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USCalifornia water projects could be tapped to pay for Trump's border wall

19:45  11 january  2019
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Ann Coulter: Trump 'Will Fold' on Border Wall

Ann Coulter: Trump 'Will Fold' on Border Wall Ann Coulter, perhaps the most vocal Trump supporter pushing for a wall on the southern border, said on Wednesday the president will cave on his demand for a wall. 

Since March, Trump ’ s Defense Department has reviewed two avenues of potential funding to construct more barriers at the southern border At this rate, the roughly 0 million that Trump could get from the Defense Department may deliver 100 miles of new border construction projects in the new year.

President Trump ' s declaration of a national emergency would target Pentagon accounts that fund military and Pentagon accounts would be docked to pay for Trump ' s border wall . There are about 600 active duty troops in Texas, 650 in Arizona, and 1,100 in California , according to Army Lt.

California water projects could be tapped to pay for Trump's border wall© Gary Coronado/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images Folsom Lake continues to rise as the Folsom Dam releases water into the American River in Folsom, Calif., on Jan. 9, 2017. The lake is up 13 feet since Sunday.

WASHINGTON — Officials have given President Donald Trump a plan to divert funds designated for Army Corps of Engineers projects in California and Puerto Rico to help pay for a wall along the southern border, a leading member of Congress said Thursday.

On his way to the Texas border Thursday, Trump was presented with 13 Army Corps of Engineers projects for which Congress has allocated money, but which have not yet been put under contract, according to Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.).

Trump has not made decision on declaring emergency over border wall -Pence

Trump has not made decision on declaring emergency over border wall -Pence USA-SHUTDOWN/PENCE (URGENT):Trump has not made decision on declaring emergency over border wall -Pence

Prototypes of President Donald Trump ' s border wall are pictured in San Diego on Nov. Still, Republican San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer says this week could mark a chance for regional officials on both sides of the border to highlight binational cooperation — and the need for local and federal

California ’ s lieutenant governor has warned that the state can use an environmental lawsuit to block The state could sue under the California Environmental Quality Act or its federal equivalent to stop the wall “It’ s logistically impossible. It’ s a laughable proposal that somehow Mexico’ s going to pay for it.

Those funds potentially could be tapped for building a border barrier if Trump declares a national emergency, which he said Thursday he is strongly inclined to do.

Members of Congress in both parties have said that would be an abuse of executive power, but many also have noted that a declaration would seem to make moot the issue at the center of the government-funding impasse that's shuttered many federal agencies for three weeks — Trump's demand for $5.7 billion to build a 234-mile stretch of wall.

Once the president got his money elsewhere, Congress could pass and he could sign legislation funding the quarter of the federal government for which spending hasn't been approved for the remainder of this fiscal year, through Sept. 30.

Democrats: Trump has 'chosen fear' in border wall fight

Democrats: Trump has 'chosen fear' in border wall fight Congressional Democratic leadership ripped President Trump on Tuesday night accusing him the of trying to "stoke fear" during the partial shutdown and the fight over the U.S.-Mexico border wall. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)-standing side by side in front of six American flags as they rebutted Trump's speech-cast the funding fight as a contrast between the president using "fear" and the "facts" touted by Democrats."Sadly, much of what we have heard from President Trump throughout this senseless shutdown has been full of misinformation and even malice. The President has chosen fear.

Trump could demand payment as a prerequisite for a new treaty, but he might “ Trump has staked so much political credibility on his ability to get Mexico to pay for this wall that in a This organization, bankrolled by the U. S . and Mexico, funds environmental projects on both sides of the border .

Trump ’ s proposal to pay for such a wall is also fraught with challenges. Although there is a shortcut in the Administrative Procedure Act that allows for ­“interim” Many academics and economists have said that Trump ’ s notion of impounding remittances could have devastating consequences, harming poor

Yet White House officials on Friday could not say whether Trump would do so. On Saturday, the shutdown will be in its 22nd day, making it the longest ever.

Administration officials on Thursday confirmed that they were looking at a range of government accounts that Trump potentially could tap into, but would not comment specifically on which projects were being eyed.

Garamendi, however, who serves on the House committee that oversees water projects, said he had been told that a series of specific California projects were targeted, some of which are in his congressional district north and west of Sacramento. He would not say who provided the information.

"Word came to us" that Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, the commanding general of the Army Corps of Engineers "accompanied the president to Texas to specifically discuss projects that could be reprogrammed to provide $5 billion for Trump's wall," Garamendi said. "I know that these projects were identified. I do know that these projects were presented to him."

