US Woman Discovers a Pair of Siblings She's Never Known

07:40  03 october  2022
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Family gets reprieve from $2,700 ambulance bill after report spotlights the charges

  Family gets reprieve from $2,700 ambulance bill after report spotlights the charges After a car wreck, Peggy Dula was charged far more than her two siblings who were transported to the same hospital. The siblings rode in separate ambulances, each from a different nearby fire protection district. All three were billed different amounts for the same services. Dula's injuries were the least serious, but her bill was the most expensive. Even after Dula's insurer paid $900, her bill from Pingree Grove and Countryside Fire Protection District was still roughly twice what each of her siblings had been charged.Dula's attempts to resolve the bill were unsuccessful.

DEAR ABBY: I am a 49-year-old woman who never had a father in my life. He was gone shortly after my mother announced she was pregnant. When she contacted him via his family to let him know I was born, he said he didn't care, he was already with someone else and she was pregnant.

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I have always known his name and that he lived in Ohio. Well, thanks to technology, I found him. I would look him up every so often. I just learned he died seven months ago. I saw from his obituary that I have two brothers.

I'm not sure what, if anything, to do. If they don't know about me, wouldn't that be a shock? I haven't told my mother anything about this. I'm not sure how, to be honest. So where am I supposed to go from here? -- FEELING LOST AND CONFUSED

When Supergirl and Wonder Woman Decided to Quit to Become Socialites

  When Supergirl and Wonder Woman Decided to Quit to Become Socialites In their latest spotlight on comic plots we wished we could forget, CSBG examines the time Supergirl and Wonder Woman quit to becomesocialites?!In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can’t, so I instead share them with you all, so you're stuck in the same boat as me!

DEAR FEELING LOST: You should discuss the fact that you have been searching with your mother. It's long overdue, and she may be able to share more details with you. If you were seeking the father you never had, he was gone long before his death, and for that I am sorry. If you are looking for a family relationship with your half-brothers, the chances of you finding one are slim. They may have never been told about their father's "past."

What a healthy person would do in a case like this is build a family of your choosing, with friends who are caring and supportive, and concentrate on the future rather than the past, which you cannot change.

DEAR ABBY: "Seeking Help in Texas" (July 19) sought assistance for her 24-year-old grandson with Asperger's syndrome and a bipolar diagnosis. He could apply for career counseling and job placement services from the Vocational Rehabilitation agency serving job seekers with disabilities in his state. In Texas he could contact 800-628-5115 or visit twc.state.tx.us/.

Lupita Nyong’o Likely Turned Down a Role in ‘The Woman King’ for Moral Reasons

  Lupita Nyong’o Likely Turned Down a Role in ‘The Woman King’ for Moral Reasons 'The Woman King' is catching some controversy as some, like Oscar-winning actor Lupita Nyong’o, have unearthed a far different history than the film suggests. ‘The Woman King’ stars Viola Davis and John Boyega Your browser does not support this video The Woman King’s writers Maria Bello and Dana Stevens first pitched the story following a 2016 trip to Benin, Africa. But the LA Times points out that it was not until Black Panther proved a Black-led action movie could succeed at the box office that The Woman King became a reality. The film centers on a group of West African female warriors called the Agojie.

Residents in other states can find their VR agencies at rsa.ed.gov/about/states/. Job seekers are generally eligible for VR Services if they have a physical, mental or visual disability that is a barrier to employment and need vocational rehabilitation services to get or keep a job.

Other employment-related services could include training or college education assistive technology, self-employment programs and other programs needed to reach career goals. Vocational rehabilitation programs introduce or reinstate people with disabilities into the workforce, create taxpayers and reduce dependence on disability benefits and government assistance.

The workplace could also be a great place for the young man to meet people and possibly develop socially, which was a concern in the letter. -- JODY HARLAN, OKLAHOMA DEPT. OF REHABILITATION SERVICES

DEAR JODY: Thank you for providing additional resources for the young man who is in need of a jump-start in his life. I am sure they will prove helpful -- not only to that family, but also to many other readers with whom that letter resonated.

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