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Coronavirus cases are surging again. These states have refused to loosen rules on who can vote by mail.

Monday  14:46,   26 october 2020

Most of the roughly 30 million registered voters who live in Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee have no choice but to cast ballots in person this fall. Texas is one of five red states that emerged as conspicuous holdouts this year... >>>

Opinions | The Constitution won’t guarantee that your vote will count

Monday  14:46,   26 october 2020

Even today, the power to disenfranchise resides in the states. And they use it. Record numbers of Americans have mailed in ballots or are showing up at polling places to vote early, but if they hope to guarantee their votes will count, one thing is... >>>

Man Pulls Gun on Anti-Trump Protesters at Washington Rally

Monday  14:41,   26 october 2020

Police have launched an investigation after a man in a Donald Trump cap brandished a handgun at pro-Biden protesters in Woodinville, Washington state.Police have launched an investigation into the incident, which happened by a retail center on NE... >>>

Amid national outcry over racism, Californians considers bringing back affirmative action

Monday  14:41,   26 october 2020

Affirmative action in public education and hiring is illegal in California, but Prop 16 supporters hope that changes after Election Day.Prop 16, one of a dozen propositions before voters this election season, would seem like an easy sell in... >>>

The Fix’s 2020 list of outstanding politics reporters to follow in every state

Monday  14:41,   26 october 2020

The Fix’s 2020 list of outstanding politics reporters to follow in every state So much of what we know about those major stories has come from the reporters covering officials in those states. Of course, 2020 also exacerbated the ongoing crisis in... >>>

In Gettysburg, Trump supporters clash with Black Lives Matter protesters as election nears

Monday  13:25,   26 october 2020

The town famous for one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War has been the scene of angry confrontations for weeks.“All lives matter, a--hole!” he shouted hoarsely before the vehicle rumbled off. From a silver SUV behind him, a passenger blared... >>>

Ghost Island Mallorca: Longing view of the Canaries

Monday  12:55,   26 october 2020

Lifeguard is currently a manageable job at Ballermann. The lifesaver at the legendary beach shack Balneario 6 only has to keep an eye on three children who are enjoying the waves in late summer weather. © Mar Granel Palou / dpa There is hardly... >>>

A woman, 90, watches gym classes from her window all day. When the gym found out, they painted her a mural.

Monday  12:41,   26 october 2020

She lives alone in an assisted-living facility and watching the outdoor fitness classes has been her sole source of motivation and entertainment during the pandemic. “I never miss it,” she said, adding that she gives her daughter an update on the... >>>

Americans worried about Election Day violence and chaos are buying guns and toilet paper

Monday  12:41,   26 october 2020

After a summer of racial clashes, some Americans are preparing for post-presidential election violence by buying guns and other supplies.Like millions of Americans, Converse, 43, fears the potential for violence that experts say may accompany this... >>>

Marylanders can cast ballots in person starting Monday

Monday  11:50,   26 october 2020

With expanding early voting centers, officials hope to avoid long lines and delays. Virginia launched its early, in-person voting option in mid-September, one of several changes in place this year to limit packed crowds of voters during the novel... >>>

A Florida man stole a bulldozer, knocked down a fence and stole Biden signs, police said

Monday  11:30,   26 october 2020

The man, identified by police as 26-year-old James Blight, was charged with grand theft auto and trespassing on Saturday. “This man came onto my property, took the two Joe Biden signs I had in my yard and then came back with a bulldozer to run down... >>>

‘A disgrace to democracy’: Dozens of ballots destroyed in suspected arson of a Boston drop box

Monday  11:30,   26 october 2020

The FBI and Boston police are searching for a suspect in the suspected arson, an act that local authorities decried as an attack on democracy itself. “What happened early hours of this morning to the ballot dropbox in Copley Square is a disgrace to... >>>

Coronavirus: China reports 20 new cases of

Monday  11:00,   26 october 2020

HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-CHINA-REPORT: Coronavirus: China reports 20 new cases of infection © Reuters / Tingshu Wang CORONAVIRUS: CHINA REPORTS OF 20 NEW CASES OF SHANGHAI INFECTION (Reuters) - China has identified 20 new confirmed cases of coronavirus... >>>

Ivory Coast; the war of Parisian communicators

Monday  10:50,   26 october 2020

© Meigneux / Sipa Anne Méaux This is another battle being played out on the sidelines of the presidential election in Cote d'Ivoire, which is much more subdued. That of Parisian communicators, like Anne Méaux who advises many prestigious African... >>>

El Paso issues curfew to help curb Covid-19 as cases surge and hospitals reach full capacity

Monday  10:05,   26 october 2020

A curfew was issued Sunday for El Paso County in Texas, where a surge in Covid-19 cases left hospitals and ICUs in the area at full capacity and required officials to seek additional morgue space. © Cengiz Yar/Getty Images A nurse pulls out a... >>>