US Carnival worker, who saw ride slam into woman, quits after 20 years

17:41  06 december  2022
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Royal aide quits after making ‘unacceptable’ race comments at palace

  Royal aide quits after making ‘unacceptable’ race comments at palace A senior royal aide resigned Wednesday after making “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” to a black domestic abuse campaigner during a Buckingham Palace event. Lady Susan Hussey, 83, made the eyebrow-raising remarks to Ngozi Fulani, 61, during an event Tuesday to raise awareness about violence for women, according to The Sunday Times’ royal editor Roya Nikkah. Fulani, who was attending the event on behalf of the charity Sistah Space, said Hussey — who was made lady of the household by King Charles III — approached her and questioned her about where she came from.

The Supreme Court heard arguments today in a case that could curtail states that seek to ban anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis.

During oral arguments, the court's conservative majority questioned the strength of the state's case. © Provided by LGBTQNation During oral arguments, the court's conservative majority questioned the strength of the state's case.

Lorie Smith of Denver, Colorado owns 303 Creative, a web design business, and she sued the state preemptively to get a religious exemption to the state’s anti-discrimination law because she doesn’t want to make websites for same-sex couples’ weddings.

She says she “believes that God is calling her to promote and celebrate His design for marriage… between one man and one woman only” and her initial complaint – filed in 2016 – cited Bible passages along with legal arguments. Her case is backed by the anti-LGBTQ+ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Rescuer Says Cruise Passenger Pulled from Water After 15 Hours Had '30 Seconds to a Minute' to Live

  Rescuer Says Cruise Passenger Pulled from Water After 15 Hours Had '30 Seconds to a Minute' to Live A U.S. Coast Guard crew pulled James Grimes, 28, from the Gulf of Mexico on Thanksgiving after he fell off a Carnival shipThe man who was rescued from the Gulf of Mexico after falling off a cruise ship was moments away from death, according to one of his rescuers.

This is the same law that Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips was sued over after he refused to sell a cake to a same-sex couple because they were going to serve it at their wedding. In that case, the Supreme Court gave him a very narrow victory on procedural grounds without dealing with the question of whether Christians have to follow the law if doing so would require them to treat LGBTQ+ people as equal.

Today’s oral arguments could be cause for concern for LGBTQ+ advocates as the conservative majority questioned the strength of the state’s case.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, for example, reportedly criticized the arguments of Colorado Solicitor General Eric Olson, saying, “That’s not going to persuade me. Work on something that might” while Justice Samuel Alito said the state had made a “sliver of an argument” and that it was trying to force businesses to “espouse things they loath.”

Cruise ship passenger who treaded water for 20 hours speaks out, says he never accepted that 'this is it'

  Cruise ship passenger who treaded water for 20 hours speaks out, says he never accepted that 'this is it' The cruise ship passenger who went missing and treaded water for 20 hours before being rescued said he never accepted "this is it" after falling into the ocean. Your browser does not support this video "I wanted to see my family and I was dead set on making it out of there. I was never accepting that this is it," James Micheal Grimes described in an interview with ABC News. "I'm 28 years old. I'm too young. This is not going to be it." "I always thought there's a greater purpose for my life. Now, I know for sure I'm meant to do something on this Earth," he added.

Justice Alito has also been slammed for making a joke about Black children wearing Ku Klux Klan outfits during the discussion.

After Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson offered a hypothetical scenario suggesting a mall Santa Claus could not refuse to take photos with children who were not white, Alito asked if that would mean a Black mall Santa would have to be photographed with a  child wearing a KKK outfit.

Olsen answered, “No, because Ku Klux Klan outfits are not protected characteristics under public accommodation laws.”

At that point, Justice Elana Kagan stepped in to explain that any child wearing a KKK outfit could be refused, regardless of whether they were Black or white.

Alito then sarcastically stated, “You do see a lot of Black children in Ku Klux Klan outfits, right? All the time.”

Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor noted that if the court does side with Smith, it would be the first time in history the Supreme Court would permit a public business to “refuse to serve a customer based on race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.”

