US He died after a fall on Mount Hood. His family blames hours-long wait for rescue.

16:45  15 may  2018
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Spain rescues 476 migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea

  Spain rescues 476 migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea Spain's maritime rescue service says it has saved 476 migrants in a two-day span who were attempting the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea from African shores. The migrants were pulled from 15 small boats on Friday and Saturday, officials said. There were no reported casualties.

John Thornton Jenkins died hours after falling 600 feet down Mount Hood . His family blames hours - long wait for rescue . John Thornton Jenkins on a climb in 2016. (Facebook).

His family blames hours - long wait for rescue . He was pronounced dead at a Portland hospital, according to the Associated Press. A medical examiner ruled he died of “blunt force trauma,” the Oregonian reported.

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It was about 10:40 a.m. on a sunny day in May 2017 when John Thornton Jenkins tumbled 600 feet down Mount Hood in northern Oregon.

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Jenkins, who had been climbing the mountain with his girlfriend that day, landed on a flatter surface called Devil’s Kitchen. Nearby climber Jesse Cornett was the first to reach him, and at first Jenkins seemed okay, Cornett told The Washington Post.

The 32-year-old Jenkins, of Seattle, was lucid and alert. He knew his name and the day of the week. His hands were bloody, and he appeared to have been bruised up badly — but nothing, Cornett said, seemed to suggest that Jenkins’s life was in danger.

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He died after a fall on Mount Hood . His family blames hours - long wait for rescue . Lena Dunham rocks bed hair and tiny shorts after revealing she's happier than ever despite no longer looking like a 'cashmere princess'.

Newest story: Climber dies after falling on Mount Hood : ' He started cartwheeling'. Crews were able to rescue six others who were stranded on the steep slopes of Mount Hood . Dozens of rescuers were called into action to rescue a total of seven climbers just before 10:30 a.m. The climbers were

Still, Cornett picked up his phone and dialed 911.

“He’s busted up pretty bad it seems,” Cornett told the operator, according to a recording obtained by the Oregonian. “I don’t know if anything’s broken. He’s wearing a helmet but, you know, he went head over heels several times. … There’s some wilderness first responders here. I think this call may be premature, but I also wanted to get things in motion if necessary.”

But nothing would be set in motion immediately, which is now the center of a wrongful-death lawsuit filed Monday by Jenkins’s family.

Instead, after the fall it would take several more phone calls to Clackamas County authorities and two more hours before a helicopter would finally be dispatched to rescue Jenkins, according to the lawsuit and a report by the Oregonian. His condition deteriorated steadily as time passed, Cornett said. And by the time the National Guard helicopter arrived at 3:11 p.m. — about four and a half hours after the fall — Jenkins could barely breathe, he said.

Italy OKs migrant transfer after insisting on UK approval

  Italy OKs migrant transfer after insisting on UK approval Italy's coast guard says it has granted authorization for 105 migrants rescued at sea by a Spanish aid group to transfer to a sturdier boat after more than a daylong bureaucratic tussle left them exposed to the element on the Mediterranean Sea. It was the second time in as many months that Italy has delayed allowing rescued migrants to reach safety by insisting on bureaucratic formalities in what appears to be a strategy to dissuade aid groups from rescuing migrants.

— A climber who fell 700-1,000 feet and was critically injured on Mount Hood was pronounced The rescue effort began after Sumi fell in the Hogsback area at around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday Sumi was lifted into the helicopter at 1:35 p.m. and flown to a Portland hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A climber who fell on Mount Hood in Oregon on Tuesday has died , officials said, and rescuers guided down two others who were stranded and rescued a third by sled Tuesday night. Climber dies after falling 700 feet on Oregon's Mount Hood .

Jenkins’s pulse stopped just as he was being lifted into the helicopter’s rescue basket, according the lawsuit. First responders could not revive him. The team leader for Portland Mountain Rescue said Jenkins had been able to speak with rescuers before his breathing became difficult. He was pronounced dead at a Portland hospital, according to the Associated Press.

“We did everything [we could], and we waited,” Cornett said. “And it was really just that last minute, the last five minutes.”

The lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages and claims the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and Clackamas County 911 operators acted negligently in failing to contact state emergency management officials to dispatch the rescue helicopter as soon as possible. The two-hour delay in dispatching the rescue helicopter, the suit claims, is responsible for Jenkins’s death.

Oldest person in US dies; Pennsylvania woman was 114

  Oldest person in US dies; Pennsylvania woman was 114 A 114-year-old Pennsylvania woman who was the oldest person in the United States has died. The Robert D Heath Funeral Home in Mount Union said that Delphine Gibson died Wednesday.

Authorities are working to rescue injured and stranded climbers on Mt . Hood . Her condition is unclear. The climber died after falling between 700 to 1,000 feet into the Creating rituals to honor the dead at long -term-care facilities. Over 300 people evacuated from flooded Kansas college town.

