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07:10  06 december  2022
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  What does the ‘end of the Christian era’ mean for the Church of England? What does the ‘end of the Christian era’ mean for the Church of England?The proportion of those identifying as Christian when asked “what is your religion” fell to 46.2% last year, down from 59.3% in 2011 when the last census was conducted, a drop of 5.5 million people.

L'Assemblée de la Conférence des évêques de France. Illustration © Eric Cabanis / AFP The Assembly of the Conference of Bishops of France. Illustration

This new unprecedented jurisdiction was inaugurated this Monday, December 5. Its mission will notably be to treat cases of sexual assault on majority. Thus, the bishops of France are trying to respond to scandals of sexual violence that continue to shake the church.

This was one of the CIASse recommendations (independent commission on sexual abuse in the church), whose report, submitted in October 2021, had been a real shock. This court, which can be seized by any baptized person, will begin to operate next January.

He will have to judge cases of sexual assault on majority but also breach of confidence, spiritual, and financial crimes. As for the cases of Pedocrime and the files directly concerning the bishops, they remain the spring of the Vatican.

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"We are the only country to have a court specializing in criminal issues for the church" and having "national jurisdiction", assured Archbishop Joseph de Metz-Noblat, bishop of Langres (Haute-Marne) and President of the Council For canonical questions at the Conference of Bishops of France.

Judge and Part

so far, the affairs that the National Canonical Court will have to manage were of courts installed in each diocese. But this configuration was problematic because the bishop was a judge and left, some estimated. In addition, these jurisdictions often lacked sufficiently competent personnel in canon law. This new court will be made up of 13 people (8 priests and 5 lay people), including 4 women.

Sentence may be the obligation to move, the prohibition to exercise a ministry or to celebrate mass, even the referral of the clerical state or excommunication. The culprits may also have damages to pay to their victims who can also seize the French courts in parallel.

The Reinvention of the Catholic Church .
Scandals have taken a toll, and faith is flagging in Europe and the U.S. But Catholicism isn’t on the wane—it’s changing in influential ways.That same month, Church-state relations in the United States took a fresh turn when the Supreme Court decided to hear a case from Mississippi that challenged the legal right to abortion recognized in Roe v. Wade. The Court’s decision reflected the power of its conservative majority, whose six members include five traditionalist Catholics.

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