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Crime reports for Anne Arundel and Howard counties and for Annapolis

Wednesday  15:45,   28 october 2020

Incidents reported by police in Annapolis and Anne Arundel and Howard counties. •Destruction to a vehicle >>>

Opinions | What’s missing from Halloween in the time of covid-19? Strangers.

Wednesday  15:15,   28 october 2020

Candy scares me. Strangers don't. Doesn’t scavenging inside feel pretty much like what you do every day? >>>

Corona masks: That's why your nose runs under the mask

Wednesday  15:15,   28 october 2020

You can't avoid mouth and nose protection due to the corona pandemic. But every time you pull it up, your nose starts running and you get a mask cold? Perhaps you think you are allergic to the face mask or even that the mouth and nose mask is... >>>

Special Report: As jails free thousands amid COVID-19, reform push takes root

Wednesday  14:51,   28 october 2020

Special Report: As jails free thousands amid COVID-19, reform push takes rootWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The population in America’s big jails and state prisons plunged by 170,000 this spring amid the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters has found in a survey... >>>

Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck on freezing cold Omaha airfield after rally

Wednesday  14:51,   28 october 2020

"Supporters of the president were brought in, but buses weren’t able to get back to transport people out. It’s freezing and snowy," Sen. Megan Hunt tweeted.Many of those at the rally at the Eppley Airfield faced hours in long lines to get in and... >>>

How investors are coming up with the green to save the ocean blue

Wednesday  14:25,   28 october 2020

Environmental threats to oceans around the world are prompting innovative new approaches and deals to raise money for rescue efforts. But Weary was no tourist. He was a dealmaker trying to convince small countries to protect their seas in a novel... >>>

Spy agency ducks questions about 'back doors' in tech products

Wednesday  14:10,   28 october 2020

Spy agency ducks questions about 'back doors' in tech productsSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency is rebuffing efforts by a leading Congressional critic to determine whether it is continuing to place so-called back... >>>

Veterans Day Fast Facts

Wednesday  14:05,   28 october 2020

Read CNN's Fast Facts about Veterans Day, a holiday honoring men and women who have served in the US armed forces. Observed annually in the United States on November 11 -- the anniversary of the end of World War I. © Mark Wilson/Getty Images The >>>

Here's what's been happening this week aside from the election

Wednesday  14:05,   28 october 2020

A surge in coronavirus cases, a police shooting in Philadelphia and a tropical storm are just some of the other headlines from this week.But the 2020 Election isn't the only event making... >>>

Philadelphia Riots, Looting Breaks Out As Walmart and Other Stores Ransacked

Wednesday  13:20,   28 october 2020

Police in Philadelphia warned residents in several of the city's districts to remain indoors amid a second successive night of unrest.Footage aired by local news channel KYW-TV showed people entering a Foot Locker store and a Walmart in the Port >>>

Too hard to vote? Fired-up Black voters are doing it anyway

Wednesday  12:50,   28 october 2020

Too hard to vote? Fired-up Black voters are doing it anyway(Reuters) - In the historically black neighborhoods of Waco, Texas, the usual get-out-the-vote activities in this presidential election year were upended by the... >>>

Maryland lawmakers write to Gov. Hogan with ‘deep’ concerns about fate of Purple Line

Wednesday  12:25,   28 october 2020

Some members of the state’s congressional delegation are urging Hogan to negotiate with the project’s private partner. In a letter to Hogan, the nine Democratic lawmakers urged the Maryland Department of Transportation to negotiate with the private... >>>

Advocates fear Barrett will strip away gay rights. It could begin next week.

Wednesday  11:45,   28 october 2020

The Supreme Court will hear arguments next week in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, which could allow religious foster agencies to bar gay prospective parents.The most immediate concern for national LGBTQ and civil rights groups is Barrett's presence >>>

Covid-19 evictions can cost people their homes — and their pets

Wednesday  11:41,   28 october 2020

We need to make sure that access to housing doesn't come down to a decision between giving up a beloved family pet and securing a safe place to live. Data on animal shelter admissions show that housing is listed as the second most common reason... >>>

Hundreds of Trump supporters stuck in the cold for hours when buses can’t reach Omaha rally

Wednesday  11:41,   28 october 2020

The Trump campaign said it had provided enough buses to move the attendees but that traffic on the two-lane road outside the airport was throttled to one direction after the rally. But as long lines of MAGA-clad attendees queued up for buses to take >>>