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Catholic school student addresses ‘misinformation’ and ‘outright lies’ spread about incident with Native American man

Monday  03:40,   21 january 2019

The Covington Catholic high school student at the center of a viral controversy claimed on Sunday that reports about his apparent confrontation with a Native American man have been filled with "misinformation" and "outright lies." CNN's Jake Tapper... >>>

Blackface Video Has Elite New York Private School in an Uproar

Monday  03:10,   21 january 2019

Students and parents are angered at administrators at Poly Prep Country Day School for the school’s reaction to a video of two students in blackface making racist... >>>

In Trump country, Republicans cheer on shutdown: The 'government is our biggest enemy'

Monday  01:30,   21 january 2019

The president's supporters say he's keeping their support by delivering on his campaign promises to slash government and drain the... >>>

Native American leader of Michigan: 'Mob mentality' in students was 'scary'

Monday  00:05,   21 january 2019

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Native American leader Nathan Phillips of Ypsilanti describes incident with students caught on... >>>

School to investigate taunting of Native Americans by students

Sunday  23:30,   20 january 2019

"We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students," an archdiocese near Cincinnati... >>>

Aid volunteers found guilty of dropping off water, food for migrants in protected part of Arizona desert

Sunday  22:56,   20 january 2019

A federal judge found four humanitarian aid volunteers with No More Deaths guilty on some of the charges against them for dropping off water and food for migrants in the Arizona... >>>

Tornado damages Florida air base hit by hurricane

Sunday  22:31,   20 january 2019

Buildings on a Florida air base were damaged by an apparent tornado according to base officials. Tyndall Air Force Base posted a message on its official Facebook page that said the tornado struck early Saturday evening. The post said that no one was >>>

Parents of 14-year-old boy shot by Arizona officer walk the alley where he died

Sunday  22:21,   20 january 2019

Antonio Arce was shot Tuesday afternoon in a residential area north of Baseline Road and east of 48th Street. in... >>>

Warren Jeffs’ Polygamist Cult Once Controlled This Town. Now It’s Launching Democracy From Scratch

Sunday  21:20,   20 january 2019

In September, the desert town of Hildale, a community of 2,000 or so, squished along Utah’s southern border, erupted into an amazingly ferocious battle, centered around a propane tank. The tank was a huge white whale of a thing, roughly the size of... >>>

Deported 1 year ago from Michigan, Jorge Garcia still stuck in Mexico

Sunday  20:20,   20 january 2019

One year ago today, Jorge Garcia of Lincoln Park was deported to Mexico, where he remains, unable to return to Michigan to be with his wife and... >>>

How These Never-Before-Published Photos of Martin Luther King Jr. Were Discovered Decades After They Were Taken

Sunday  20:06,   20 january 2019

The photographer's daughter found... >>>

Federal agents blamed Martin Luther King's nonviolent movement for violence in cities across the country

Sunday  19:55,   20 january 2019

BALTIMORE _ The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered each year in January for giving his life while leading the charge to attain full civil rights for black... >>>

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Here's How to Get Involved in Your Community

Sunday  19:11,   20 january 2019

Unless you live in Alabama or Mississippi, Monday serves as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Established as a national holiday in 1983, MLK Day is observed by millions of Americans throughout the... >>>

The government shutdown has drawn domestic violence shelters to the brink, imperiling life-or-death services to women

Sunday  19:06,   20 january 2019

An emergency funding patch late Friday provided a weeks-long reprieve, but as federal grants are threatened, nonprofit organizations prepare to cut critical... >>>

Electric Scooters Taken Prisoner in the New Class War

Sunday  18:25,   20 january 2019

Electric scooters are the latest casualties in Silicon Valley’s class... >>>