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Chaotic Minneapolis protests spread amid emotional calls for justice, peace

Friday  14:11,   29 may 2020

Protests continued for a third day and at times turned violent as activists called for justice for George Floyd, who died in an encounter with police.Thousands of protesters poured into the streets of downtown Minneapolis and demonstrations spread... >>>

Impressive images of a police station burnt down in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd

Friday  12:55,   29 may 2020

© GQ France Protesters set fire to a police station in Minneapolis, during the third night of clashes against the police after the death of a Black man, George Floyd. Arrested when he was suspected of having wanted to forge a counterfeit 20-dollar... >>>

United States: Minneapolis ignites after the death of an African-American, killed by the police

Friday  12:50,   29 may 2020

© REUTERS / Nicholas Pfosi Thursday May 28, 2020: thousands of protesters gather near the Minneapolis police station where they work blamed them for the death of George Floyd. The city of Minneapolis in the northern United States saw its third... >>>

With the coronavirus pandemic entering a new phase in the US, world health experts shift focus to new hot spots

Friday  12:45,   29 may 2020

As the US coronavirus death toll reached the grim milestone of more than 100,000 deaths this week, world health experts are concerned about new hot spots and the CDC is projecting 123,000 coronavirus deaths by June 20.... >>>

Jean Sulpice: "Today I enjoy working, even with sanitary measures"

Friday  12:20,   29 may 2020

© Jean Sulpice / Photo presse Chef Jean Sulpice, confronted with new sanitary standards. Madame Figaro. - How did you experience this singular atmosphere? Jean Sulpice. - Very badly, it is painful not to be able to express yourself fully. It has... >>>

Death of George Floyd: new night of riots in Minneapolis, a burned out police station

Friday  10:55,   29 may 2020

© Stephen Maturen, Getty Images via AFP Protesters gathered in front of a burning police station, May 28, 2020, in Minneapolis, in Minnesota. Tension continues to mount on Thursday in Minneapolis, where a police station was burned. It is the third... >>>

Great Clips where coronavirus-infected stylists worked closes after threats

Friday  10:50,   29 may 2020

More than 100 customers in Springfield, Missouri, were potentially exposed by the stylists who worked while infected.Great Clips Inc. said in a statement that salons in the Springfield area were closed because of threats it received Wednesday, but... >>>

When a woman said she saw a wolverine on a Washington state beach, a wildlife official didn't believe her

Friday  10:20,   29 may 2020

A rare sighting of one of Washington state's elusive creatures was almost not believed.The elusive creatures live in remote mountainous areas and any sightings -- let alone on a beach -- are rare, according to the Washington Department of Fish... >>>

Rats may get aggressive due to COVID-19 closures, CDC warns

Friday  10:15,   29 may 2020

Rats that once relied on restaurants' food waste are no longer getting it – so they're hungry and looking elsewhere."Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents, especially in dense commercial areas," the CDC... >>>

4 police officers fired as FBI investigates in-custody death of man in south Minneapolis

Friday  10:00,   29 may 2020

MINNEAPOLIS - Federal authorities are investigating a white Minneapolis police officer for possible civil rights violations, after a video surfaced Monday that showed him kneeling on a handcuffed African American man's neck and ignoring the... >>>

A North Carolina Salon Reopened, But Poultry Workers Aren't Welcome Due To COVID-19

Friday  09:56,   29 may 2020

The hair salon SmartCuts reopened its doors in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, on Memorial Day weekend after a long closure due to the coronavirus. But not every customer was welcome to hop in a chair like old times. A sign posted on the shop window... >>>

Georgia coronavirus: Steady but slow cases continue a month after reopening

Friday  09:36,   29 may 2020

A month since Georgia took some of the earliest and most extensive steps to reopen parts of its economy, Covid-19 cases have largely flattened in the state, albeit with a slight recent uptick. © Maranie Staab/Reuters A person exercises at Gold's... >>>

Back to school? 1 in 5 teachers are unlikely to return to reopened classrooms this fall, poll says

Friday  09:26,   29 may 2020

Most Americans expect schools to reopen in the fall, but teachers and parents express significant resistance, according to USA TODAY/ Ipsos pollsIn an exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos poll, 1 in 5 teachers say they are unlikely to go back to school if... >>>

Commentary: A fight over unemployment benefits is brewing as businesses reopen. Here's what you need to know

Friday  09:26,   29 may 2020

A complaint circulating among business owners is that they're having trouble restarting because the workers they laid off during the pandemic aren't willing to come off of unemployment. The blame, they say, lies with the $2.2-trillion... >>>

‘I can’t breathe’: Black man dies after seen pinned down by police

Friday  09:02,   29 may 2020

"Being black in America should not be a death sentence," Mayor Jacob Frey said."I can't breathe, please, the knee in my neck," the man said in a video showing a police officer pinning him to the ground. "I can't move ... my neck ... I'm through, I'm >>>