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Historic Route 66 Attractions That Should Not Be Missed

Saturday  17:30,   03 december 2022

Route 66 attractions define American history, dotting one of the first and longest U.S. highways.The “Mother Road” opened in 1926 and quickly become famous, as people traveled for work, migrated, visited family, took vacations or headed off to war.... >>>

Authorities swat down rumors surrounding unsolved killings of 4 University of Idaho students

Saturday  17:30,   03 december 2022

Authorities in a small Idaho city that had not recorded a murder in years are urging the public to be vigilant against rumors and conjectures surrounding the unsolved killings of four college students last month. Your browser does not support this... >>>

family threatens

Saturday  17:10,   03 december 2022

because of lush Christmas lighting, a family has been decorating their house in Delmenhorst at Christmas time with tens of thousands of lights. Now you are threatened - allegedly by demonstrators of the "last generation". © dpa Numerous lights... >>>

isolate the outside of your home: cost, aid, materials ... everything you need to know before starting

Saturday  16:40,   03 december 2022

when approaching winter and faced with the outbreak of energy prices, all solutions are to be considered to save money. Do you plan to isolate the outside of your home? Here is all you need to know. With the current energy and economic crisis, your >>>

Cali Reparations Task Force Preparing $223,000 Per Person Recommendation

Saturday  16:10,   03 december 2022

Are we about to see what large-scale, monetary reparations looks like in real time? © Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu (AP) California Gov. Gavin Newsom authorized the commission studying reparations in his state. According to several new reports,... >>>

Heart of the City by Steenz

Saturday  16:10,   03 december 2022

Heart of the City by... >>>

Box truck tumbles off California highway onto separate crash scene

Saturday  16:10,   03 december 2022

Three people were injured after a large box truck toppled off of a freeway ramp and crash-landed on at the scene of an earlier accident on a Los Angeles County highway. The chaotic crash occurred amid commuter traffic around 7:30 a.m. Friday on the... >>>

Beretta 92X: A Great Gun or Not? What a Firearms Expert Says

Saturday  16:10,   03 december 2022

Beretta 92X: What to Make of It – Besides my seemingly endless articles on Glock pistols, another topic I’ve repeatedly harped upon in my 19FortyFive articles is my love for the Beretta 92FS 9mm double-action semiautomatic pistol AKA the M9 in U.S.... >>>

I'm a special education teacher who can make up to $1,000 a month making jewelry and crafts as a side hustle

Saturday  14:41,   03 december 2022

It started small. I sold my designs to friends and family. Somebody would see a wreath I made and say, "Hey, can you make one for my front door?"My husband, son, and I flew took a total of four flights across four continents in the span of two... >>>

5 ideas for chic rolls as snack

Saturday  14:10,   03 december 2022

Mürbe, sweet and aromatic: Vanilla biscuits are the absolute gourmet gourmet The best comes at the end! For me, vanilla biscuits are not only among the best Christmas cookies, but also to the royal category. They are not so easy to bake. It starts... >>>

Look: Wildlife officials rescue deer with antlers wrapped in Christmas lights

Saturday  12:10,   03 december 2022

Wildlife officials in Oregon came to the rescue that "got a head start on decking the halls" when its antlers became entangled in Christmas lights. © Provided by UPI News Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife The Oregon Department of Fish and... >>>

New B-21 stealth bomber is unveiled: What did we see?

Saturday  11:20,   03 december 2022

The new B-21 stealth bomber was unveiled publicly on Friday. Taking place under the cover of night, the plane emerged slowly from the hangar bathed in dramatic blue lighting that did not reveal much beyond the plane's similar shape to the B-2... >>>

Rogue Wave Kills Passenger, Injures 4 on Antarctic Cruise Ship: 'We Wondered if We Hit an Iceberg'

Saturday  09:10,   03 december 2022

Viking Cruises offered its support to the victim's family and canceled an upcoming departure after its ship was damaged by the rare and mysterious phenomenon known as a rogue waveOne person is dead and four others were injured after a rogue wave >>>

Takeoff shooting suspect Patrick Xavier Clark applied for an expedited passport to try to escape and fly to Mexico

Saturday  09:10,   03 december 2022

Occurred on November 24, 2022 / Kenora, Ontario, Canada: "Shayne Mozdzen and I were on the Winnipeg River ice fishing when we came across a deer that had fallen off a cliff and couldn’t stand on the ice or get off. We pulled her to the nearest house >>>

Takeoff shooting suspect Patrick Xavier Clark applied for an expedited passport to try to escape and fly to Mexico

Saturday  09:10,   03 december 2022

Patrick Xavier Clark wanted to go to Mexico after Takeoff shooting On Friday, huge news broke, regarding news of the shooting death of Migos rapper Takeoff. Houston police arrested 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark. Shortly after, he was hit with a... >>>