Home Depot worker, 83, dies after being tossed aside by shoplifter

  Home Depot worker, 83, dies after being tossed aside by shoplifter An 83-year-old North Carolina Home Depot worker has died — weeks after he was tossed to the ground trying to stop a “menace to society” shoplifter still on the loose. Gary Rasor is seen on surveillance footage stepping up to confront a man wheeling three Ryobi pressure cookers out of the Hillsborough store Oct. 18 — only to be shoved to the ground by the crook who then casually strolls away. Rasor was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he celebrated his 83rd birthday and made hopeful plans to see his new grandchild for the first time, his wife told WNCN. He died Thursday “due to complications from the injuries received,” Hillsborough cops announced the next day.

Smith’s case was dismissed last year by a federal court, a dismissal that an appeals court refused to overturn. The district court said that she didn’t have standing to challenge the law since she hadn’t actually been investigated for refusing to serve LGBTQ+ people yet.

“We must also consider the grave harms caused when public accommodations discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation,” Judge Mark Beck Briscoe wrote for the majority of a three-judge panel of the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. “Combatting such discrimination is, like individual autonomy, ‘essential’ to our democratic ideals.”

Smith said that her case is more compelling than other Christian businesses’ because she would have to post text to the internet, meaning Colorado’s anti-discrimination law is compelling speech in contradiction to the First Amendment.

But Olson countered that if Smith was willing to make a website for an opposite-sex couple named Alex and Taylor but not for a same-sex couple with those two names, the text would be the same and free speech isn’t implicated. The real issue, he argued, is Smith’s homophobia.

German backpacker who strangled sex worker during intercourse jailed for 5 years

  German backpacker who strangled sex worker during intercourse jailed for 5 years A German backpacker has been jailed for five years after choking a sex worker to death with her dress while they were having sex. Jingai Zhang, 49, died on Boxing Day 2020 during a sex session with 27-year-old Tobias Pick in Launceston, Tasmania. After she died, Pick – who is now 29 – stole $1,604 cash from Ms. Zhang as well as her phone, which he threw in a river. He was initially charged with murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Pick had been traveling around Australia with his girlfriend for just over a year before Ms. Zhang’s death, Launceston Supreme Court heard.

After she lost her appeal, her case would have been dead if not for the Supreme Court picking it up earlier this year. That may spell disaster for LGBTQ+ equality since the Supreme Court has moved further to the right since 2016, when the case was first filed. Donald Trump put conservative Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett on the Court in the intervening years.

The Supreme Court only agreed to hear her free speech argument but not her freedom of religion argument, which could reduce the scope of an eventual decision, should she win. For example, during oral arguments, Justices on both sides of the debate did agree that even if they do side with Smith, the same accommodations shouldn’t necessarily be given to all wedding vendors.

LGBTQ+ advocates have said that the case could curtail equality.

“This contrived idea that making custom goods, or offering a custom service, somehow tacitly conveys an endorsement of the person — if that were to be accepted, that would be a profound change in the law,” Jennifer Pizer of Lambda Legal said earlier this year.

“And the stakes are very high because there are no practical, obvious, principled ways to limit that kind of an exception, and if the law isn’t clear in this regard, then the people who are at risk of experiencing discrimination have no security, no effective protection by having non-discrimination laws, because at any moment, as one makes their way through the commercial marketplace, you don’t know whether a particular business person is going to refuse to serve you,” she added.

“It’s not too much to say an immeasurably huge amount is at stake.”

The Biggest Celebrity Breakups of 2022 .
While some celebrity couples are going into 2023 full of love, others called it quits. Gerard Pique became public enemy number 1 after rumors of his infidelity to Shakira started spreading like wildfire. Following the rumors, the former couple announced the split on June 4th in a joint statement to Reuters, asking for privacy for their children. After 12 years, the break up came with a custody battle, with Shakira getting full custody of Sasha and Milan. For Pique, he got a new girlfriend; Clara Chia. Shakira gave the world a look into the pain she was feeling with her song “Monotonia.

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