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08:40  05 december  2022
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The US is still on the path to becoming a 'fascist country': sociologist

  The US is still on the path to becoming a 'fascist country': sociologist "I don't think this fight over elemental democracy is over, by any means," Frances Fox Piven said, cautioning against post-midterms complacency.In an interview with The Guardian published on Thursday, Frances Fox Piven — an academic once targeted and threatened by far-right figures — warned that Americans should not get complacent after the midterms, where a widely-anticipated red wave for the Republican Party failed to materialize. The GOP, though, did take control of the House.

C’est à Quimper (notre photo), qu’un ménage médian peut prétendre louer le plus grand logement: 93 m². © Sergey Dzyuba/Bbsferrari - Stock.adobe.com It is in Quimper (our photo), that a median household can claim to rent the greatest Housing: 93 m².

The turbulence that the real estate market has currently crossed observers to question the financing capacities of buyers or on the skills of sellers to adjust their price. But what about the tenants? Several studies show that their situation could be more difficult, in particular with risks of shortage of the offer, between discouraged donors who sell their property and candidates for the ownership of ownership remaining because they do not obtain loans. The Seloger classifieds portal has looked into another aspect of the question: rental power, namely the surface that can rent a household of two people with median income.

Possible agreement among landlords: US Ministry of Justice If an

 Possible agreement among landlords: US Ministry of Justice If an , the software of a real estate-tech company could be investigated to discuss landlords to discuss with each other. The data that the software processes using algorithm could cause rental prices to be driven unnecessarily. © Shutterstock / Rafapress Against Realpages is currently being determined. The Cartel Department of the U.S. Ministry of Justice has initiated an investigation against the real estate tech company Realpage.

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First surprise of this study: this rental power would be at the highest in 20 years to culminate at 77 m². An assertion that the 42.5% of tenants in the country may have trouble believing. The fact remains that the study of Seloger notes that, despite this high point and a 9 m² of laudable gain since 2014, the period of regular progression seems behind us. "The average rental power has experienced a much lower evolution for 1 year (+0.8%) and stagnates around 77 m²" , underlines Barbara Castillo Rico, head of economic studies for seloger. If it is too early to deduce that this rental power is likely to start a drop, several indicators point in this direction.

Most observatories record an upward rental request and downward available stocks (-9.8% in one year to seloger). And it should also be recalled that the proportion of tenants in France is relatively important. At 42.5%, it is certainly lower than that of Germany (48.5%) but remains significantly higher than the European average (30.8%). All this could create upward tension on rents, especially since the IRL (reference index of rents) is upwards even if it is capped at +3.5% until next year . And if inflation is there, wage increases do not follow for the moment, all of this may lower the rental power of some French.

7 cities above the average

for the moment, the differences between cities remain very important and contrary to what one can imagine it is not in Paris but in Roubaix that the situation is the worst. A median household cannot hope that 36 m² against 46 m² in Paris and 50 m² in Nice. Conversely, Quimper, Le Mans and Bourges are to be favored for those who appreciate large housing without having great means. With 93 m², 85 m² and 84 m², you can accommodate it in better conditions than the country's average. Limoges, Brest, Dijon and Pau complete the series of cities which give more than the French average.

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