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After Cape shark fatality, tourism industry reels

Saturday  22:51,   22 september 2018

On the Cape, great whites are everywhere. Not just in the water, but on bumper stickers and license plates and shark-themed drinks made with red syrup. The Monomoy Regional School District proudly advertises itself as “Home of the Sharks.” The Shark [...]

In limbo, some families in the US with H-1B visas begin to make other plans

Saturday  22:51,   22 september 2018

She was 23 and not allowed to work in 2005 when she first came to the United States. Now 36, Archana Vaidyanathan is interviewing with major technology firms in Northern California to see if her expertise is still in demand.Kevin...[...]

Hurricane heroes step in to offer help and healing in Puerto Rico

Saturday  19:05,   22 september 2018

We asked several of these altruists to reflect on the storm, their part in the response and recovery and the future of Puerto Rico. These are their stories:In the aftermath of the natural disaster, many heroes rushed to save lives, restore power,...[...]

No whispering, just horses and city kids, learning on a farm

Saturday  15:30,   22 september 2018

“Who knows how you get a horse to trot?” Dale Perkins asks the campers. “You slap the reins!” yells 11-year-old Schneider. “No, that’s only in the movies," says Mr. Perkins. “You just have to ask them. Trot, Derby.”Jacqui is a draft horse with hoofs [...]

Detroit welcomes immigrants to spur the city’s revival

Saturday  15:05,   22 september 2018

Two years ago, Hamissi Mamba was living in Burundi. His family was already in the US. He came to Detroit as a refugee and joined his wife and young twin daughters who were already living in the US — moving to a new country, navigating a new culture, [...]

California's 'Big One' Is 'Inevitable'

Saturday  15:05,   22 september 2018

It won't be like the movies—but a massive earthquake could still "cripple" the state of California.It might strike at the heart of San Francisco, last devastated by a Big One in 1906. Or maybe it will tear through southern California like the...[...]

Cal State Long Beach retires Prospector Pete mascot amid cries of racism, genocide during gold rush

Saturday  14:06,   22 september 2018

LOS ANGELES - California State University, Long Beach is sending Prospector Pete packing. The towering bronze statue that sits in the plaza outside the liberal arts building soon will be relocated to a less prominent place on campus as the...[...]

Puerto Rico: The exodus after Hurricane Maria

Saturday  12:51,   22 september 2018

In the year since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island has lost a precious resource: hundreds of thousands of people who've left to build their futures elsewhereDamarys Perales and her 10-year-old daughter Alahia are reluctantly joining...[...]

In a span of 24 hours three ordinary places of business in America became danger zones

Saturday  12:25,   22 september 2018

An employee at a Wisconsin software company opens fire at the office, wounding three coworkers and forcing others to hide under desks. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {...[...]

Small North Carolina town latest to feel Florence's fury

Saturday  12:05,   22 september 2018

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is warning that flooding from Hurricane Florence will likely continue into next week and that "lives are still at risk." Benetta White and David Lloyd of Kelly, North Carolina, say they almost lost their lives as they...[...]

U.S. backs protecting Yellowstone’s northern gateway from mining

Saturday  11:25,   22 september 2018

New mining claims should be banned for 20 years on more than 30,000 acres north of Yellowstone National Park to preserve scenery, wildlife habitat, waterways and outdoor recreation that fuels tourism in nearby Montana towns, the U.S. Forest Service...[...]

NC river swirls with gray muck near flooded coal ash dump

Saturday  08:05,   22 september 2018

Gray muck is flowing into the Cape Fear River from the site of a dam breach at a Wilmington power plant Friday where an old coal ash dump had been covered over by Florence's floodwaters.Duke Energy spokeswoman Paige Sheehan said Friday the...[...]

Video sought in case of man shot in own home in Texas

Saturday  06:26,   22 september 2018

Court documents show search warrants have been issued for video from addresses near the apartment complex where a white Dallas police officer killed her black neighbor inside his own residence earlier this month. The search warrants obtained by The...[...]

FEMA administrator will reimburse government, won’t face charges from internal probe

Saturday  06:26,   22 september 2018

William “Brock” Long to remain in his job after admitting to misuse of government vehiclesFEMA Administrator William “Brock” Long has been ordered to reimburse the government for his misuse of federal vehicles, but he will be allowed to remain in...[...]

Less than 340,000 have flood insurance in North and South Carolina combined

Saturday  06:05,   22 september 2018

FEMA encourages anyone who suffered damage from Florence to register for assistanceCONWAY, S.C. — Floodwaters from Hurricane Florence are raising fears as rivers continue to spread beyond their banks. On Friday afternoon, a dam was breached at a...[...]