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USAbout 1 in 8 Americans think men are ‘better suited emotionally’ for office, survey finds

09:55  16 april  2019
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Seventy-five percent say women and men are equally good at being political leaders. Yet, 53 percent think women have fewer opportunities in politics Men are more inclined to say her gender is a benefit to her campaign, and women are more likely to say it is a barrier. Seven in 10 say the historic nature

About 1 in 8 Americans think men are ‘better suited emotionally’ for office, survey finds© Drew Angerer/Getty Images The findings come as at least half a dozen women, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have said they will seek the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential race.

Even as an unprecedented number of women have jumped into the 2020 presidential race, many Americans still believe men are “better suited emotionally” for politics, according to new survey results published Tuesday morning.

Roughly 13 percent of Americans still think men are “better suited emotionally” than women to hold office, according to a survey by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. The report notes that figure is lower than it's ever been — and indicates major progress, especially compared with 1975, when nearly 50 percent of Americans held the belief — but it’s still big enough to “cause candidates to lose elections.”

Biden tops 2020 Dems after week of accusations

Biden tops 2020 Dems after week of accusations In the Morning Consult survey, Joe Biden held the support of 32 percent of voters.

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Of those who think men are better suited , less than a Moreover, respondents (especially business leaders) think that women have better skills in areas that are critical for The survey , to generalize, reveals that a majority of respondents feel that women don’t get enough encouragement to pursue

The findings come as at least half a dozen women — including Sens. Kamala Harris of California, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Rep. Tulsi Gabbardof Hawaii — have said they will seek the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential race.

The report points to an “imbalance” in coverage of women seeking office versus men and cites an article in POLITICO about complaints that Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke received inordinate media coverage compared with female candidates when he entered the race.

“While members of the media have engaged in public reflection about gender bias in reporting, the imbalance continues,” it says. “For example, when Beto O’Rourke announced his candidacy for president, he received media coverage that dwarfed the attention paid to similar announcements by women candidates, even as some of that coverage criticized him for seeming to be unaware of his White male privilege.”

'Predictable': Survey confirms U.S. more racially divided under Trump

'Predictable': Survey confirms U.S. more racially divided under Trump A new survey shows a majority of Americans believe race relations in the country are bad, and President Trump has made them worse.

It's been said that men think about something every seven seconds. But depending on your age, that something may actually be money. When asked about their financial fears, Americans said they are most worried about being in debt forever and living paycheck to paycheck their entire lives.

I think women make better managers. And here are the reasons why I find my mom as a far better manager that me or my dad who have a designation which says that we are managers. studies found that female leaders are more inclined to provide regular feedback and note down progress of

Kate Manne, an assistant professor of philosophy at Cornell University, recently noted the trend, writing that “the evidence is mounting that these patterns are the work of sexism and misogyny — albeit often unconscious, unwitting and the result of implicit bias.”

“Two white male presidential candidates — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders — have led the Democratic field from the start, and two others — Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg — have basked in glowing coverage,” Manne wrote. “Meanwhile, experienced female rivals — Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren — haven’t generated nearly the same media buzz, or led any recent polls.”

That bias, the Georgetown report notes, “weeds out potential candidates on the basis of stereotypes” and “arguably prevents voters from electing the most capable and qualified leaders.”

“In politics, as in other competitive arenas, the American ideal is that in a fair contest, talent ought to rise to the top,” the report says. “But gender norms may be placing artificial limits on the talent pool for political leadership.”

Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg lead 2020 Democrats in Iowa poll

Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg lead 2020 Democrats in Iowa poll The former vice president leads Sen. Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Fewer think news media is biased, survey finds . The 20th annual State of the First Amendment survey , out Thursday from The First Amendment Center at the Newseum Institute in Washington, D.C., found 53% of Americans who participated in the survey said that the news media reports with bias.

For example, men are usually CEOs of corporations because such work is stressful and requires On one hand, it can be argued that all jobs are suitable for both men and women as they have the same mental In instances where jobs are geared towards natural abilities, there are those that better suit

Still, voters sent a record number of women to the House in November, and the report notes there is ample evidence a woman could be elected president after Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. The percentage of Americans who think men are better suited dropped a full 5 points from 2014 to 2018, as well.

Republicans are far more critical of female candidates, according to the report. By 2018, Americans who identified as “strong Republicans” — both men and women — were almost three times as likely as those who identified as “strong Democrats” to show bias against women in politics.

Educational attainment makes a big difference, as well. Nineteen percent of Americans whose education level is less than a high school diploma said men are generally better suited emotionally for politics than most women, compared with 7 percent of respondents who have a master’s degree or higher.

“These findings offer support for the common belief that education is an antidote to intolerance, at least when it takes the form of bias against women in politics,” the report notes. “But women who run for office still start with a 13 percent deficit compared to men.

“The role that sexism plays in politics is shrinking, but it’s still too substantial to ignore.”

Southern California experiences an earthquake every three minutes, a new study finds.
The expanded earthquake data will help scientists understand how swarms of earthquakes evolve and previously unknown temblors that precede major earthquakes. "Seismicity along one fault affects faults and quakes around it, and this newly fleshed-out picture of seismicity in Southern California will give us new insights into how that works," Egill Hauksson, who worked on the study, said in a statement. Marine Denolle, a seismologist at Harvard University who was not involved in the study, said she is excited about the future studies that this newfound data will generate.

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