(Reuters) - A climber died after falling up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) from Mount Hood in Oregon and at least seven spent hours stranded on the face of the mountain on Tuesday as temperatures rose and ice and rock broke loose, officials said.

Neither Jenkins’s family nor their attorney could be reached for comment late Monday.

The sheriff’s office did not respond to a request for comment, but last year it disputed the allegations, the Oregonian reported. The office said in a statement to the Oregonian that Cornett said 10 other climbers were on the scene and they “thought they could all help him get out.” Cornett told The Post that this was a misrepresentation of the call.

During the first 911 call, Cornett said the operator referred him to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. The person who answered was a community service officer named Connie Haider, according to the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Haider “told [Cornett] to contact Timberline ski patrol despite being told the climber was a climber, not a skier, and was outside the ski area.”

So Cornett called the ski patrol — and patrol officer Tim Weller  restarted the same sequence of calls as Cornett: He, too, called 911. And he, too, was referred to Connie Haider, the lawsuit says. It is not clear what action the sheriff’s office took at that point — because nearly an hour later, Rocky Henderson, a 30-year veteran with the Portland Mountain Rescue team, called the sheriff’s office only to realize that still there was no helicopter was en route, the Oregonian reported.

Bronx man fatally stabbed in his apartment

  Bronx man fatally stabbed in his apartment Police believe Easter argued with his killer inside the apartment just before the slaying, sources said. Medics rushed Easter to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he died.Investigators were looking for a man wearing a face mask and a man wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue pants who may have been involved in the killing, sources said.

A rescue helicopter reached a group of climbers on Mount Hood Tuesday afternoon, hours after one man fell 700-1,000 feet and was critically injured. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. KGW.

Stranded climbers on Mount Hood rescued after a de Climber dies after fall on Oregon's Mount Hood ; 6 others rescued . Share. Tweet. Authorities said that they will identify the deceased after positive identification and family notification

Finally, at that point, the sheriff’s office called the state emergency management agency, which contacted the Army National Guard at 12:29 p.m. to request a helicopter rescue, according to the lawsuit.

“When I heard it’s going to be 3 o’clock [before the helicopter arrives], I was like, you’re kidding me,” Henderson told the Oregonian in a video interview last year. Through a spokesman, he declined to talk with The Washington Post. “We’re just going to have to wait. It was surprising, the amount of volunteers that were there. I think no one at the scene really understood what the emergency was.”

Cornett said more than a dozen people offered to help Jenkins, including trained medical personnel. Henderson said nearby climbers who happened to be doctors checked Cornett’s vitals regularly. Strangers gave him a sleeping bag to keep him warm. They melted ice and filtered it into water for him to drink. They built an ice wall to block the wind from him.

Still, “the whole time he’d been complaining of being short of breath,” Allister Stone, a doctor on the scene who did not have medical equipment with him, told the Oregonian. “It just increased.”

When the helicopter finally arrived Cornett, who formerly was in the National Guard, said he assisted with bringing Jenkins to the rescue basket. That’s when the breathing stopped, he said.

Multiple people hurt after school bus, dump truck crash

  Multiple people hurt after school bus, dump truck crash A school bus and dump truck collided on a New Jersey highway Thursday, ripping apart the bus, knocking it on its side and injuring multiple people, according to police. The school bus was on the median of Interstate 80 in Mount Olive and the front end of the bus appeared to be crushed or ripped off. It was also sheared off its undercarriage and a piece of the front end of the bus with the steering wheel visible was laying on top of the metal barrier separation the highway from the median.Hackettstown Police Sgt.

CBS This Morning. Family of climber who died on Mt . Hood files lawsu John Jenkins was near the summit last May when he fell about 600 feet. The chopper arrived five hours later. Jenkins' family filed a million wrongful death lawsuit this week against a sheriff's department and 911 call center in

EARTHFIX. Music. Kids & Family . Support. 1 Climber Dies , Others Rescued On Mount Hood . 14, 3:34 a.m. PST) — One climber fell to his death and several others had to be rescued after conditions turned treacherous on Oregon’s tallest peak.

He watched as the medics started doing chest compressions, and as other climbers tried to block Jenkins’s girlfriend from having to see it. The scene was captured in video and later shown in television newscasts.

“Seeing this guy who was fine … then five hours later watching the helicopter come in, this medic jumping out of the helicopter, hooking this guy up into the litter — at that point he couldn’t breathe,” Cornett said. “He was gasping. He was crying. He was screaming. It was really rough.”

Cornett said he is convinced that if there had not been a delay in dispatching the helicopter, Jenkins might still be alive today. He said he can’t imagine how the tragedy has impacted Jenkins’s family but said that it has impacted his life, too.

On Monday evening, he went kayaking down a river and came to a clearing with a scenic view of Mount Hood.

Jenkins, and that last minute of his life, was all he could think about.

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