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Cincinnati school board candidate accused of 'pretending to be black' in his ads

Monday  03:40,   21 october 2019

A current CPS board member took to Twitter Sunday to say a candidate for the board "is a white guy pretending to be black to get votes" in... >>>

Crews probe source of smoke from ship off Georgia coast

Monday  03:00,   21 october 2019

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) — Marine salvage experts are trying to determine what caused a fire in an overturned cargo ship lying close to Georgia's seacoast for weeks. Smoke could be seen coming out of the Golden Ray on Sunday. Petty Officer Michael... >>>

Fort Worth Police Have More Violence to Answer For, Residents Say

Monday  02:20,   21 october 2019

Before there was Atatiana Jefferson, there was Jackie Craig, a black woman who called the police to report that her white neighbor had grabbed her son — and found herself pinned to the ground by the officer who responded. There was Henry Newson, a... >>>

Hikers Find Mystery Skeleton on Remote Mountain in California

Monday  02:15,   21 october 2019

Had they not gotten off track, a pair of hikers on Mount Williamson, California’s second-highest peak, would have missed it. In a remote area about three hours from the mountain’s summit, a bleached skull peeked out from beneath gray boulders. “We... >>>

The ‘ghost baby’ in her son’s crib? Turns out there was a very reasonable explanation for it.

Monday  02:00,   21 october 2019

Maritza Cibuls had a hard time sleeping after seeing what looked like a ghost on her baby monitor.Alarmed, the Illinois mother of two crept into her little boy’s room and shined her phone’s flashlight on his crib. Nothing was... >>>

‘You’ve got to let them fight’: Why Trump’s advice doesn’t work for kids

Monday  02:00,   21 october 2019

Experts have some pretty clear ideas about how best to help kids who have a conflict to resolve, and why working through an issue is better than letting them fight it out at the playground. First off, Laurie Kramer, a professor of applied psychology >>>

Hard Rock Hotel: Demolition blasts one crane near French Quarter, other dangles

Monday  01:15,   21 october 2019

Engineers detonated two cranes at the site of the Hard Rock Hotel collapse on Sunday.One of the cranes left heavily damaged remained precariously leaning on the side of the building over Canal Street, a major corridor on the edge of the French... >>>

These 3 men decide when PG&E shuts off power to millions

Sunday  23:05,   20 october 2019

Infuriated Californians who lost power in PG&E's wildfire safety shut-offs earlier this month have been wondering: Who exactly made the final call to cut power? The three names were revealed in a filing made to California utility regulators... >>>

Cranes remain partially standing after implosion at Hard Rock collapse site

Sunday  23:05,   20 october 2019

Two cranes leaning on the collapsed Hard Rock Hotel construction site are set to be demolished on Sunday. New Orleans city officials had to delay the demolition Friday due to high winds. Officials say the controlled demolition will take place... >>>

These ‘super soft and cuddly’ caterpillars can poison you. Here's what you should know

Sunday  23:05,   20 october 2019

Poisonous stings from the puss caterpillar and other types have plagued the South and parts of the Midwest. Don't be fooled by their fuzzy exteriors.Stinging, venomous caterpillars have plagued the South and parts of the... >>>

California wildfire compensation deadline looms, 70,000 victims may miss out on payments

Sunday  20:35,   20 october 2019

Tens of thousands of California residents who are eligible to receive payments for damages sustained after a series of devastating wildfires are facing a hard deadline Monday to file claims that may leave many left without nothing.Up to 100,000... >>>

3 US Army soldiers killed during training at Fort Stewart, officials say

Sunday  19:45,   20 october 2019

Three U.S. Army soldiers were killed during training at Fort Stewart in Georgia, according to officials. © U.S. Army A Bradley Fighting Vehicle during a training session at Fort Stewart in Georgia, Sept. 25, 2019. The soldiers, part of the 1st... >>>

3 dead in crash in South Carolina

Sunday  19:10,   20 october 2019

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Authorities say three people died in a crash in South Carolina during tropical storm Nestor, but it's not clear yet what role, if any, the weather played. The Greenville County Coroner's Office tells The State... >>>

Identical twins. Identical asylum claims. Very different luck at the border

Sunday  17:40,   20 october 2019

JUAREZ, Mexico - The 12-year-old identical twins entered Texas from Mexico days apart in the foothills of Mount Cristo Rey. One came with their father. The other arrived with their mother. It was June. The family's plan was to get caught by... >>>

After delay, New Orleans to demolish cranes at hotel site

Sunday  17:05,   20 october 2019

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — After two days of delays, New Orleans officials are hoping to use a series of controlled explosions Sunday to take down two cranes that have been leaning precariously over the remains of a partially collapsed hotel. Officials had... >>>