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03:35  01 december  2021
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Ping-pong ball bounce could determine vaccine mandate's fate

  Ping-pong ball bounce could determine vaccine mandate's fate The fate of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private employers could come down to the bounce of a ping-pong ball. Republican officials in 27 states, employers and several conservative and business organizations filed challenges to the mandate in numerous federal courts shortly after the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration released details of the emergency rule Nov. 4. Several unions also filed challenges in other federal courts, contending it doesn't go far enough.

You will be banned without additional warning for violating this rule . Don't post standalone The benefit to this new rule is that it makes a catch an 'event' rather than a 'process'. Some of those plays should have been touchdowns, the rules should only have been tweaked enough to make it so.

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After years of wrestling with the proper formulation of the catch rule, the NFL finally figured it out a few years ago. But there’s still one more change that needs to be made in order to make the rule as clear as it can be.

The league should embrace a requirement that the ball should never touch the ground, at any part of the process of completing the catch. Even if the ball is otherwise secure in the hands of the person trying to catch it.

Years of confusion regarding the contours of the catch rule commenced when the NFL decided that the non-catch by Bucs receiver Bert Emanuel in the 1999 NFC Championship should have been a catch. In that case, Emanuel had both hands on either side of the ball, but it touched the ground. Under the rules at the time, that wasn’t a catch. Thus, the ruling on the field of a catch was properly overturned via replay review.

Biden administration acts to restore clean-water safeguards

  Biden administration acts to restore clean-water safeguards WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration took action Thursday to restore federal protections for hundreds of thousands of small streams, wetlands and other waterways, undoing a Trump-era rule that was considered one of that administration’s hallmark environmental rollbacks. At issue is a regulation sometimes referred to as “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS, that defines the types of waterways qualifying for federal protection under the Clean Water Act. The regulation has long been a point of contention among environmental groups, farmers, homebuilders, lawmakers and the courts.

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The NFL later decided that such efforts should count as a catch, sparking ambiguity and inconsistency that left no one knowing what a catch really is. Even now, the fact that the ball touches the ground doesn’t immediately nullify a catch. Frankly, it should.

It’s a clear standard, one that makes it easier to determine whether rulings on the field were clearly and obviously wrong. If the ball ever touches the ground before the full process of the catch has been completed, it’s not a catch.

This would eliminate any conversations about whether the ball touched the ground but didn’t touch the ground to the point where the ground assisted the catch, or whatever. The analysis would boil down to one question. Did the ball touch the ground?

Falcons don't have an update on wideout Calvin Ridley

  Falcons don't have an update on wideout Calvin Ridley The wideout announced in late October that he’d be stepping away from football to deal with his mental health. The organization later placed him on the reserve/non-football injury list, meaning he’d miss at least three additional games. The 26-year-old is now eligible to come off the list, but it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to return to football. The 2018 first-round pick emerged as one of the NFL’s top wideouts in 2020, finishing with 90 receptions for 1,374 yards and nine touchdowns. This was going to be a pivotal year for the former first-round pick.

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The chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg, announced on 19 November that his government would prepare the ground for vaccination against Covid-19 to become mandatory from 1 February, which would make it the first country in the west to take such a step. The new rules will apply to those who are double vaccinated or those recently recovered from Covid. Non-vaccinated travellers are already required to have a negative PCR result from a test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival into the country. The housing minister, Darragh O’Brien, said the new measures will initially apply for two weeks.

We saw it last night in the Seahawks-Washington game. A fourth-and-goal throw by Taylor Heinicke to Logan Thomas was ruled a touchdown. The ball touched the ground. ESPN rules analyst John Parry, a former referee, opined that it wasn’t clearly and obviously not a catch.

Under the pre-Emanuel rule, it wouldn’t have even been a discussion. The ball touched the ground. No catch, even if he had control of the ball when it struck the turf.

The ball did indeed touch the ground in the Bert Emanuel case. It wasn’t a catch. It shouldn’t have been a catch. For decades, that rule made sense. If the ball doesn’t touch the ground, it’s a catch. If it touches the ground, it’s not a catch.

At a time when the NFL constantly should be looking for ways to improve officiating, making it easier to officiate indirectly improves officiating. It would considerably be easier to officiate what is and isn’t a catch if the NFL retreated to the rule that the ball must never touch the ground at any point of the process of making the catch.

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Video of Anthony Fauci Laughing Off Calls for His Prosecution Viewed Over 1M Times .
Fauci has said that attacking him has an "anti-science" flavour to it as he discussed the animosity towards him from Republicans.In the Sunday interview with Margaret Brennan on her show, Face the Nation, Fauci was asked to address the animosity felt towards him from some politicians. Brennan questioned why Dr. Fauci wanted to stay on the job despite facing threats for his role in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. He replied that he was focused on what his duty was to the country and how best he could save lives.

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