penalty area. The game continued and was quickly reached at the other end of the place when the TV footage showed: Tah came too late and stepped into the Bochumer in the hoe. When the game was interrupted by a Leverkusen corner ball, the VaR sign on the scoreboard lit up. The progress seemed inevitable: Screen sign of referee Schlager with both arms, whistle, towards the remote penalty area outstretched hand. Penalty. Compensation. Leap away. Victory in danger.

instead took place: a corner. Continue of the game, where Bayer also trembled thanks to spectacular counterparts a 1-0. How clear the wrong decision was Jonathan Tah, who benefited most of her: "" I meet his foot from behind, you can whistle. The referee does not spoil. Happiness for me in the situation. "It speaks for the coach Thomas Rice that he remained diplomatic at his complaint:" It is clear: we had to turn the penalty only. But it's also clear: With a man more and a penalty, we would have had much better chances not to lose the game. "

His colleague Gerardo Seoane did not want to contradict them:" Both of the scenes in question would have been able to decide differently. " Gross opportunities, the Bayer coach explained, deserved the victory. But: "The game was much more open than we wanted." An extra-robbery from the coach only got Amine Adli, who met in his tenth Bundesliga game for the first time: "He maintained well on the unfamiliar position. We look forward to making his first goal. I never thought it's a header. "

Frimpong's hits at the right time: Bayer wins in Leipzig .
After a strong appearance, Leverkusen has taken three points from Leipzig. Bayer wins earned 3-1 - and took Leipzig at the right time the wind from the sails. © Imago Images / Picture Point Le Goal Scorer Under: Moussa Diaby, Florian Wirtz & Co. celebrate one of the Leverkusen hits.

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