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Fact check: Obama administration implemented several police and prison reforms

Tuesday  23:41,   22 september 2020

Did President Barack Obama's administration put in place police and prison reforms?Thrown out 'naked ballots' in Pennsylvania could cost Joe Biden the... >>>

That $300 unemployment payment is already ending in some states. What you need to know

Tuesday  23:00,   22 september 2020

More states are sending out the $300 weekly bonus while others already ran out of money.What's going on? In a nutshell, some states are coming to the end of the six weeks allotted as part of President Donald Trump's executive actions in early August >>>

Louisiana court keeps mask-free pastor out of his hearing for defying pandemic safeguards

Tuesday  23:00,   22 september 2020

Louisiana court keeps mask-free pastor out of his hearing for defying pandemic safeguards(Reuters) - A Louisiana megachurch pastor charged with repeatedly violating state coronavirus orders was denied entry to his court hearing Tuesday morning after >>>

The militia menace

Tuesday  23:00,   22 september 2020

“What are these militias, and where did they come from?” Many Americans wonder.Rittenhouse's lawyer describes him as "a minuteman protecting his community when the government would not." Apparently, the attorney does not realize that his defendant... >>>

How Trump let Covid-19 win

Tuesday  23:00,   22 september 2020

Trump’s magical thinking couldn’t beat the coronavirus. America is stuck with the consequences.The US wasn’t able to fully and safely reopen in April. It isn’t able to fully and safely reopen in... >>>

Historically Black cemetery vandalized in Austin, Texas

Tuesday  22:31,   22 september 2020

A historically Black cemetery was vandalized with blue spray paint over the weekend in Austin, Texas. © KEYE Authorities in Austin, Texas, are investigating vandalism at a historically Black cemetery. Fifteen headstones were defaced with graffiti at >>>

BLM Mural Shot With Paintballs by Vandals, One Wearing Confederate Flag Sweatshirt

Tuesday  22:31,   22 september 2020

In a public safety report published on Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Police Department asked for the public's help in identifying the two men who "apparently shot paintballs at the Black Lives Matter mural Downtown."In a public safety report published >>>

Covid throws scare into Halloween plans

Tuesday  22:31,   22 september 2020

In other coronavirus news: Trump falsely claims pandemic poses little threat to young people, and NFL slaps coaches with big fines for not wearing masks.As millions of U.S. children pick out their costumes and gear up for the annual candy-fueled... >>>

Air Force veteran aims to calm violence and help young victims in her community

Tuesday  21:29,   22 september 2020

U.S. Air Force veteran Jawanna Hardy knows the tragic story behind all of the young faces she sees in a memorial for kids lost to gun violence in Washington, D.C. U.S. Air Force veteran Jawanna Hardy knows the tragic story behind all of the young... >>>

Ellen DeGeneres Is Selling Pricey Flock of Sheep in the Hamptons

Tuesday  21:29,   22 september 2020

Television talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres is quietly selling millions of dollars worth of art. © Photographer: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Ellen DeGeneres Pieces from her collection recently popped up in East Hampton, where top New York dealers... >>>

Coronavirus: Almost 11,000 new cases reported in Spain

Tuesday  21:28,   22 september 2020

HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-SPAIN-ASSESSMENT: Coronavirus: Almost 11,000 new cases reported in Spain © Reuters / Javier Barbancho CORONAVIRUS: NEARLY 11,000 NEW CASES REPORTED IN SPAIN MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's health ministry on Tuesday reported 10,800... >>>

Five States Where Coronavirus Cases Are Falling Fastest

Tuesday  20:25,   22 september 2020

South Carolina, Louisiana, Hawaii, Michigan and Delaware have each reported a drop in new infections in recent weeks.What a Supreme Court shift could mean for... >>>

Who is Latasha Harlins? Netflix Doc Remembers Teen In 'A Love Song for Latasha'

Tuesday  19:41,   22 september 2020

The name Latasha Harlins has long been associated with the 1992 Los Angeles race riots after the 15-year-old was murdered in a store over a $1.79 bottle of orange juice. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

George Biggs, a Tuskegee Airman recognized by Congress, dies at 95

Tuesday  19:41,   22 september 2020

George Washington Biggs, one of the last living Tuskegee Airmen from Arizona, died on Saturday at the age of 95, his daughter told The Arizona Republic.George Washington Biggs, a native of Nogales, Arizona, died at a senior-care facility in Tucson,... >>>

Louisville restricts access to downtown ahead of expected Breonna Taylor decision

Tuesday  19:24,   22 september 2020

Authorities in Louisville, Kentucky, are restricting access to its downtown area and setting up vehicle barricades ahead of a grand jury's coming decision in the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor. © CNN Police vehicles and a large truck... >>>