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Glacier Named After Prominent Geologist Renamed Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

Tuesday  18:31,   18 september 2018

The Me Too movement has toppled Hollywood executives, pundits, and bureaucrats since it burst onto the scene last year. Prompting a government agency to rename a geologic landform, however, may be a first. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"],...[...]

Prosecutors continue their testimony in second day of Van Dyke's murder trial

Tuesday  17:52,   18 september 2018

The team of special prosecutors at Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke’s murder trial will continue making their case before jurors Tuesday, the second day of testimony in the hot-button case. Load...[...]

Watch: Island of fire ants floats through flood waters after Florence

Tuesday  17:31,   18 september 2018

Like after Harvey, ants have banded together to survive Florence. Touch them and they could "disperse and crawl up you," one expert has said.NBC News correspondent Gadi Schwartz captured a video posted to Twitter of a group of fire ants forming...[...]

Matthew ravaged his SC restaurant in 2016. Florence flooding wiped out reopening in 2018.

Tuesday  17:05,   18 september 2018

Floodwaters left behind by Hurricane Florence are nearing Nichols, a town ravaged by a 2016 flood, and other parts of northeastern South Carolina.(Pictured) Troops work to pull a truck out of flood waters that washed away on Chicken Road outside of...[...]

Man caught shaving on train in viral video says don't judge

Tuesday  16:51,   18 september 2018

A man who drew online mockery after he was filmed shaving at his seat on a New Jersey Transit train said he was just trying to clean up after days spent in a homeless shelter. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) A man who was mocked online after he was...[...]

'Is this really a school?' Desperate for education, Detroit students pin hope on lawsuit

Tuesday  15:55,   18 september 2018

One student said his Detroit high school reminded him of a state prison. Why some students think the courts offer their last hope for better schools."Is this really a school? Like, this has to be a movie," Hall said he thought. "People were getting...[...]

Hurricane Florence Has Killed At Least 1.7 Million Chickens In North Carolina

Tuesday  14:26,   18 september 2018

At least one livestock company has reported massive losses in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Sanderson Farms, one of the country’s largest poultry producers, said in a notice to investors Monday that at least 1.7 million of its chickens had...[...]

Duke Restores Power to 1.1 Million, and Now the Real Test Begins

Tuesday  13:55,   18 september 2018

Duke Energy Corp. has already restored power to almost 80 percent of its 1.4 million customers left in the dark by Hurricane Florence. It’s the remaining few hundred thousand that could be the test. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function [...]

Mine safety official warned administration violating law, putting miners in danger

Tuesday  13:30,   18 september 2018

Robert Cohen, an Obama appointee whose term expired last month on the mine safety and health panel, blasted the administration for going easy on violators.WASHINGTON — Two days before his term ended, a member of the independent federal commission...[...]

Skin color vs. identity: How Americans view race 'a huge surprise'

Tuesday  13:30,   18 september 2018

Race isn't a black and white issue. And it seems many Americans know that, according to a recent study by Northwestern University's Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy (CSDD). The survey, conducted in collaboration with DNA...[...]

Anderson Cooper debunks Trump Jr.'s fake news claim on live television

Tuesday  12:51,   18 september 2018

Anderson Cooper debunks Donald Trump Jr.'s false tweet about the CNN anchor, which was an attempt to slam CNN's coverage of Hurricane Florence by posting a photo from 2008.There's the man who claimed Cooper didn't go to Sandy Hook after the...[...]

Solar observatory in New Mexico reopens after mysterious evacuation, conspiracy theories remain

Tuesday  11:05,   18 september 2018

The National Solar Observatory reopened Monday morning following an 11-day evacuation ordered by the FBI. Staff says work will continue as normal.SUNSPOT - The National Solar Observatory facility in Sunspot has reopened following an evacuation...[...]

Senate passes bipartisan bill to curb opioid crisis

Tuesday  10:53,   18 september 2018

The Senate passed a bipartisan, multi-pronged package of 70 bills Monday aimed at curbing the opioid epidemic, but Congress still has work to do to reach the finish line. The package, which passed 99-1 and focuses on prevention and treatment,...[...]

Over 100 lawmakers consistently voted against chemical safeguards: study

Tuesday  10:53,   18 september 2018

More than 100 lawmakers consistently voted for legislation to weaken safeguards against toxic chemicals, a recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released Tuesday found. In the environmental group's first annual scorecard of the...[...]

Pennsylvania Catholic Church sued for names of priests in abuse report

Tuesday  08:51,   18 september 2018

People claiming they were sexually abused by priests filed a class action lawsuit on Monday against eight dioceses in Pennsylvania seeking to compel them to divulge the names of priests accused of such actions over the past 70 years. Pennsylvania's...[...]