Trump Jr. suggests border wall is like a zoo fence

Trump Jr. suggests border wall is like a zoo fence Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram Tuesday night to endorse his father's border wall policy.

Trump ' s team has said Congress could appropriate funds for the construction of the wall "to make it more speedy, and then having Mexico pay for it after the fact." To get Mexico to pay for it, Trump has said he would introduce rules so that no immigrant would be able to send money outside the United

1. “ Trump ' s border wall faces another challenge with Indian reservation,” by CBS News: “The Tohono O’odham Nation is roughly the size of Connecticut. -- Retired Marine general Randolph Alles, who currently serves as the U.S. Customs and Border deput directory, is expected to be tapped to lead

"I am very comfortable in saying these were the projects that were discussed to be presented to the president," he said.

Trump has been considering an emergency declaration as a way around the current standoff in which a large part of the federal government has been closed for three weeks in a fight over how much — if any — money Trump should get for his long-promised wall at the southern border.

Trump says a wall is needed to solve what he calls a "crisis" at the border. Democrats say it would be costly and ineffective. Negotiations to resolve the shutdown broke down earlier this week.

Some administration officials believe existing laws would give Trump authority to move funds from other projects to the border wall if he declares an emergency. Doing that would allow him to sign the bills needed to reopen government agencies while still saying that he is seeking to build the wall.

Democrats have said they will challenge any such move in court. Whether Trump will take that step remains uncertain; several of his advisors and Republican members of Congress have cautioned against it, fearing that he would lose in court or that the attempt to use emergency powers would set a precedent that a future Democratic president could use to bypass Congress.

Exclusive: Pentagon preparing options to build border wall as Trump weighs emergency declaration

Exclusive: Pentagon preparing options to build border wall as Trump weighs emergency declaration President Trump's declaration of a national emergency would allow the Army Corps of Engineers to design barriers and let contracts to build them. Trump, on Thursday, suggested the declaration could happen at anytime. Talks between Trump and Democratic leaders fell apart Wednesday to end the partial shutdown of the federal government over border security. “If this doesn’t work out, probably I will do it – I would almost say definitely,” Trump said. “We have plenty of funds if there’s a national emergency.

President Trump is banking on Congress to approve federal funding for his planned border wall this fall, but Republican lawmakers are not guaranteeing it, raising questions Trump : "Mexico is going to pay " for the border wall . Linda Sanchez, D- California , the vice chairwoman, agreed. "It' s wasteful.

President Trump , who repeatedly insisted during the 2016 campaign that Mexico would pay for a wall along the southern border , is privately pushing the U. S . military to fund construction of his signature project . Trump has told advisers that he was spurned in a large spending bill last week when

Several of the projects Garamendi said were identified have been in the works for years if not decades, and some are in their final stages.

The projects include raising the height of Folsom Dam on the American River in Northern California, protecting Lake Isabella in Kern County from leaking as a result of earthquakes, enlarging the Tule River and Lake Success in the Central Valley and building shoreline protections in South San Francisco.

Together the California projects total $2.46 billion. The projects identified in Puerto Rico total $2.5 billion, Garamendi said.

"Each of these flood-control projects are specifically designed to save the lives of millions of Americans," Garamendi said. "If it's not done this year, or next year, will it make a difference? Maybe not, or maybe it will make all the difference."

Californians in Congress from both parties said Thursday they'd oppose taking the funds from the state projects.

"It's a declaration of war on Californians if he were to do that," said Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.).

Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) said he was concerned about taking money from projects in Puerto Rico, which was recently hit by a disastrous hurricane, or from flood control in California, and that any move needs careful consideration.

"Let's do a cease-fire on this stuff — have everyone turn off their Twitter for seven days," LaMalfa said.


(Times staff writer Noah Bierman contributed to this report.)

Ann Coulter: Trump ‘Is Dead in the Water If He Doesn’t Build That Wall –– Dead, Dead, Dead’.
Ann Coulter spoke with Vice News in an interview that aired tonight, and once again she said that a lot is riding on President Donald Trump actually building the border wall. The current government shutdown and fight over a wall has been blamed in part on the President listening to Coulter and other commentators who were criticizing him for appearing to cave. Coulter said tonight she cares more about drugs coming across the border “more than I care about the Yosemite gift shop being open.” "It is self preservation, because he is dead in the water if he doesn't build that wall. Dead, dead, dead.

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