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US Four Deaths, Four Mysteries: Why Were They on the Street?

07:10  10 october  2019
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After four days, the police were still struggling to identify one of the four homeless men who were brutally killed in Chinatown on Saturday, and questions abounded about how the others ended up sleeping on the streets where they lost their lives.

During the September 11 attacks of 2001, 2,977 victims and 19 hijackers were killed and more than 6,000 others were injured. The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes

After four days, the police were still struggling to identify one of the four homeless men who were brutally killed in Chinatown on Saturday, and questions abounded about how the others ended up sleeping on the streets where they lost their lives.

Overdose of 2 Sammamish teens marks rising trend of fentanyl-related deaths, sheriff warns

  Overdose of 2 Sammamish teens marks rising trend of fentanyl-related deaths, sheriff warns SEATTLE – Two Sammamish teenagers who died from fentanyl-laced opiates were just the latest in a spiking trend of overdoses across King County, health officials said Wednesday. © KCPQ-TV/TNS King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht holds a photo of counterfeit opioid pills. Deaths involving fentanyl, a synthetic drug 50 more powerful than heroin, have rapidly climbed in King County for the last three years. Public Health Seattle & King County reported 66 deaths in 2018 compared to 23 deaths in 2016.

Randy Santos, 24, was arrested after the deaths of four homeless men who were bludgeoned with a metal pipe as they were sleeping. New York Police Department on Sunday afternoon charged a man suspected of beating to death homeless men sleeping on the street on Saturday with four counts of

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Investigators generally face significant hurdles in finding information on homeless people who die, in part because they lack an address that can be used to find records and relatives. It’s been no different with this case.

The police said on Tuesday that they believe the fourth victim is a 39-year-old man, but they are withholding his name until investigators find a relative who can confirm his identity. The medical examiner’s office is checking fingerprint records, and may also have to turn to DNA in order to help identify him.

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And information about the victims officials have identified has been scarce.

Amazon cuts off three delivery companies publicly linked to deaths

  Amazon cuts off three delivery companies publicly linked to deaths Amazon has cut ties with three delivery contractors that were recently implicated in multiple deaths by a joint BuzzFeed News and ProPublica investigation. According to state documents obtained by the twopublications, those companies now plan to lay off more than 2,000 employees, and in two of three cases, stop delivering packages for the e-commerce giant. The investigation that BuzzFeed News and ProPublica completed in September found the three companies -- Inpax Shipping Solutions, Sheard-Loman Transport and Letter Ride LLC -- often employed drivers with little experience and put them in difficult working conditions.

The September 11 attacks (also referred to as 9/11) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States on the morning of Tuesday

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One of the them, Anthony L. Manson, 49, was a preacher who had started two nonprofit organizations in Mississippi that conducted outreach to the homeless. His family, based in Chicago, said they had no idea that he was living on New York’s streets.

Another, Nazario A. Vazquez Villegas, 54, had a large family who loved him and had a place to live, his son, Daniel Vazquez, said on NY1. “My father was a wonderful man,” he said. “He had many friends.”

A third, Chuen Kwok, 83, who was well-known in Chinatown, often accepted help from neighbors and slept in the same storefront alcove night after night. But those who knew him said he was quiet and never spoke about how he became homeless.

The fourth victim was carrying no identification. As with the others, his identity, the police said, has been hard to establish in part because his face was so badly beaten.

All four were bludgeoned to death early on Saturday morning as they slept on sidewalks near Chatham Square. Another homeless man, Randy Rodriguez Santos, 24, was arrested a couple blocks away, while carrying a bloody metal bar, and was charged with their murders.

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The murder charges come after four homeless men were killed -- and a fifth seriously injured The suspect struck their heads with a metal object, apparently while they were sleeping, New York City Police were scouring the crime scenes Saturday morning and weren't immediately able to explain why the The officers found a man -- later pronounced dead -- lying in the street with severe head trauma.

And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die? Four lepers, excluded from the city, and on the point of perishing of hunger, felt that they could be no worse off, and might better their condition, if they deserted to the Syrians.

The police have identified the surviving victim of the night’s attack as David Hernandez, 49. He remains in the hospital in critical condition.

But it may take days, weeks or possibly months to get a full accounting of everyone who was involved in that tragic night.

In general, the police record the names and other identifying information about homeless people, particularly if someone lodges a complaint about their conduct, on documents called 80-cards. But that information is usually not very detailed.

Many homeless people tend to be wary of giving up personal information, and often lose their personal identification documents. Many times, outreach workers must refer to a homeless person they encounter with a simple description, like “man with a cane.”

Over time, these descriptions can become how a person is identified. In some cases, social workers can get a full name, often because a person needs a birth certificate or another form of identification to get services, like social security benefits.

“We have a lot of clients in our database that begin as aliases,” said Frederick Shack, chief executive of Urban Pathways, a nonprofit that does homeless outreach for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. “The reality is that in some cases, it does take time.”

Man suspected in burglary jumps from 103rd Street bridge onto US 69, police say

  Man suspected in burglary jumps from 103rd Street bridge onto US 69, police say A man suspected in a burglary at a duplex was hurt when he jumped from the 103rd Street Bridge onto U.S. 69, Overland Park police said. Police said officers were called to 103rd Street and Antioch Road Wednesday afternoon on a reported aggravated burglary. Authorities said officers tried to talk to a man carrying a knife at 103rd Street and U.S. 69. Police said the man climbed over the bridge's fence. Officers tried to talk the man into climbing back over the fence, but police said the man dropped into the northbound lanes of U.S. 69.The man was taken to a hospital and was reported in stable condition.The investigation continues.

Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. At least 160 assailants, responsible for 102 murders and 635 gun injuries, were still on the streets at year’s end. A case was more likely to be solved if one or more victims died — the situation in about half the cases.

The Wall Street Journal. Auburn University and the University of Virginia, who meet in the Final Four of the NCAA tournament this weekend, have two more things in common. The first is their school colors: orange and blue. The second is how they came to wear those colors: through petty theft.

The city’s medical examiner’s office had been trying to identify the unknown victim of Saturday’s attack by circulating a photo, said Mary Taylor, a spokeswoman for the Center for Community Urban Services, which oversees several city agencies that canvass Manhattan.

Ms. Taylor said social workers for these agencies had not immediately recognized the person in the photo and the center had been unsuccessful in determining whether anyone had ever encountered him while canvassing the neighborhood.

In order to make the final identification, the police might need a lucky break, such as a tip from someone who reports the person as missing.

Mr. Manson’s story is emblematic of the kind of fog into which the lives of the homeless tend to descend. Away from his native Chicago, he was living a much different life than his family had imagined.

For at least two decades, Mr. Manson had been a traveling minister, moving from place to place to preach the word. He had a special interest in homeless people, his brother, Bryant Manson, said in a phone interview.

Even after becoming homeless, he continued to preach. On the day before he was killed, Mr. Manson posted a video on Facebook of a short sermon that he had delivered, near what looked like a park adjacent to a housing project. On social media, he referred to himself as a “Priestly Artist,” and a circular insignia he used proclaimed his values as “enlightenment, faith, love and honor.”

3 children, mother, father found dead in Abington condo

  3 children, mother, father found dead in Abington condo Three children and two adults from one family were found dead Monday in a condo in Abington. Police received a 911 call at 7:30 a.m. for a report of a medical emergency at 135 Centre Avenue. Upon arrival, officers found the body of a 40-year-old woman; a 43-year-old man; twin 9-year-olds, a boy and a girl; and an 11-year-old girl, District Attorney Timothy Cruz said. The dead include a mother, father and their three children. 5 Investigates learned that a family member went to pick up one of the children for school, found the woman on a couch and called police."All of the deaths appear to be the result of gunshot wounds," Cruz said. "This appears to be an isolated incident.

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On Sept. 18, he said in a video posted to Instagram that he had founded a support group called “Here We Are” to help people get through daily life.

“I am a strong believer of having different support outlets and systems where we can go to and gather strength to rejuvenate from the course of a day,” he said before the video abruptly cut off.

Mr. Manson was lying on the ground when, the police said, Mr. Santos, 24, struck him in the head with a heavy metal bar early on Saturday morning, beating him beyond recognition. But Mr. Manson was carrying his phone, which helped the police identify him.

A detective found Mr. Manson’s older brother’s number in his contacts, and delivered the sad news on Saturday night. “We are more hurt by the way it happened,” his brother said. “We accept that he passed, but we’re more hurt that he was murdered like that.”

The family did not know Mr. Manson was in New York, his brother said. The detective had sent the family a photo of a New York State ID card for Mr. Manson that had been issued in August, suggesting he may have arrived recently.

One of nine children, Mr. Manson grew up on the West Side of Chicago, and was raised by his parents, William Henry Manson and Barbara Manson.

Mr. Manson’s father worked as a conductor for the Chicago Transit Authority, while his mother cared for the children, instilling in them a strong Christian faith, his brother said. Four of the siblings, including Mr. Manson, became ministers.

About 25 years ago, Mr. Manson married and moved south to work as a youth minister, his brother said. For a short time, he lived in the small town of Kosciusko, Miss., where his wife had roots, according to another relative, Bertha Levy.

Suspect In Deaths Of 4 Homeless Men Charged With Murder

  Suspect In Deaths Of 4 Homeless Men Charged With Murder Randy Santos, 24, was formally charged Sunday.Randy Santos, 24, was formally charged Sunday with four counts of murder. He was also charged with attempted murder and unlawful possession of marijuana.

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He energized young people from the pulpit at Bethel Apostolic Church, Ms. Levy, 64, said. “Everybody just loved how he preached,” she said, “the way he would explain everything.”

Records show that Mr. Manson also established two nonprofits, Community Hope Center and Apostolic World Ministries, while in Mississippi.

At Community Hope, Mr. Manson would try to help homeless people and others who had substance abuse problems, Ms. Levy said. “He would counsel them to get off drugs,” she said.

But Mr. Manson’s life, for reasons unknown, began to fall apart. He was a carpenter, but could not find work. The financial burden of caring for his wife and two sons was too much for him, Ms. Levy said. His wife also was unable to provide for the children.

Ms. Levy said she and her husband became foster parents to the boys, who were 4 and 10 years old at the time and are now in their 20s. Mr. Manson moved to California, where he “really fell on hard times,” she said.

He began moving from city to city, looking for work and preaching in places like Denver and various towns in South Carolina, his brother said.

In recent years, Mr. Manson became even more of a mystery to his family.

He called periodically to return messages left by his mother and siblings, speaking to each for just a few minutes at a time. But often, his family got their updates from his social media postings. Now, his family is looking for answers on how he ended up sleeping on East Broadway, where the attacker found him.

“We have no understanding why he was out there sleeping outside, homeless,” Bryant Mason said.

Susan Beachy contributed research.

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