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Alabama Homecoming Queen Gives Crown To Classmate With Cerebral Palsy

Wednesday  01:51,   28 september 2022

“Lilliana is such a light to everyone she comes in contact with and she deserves this more than anyone.”It's a moment most girls dream of, but just seconds after she was crowned her high school's homecoming queen, Juleydi Franco Ramos gave up her... >>>

Maryland couple pleads guilty to selling a foreign power nuclear secrets hidden in a sandwich: report

Wednesday  01:51,   28 september 2022

Maryland couple pleads guilty to selling a foreign power nuclear secrets hidden in a sandwich: reportA Maryland couple has pleaded guilty to selling "confidential" nuclear-related secrets to a foreign country. The plans, according to a report by ABC >>>

Louis Aliot: This day when rivals of the RN put him… laxative in his glass

Wednesday  01:00,   28 september 2022

© Norbert Scanella / Panoramic / Bestimage Louis Aliot: this day when rivals of the RN put him… laxative in his glass While giving a conference for the European campaign in Gironde in May 2014, Louis Aliot was the target of a bad joke. Young... >>>

Judge rules that Texas AG who ran away from being served a subpoena won't have to testify in abortion lawsuit

Wednesday  00:31,   28 september 2022

"Top executive officials should not be called to testify absent extraordinary circumstances," the motion from Judge Robert Pitman said, CNN reported. The subpoenas required Paxton to testify at a hearing on Tuesday on a lawsuit filed by abortion... >>>

50 facts you might not know about guns in America

Wednesday  00:30,   28 september 2022

Stacker looks at 50 facts about guns in America, from the history of firearms to their economic impact, with the help of various news and government... >>>

Former Navy engineer who hid intel in a peanut butter sandwich pleads guilty

Wednesday  00:30,   28 september 2022

A former Navy engineer accused of trying to sell sensitive secrets about the Navy's nuclear-powered submarines to a foreign country by hiding them in a peanut butter sandwich changed his plea to guilty, federal court documents reveal. Jonathan... >>>

Your state's minimum wage compared to the rest of the country

Wednesday  00:30,   28 september 2022

President Biden wanted to introduce a $15 minimum wage across America by 2025. We look at how the current minimum wages across the states and DC... >>>

LGBTQ people are protesting in Harlem as Columbia University tries to buy their neighborhood

Wednesday  00:30,   28 september 2022

Columbia University is one of many corporations buying American neighborhoods today. Thirty-three percent of all homes in America were purchased by investors by 2022. NYC’s reality is common among the country’s 50 largest cities, which the U.S... >>>

Asmongold Could Be Done Streaming on His Main Twitch Channel

Tuesday  22:51,   27 september 2022

Asmongold revealed he may never stream on his main Twitch account again following the ongoing controversy surrounding fellow OTK founder Mizkif.Asmongold's shocking revelation came during a recent Twitch broadcast on his alt account, Zackrawrr,... >>>

Soccer field officially opens at Lindbergh MARTA station after pandemic delay

Tuesday  22:51,   27 september 2022

MARTA and Soccer in the Streets, along with the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta United Foundation held a community celebration and soccer tournament on Saturday to mark the official opening of StationSoccer at Lindbergh Center rail station. The... >>>

Former college accounting manager gets 10 years for stealing

Tuesday  22:51,   27 september 2022

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A former accounting manager for the University of South Florida has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing more than $12.8 million from the school. Ralph Puglisi, 60, of Palm Harbor, was sentenced Monday in federal... >>>

‘I’ve always wanted to be a tree’: Human composting starts to catch on

Tuesday  22:50,   27 september 2022

No need for an urn or a casket: California will soon offer a new option to be laid to rest — in a steel vessel, surrounded by wood chips and destined to become compost that could fertilize new life. California Gov. Gavin Newsom this month signed a... >>>

vonovia does not want to terminate tenants in energy costs. "Nobody will lose an apartment with us just because the heating costs cannot be paid," quoted the "Wednesday" (Wednesday) CEO Rolf Buch.

Tuesday  21:40,   27 september 2022

© Fabian Sommer/dpa Full the heating up - this is no longer possible for many people in Germany. The prices continue to rise. One takes care of individual cases in which tenants have come into trouble due to high energy prices. If necessary,... >>>

One killed, three injured in fatal accident on Route 90

Tuesday  21:21,   27 september 2022

One killed, three injured in fatal accident on Route 90 >>>

Maintenance. "The European right is no longer guaranteed, but accomplice of the extreme right"

Tuesday  20:20,   27 september 2022

© DR Archives Sandro Gozi, European deputy for the Renew group the Italian Sandro Gozi, European deputy elected in 2019 on the Renaissance list in France And former Secretary of State for European Affairs of the Government of Matteo Renzi, analyzes >>>