US Republicans want to prevent school shootings by tracking students online, a tactic that researchers say won't work

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Toxic PCBs linger in schools; EPA, lawmakers fail to act

  Toxic PCBs linger in schools; EPA, lawmakers fail to act At first, teachers at Sky Valley Education Center simply evacuated students and used fans to clear the air when the fluorescent lights caught fire or smoked with noxious fumes. When black oil dripped onto desks and floors, they caught leaks with a bucket and duct-taped oil-stained carpets. Then came the tests that confirmed their suspicions about the light ballasts ."Sure enough ... it was PCB oil," said Cynthia Yost, who was among teachers who sent pieces of carpet and classroom air filters to a lab. Tests found elevated levels of the toxic chemicals, used as coolant in the decades-old ballasts that regulated electrical current to the lamps.

by tracking students online , a tactic that researchers say won ' t work . a bill intended to combat school shootings by incentivizing schools to surveil students and monitor their online activities. Senate Republicans have proposed a plan to reduce school shootings in part by incentivizing

After the Columbine shooting in 1999, government and academic researchers closely studied some three dozen attacks at schools , with one central question: How can they predict, and thwart, future attackers long before they walk into the building? Answering that question is difficult for much the Daniels adds that the schools can develop another key information source: the kids that attend classes with a possible assailant. He says more shootings have been thwarted than accomplished, often because a classmate spoke up. Daniels, who studies foiled plots, recalls the case of a middle- school

Senate Republicans have proposed a plan to reduce school shootings in part by incentivizing schools to surveil students and monitor their online activities.

The bill, introduced by Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, advocates for a number of disparate proposals aimed at deterring or preventing shootings, such as expediting death penalties for people who commit mass murder, cracking down on unlicensed firearms dealers, and increasing funding for local and state authorities to partner with mental health providers.

Patrick Mahomes ruled out of 'TNF' with possibly serious knee injury

  Patrick Mahomes ruled out of 'TNF' with possibly serious knee injury Patrick Mahomes may have converted a 4th-and-1 early in the second quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, but it came at a cost. © Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports After picking up the first down, Mahomes was lying down on a teammate. He was pointing at his right leg, and trainers were later shown trying to treat his knee.A cart came out for the Kansas City quarterback, but Mahomes waved it off and walked off the field with the assistance of some staff members. He then headed into the locker room as he was replaced by Matt Moore.

© Provided by The Independent. Tennessee state Republicans want to ban student -athletes from kneeling at sporting events to protest police brutality. Every member of the GOP in the state senate signed a letter that encourages university leaders to punish protesting athletes after basketball players at East Tennessee State University kneeled during the national anthem. The letter says that the lawmakers "do not condone any form of protest that could be viewed as disrespectful to our nation or flag," and argues that athletes should protest in their "personal time".

The shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which claimed the lives of 17 students and left dozens injured, is the 18th school shooting this year - and the deadliest to have occurred since the infamous Sandy Hook attack which claimed the lives of 20 students and teachers. They want to make us feel unsafe, and I say no. 'I’m going to continue learning so I can prevent this from happening again.' The senior's articulate, and inspirational interview has won him praise as a future statesman or even a president in the making. Hogg appeared on TV along with

But notably, Cornyn's bill would also expand the scope of the information that online platforms are allowed to share with authorities.

"I've heard from countless parents who are rightfully concerned about sending their children to school amid these attacks," Cornyn said in an El Paso Times op-ed. "That should never happen. The RESPONSE Act will make schools less vulnerable through promoting best practices and internet safety policies to help schools better identify and assess students whose behavior indicates a threat of violence."

A summary of the bill also said it would "incentivize schools" to enforce policies that "detect online activities of minors who are at imminent risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others."

Protests paralyze Catalonia as marches head for Barcelona

  Protests paralyze Catalonia as marches head for Barcelona Catalonia and its riot-swept regional capital, Barcelona, were paralyzed Friday by a mix of strikes and marches as the northeastern Spanish region endured its fifth day of mass protests over the conviction of independence leaders. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); More than 200 people have been arrested and scores injured since separatist sentiment swelled on Monday, when the Supreme Court sentenced to lengthy prison terms nine separatist politicians and activists.

The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research . When deadly school shootings like the one that took place on Valentine’s Day in Broward County, Florida occur, often they are followed by calls for more stringent security measures. For instance, after the Jan. 23 case in which a 15-year-old student allegedly shot and killed two students and wounded 16 others at a small-town high school in Kentucky, some Kentucky lawmakers called for armed teachers and staff. Advertisement.

In analyzing school shootings , The Post defined them far more narrowly than others who have compiled data over the past few years. Even schools that screen students every day sometimes fail to prevent gun violence from spilling onto their Ed McClanahan, a retired school resource officer, helped thwart a shooting by a student at a ” Adam Lanza declared on an online message board

Florida has been collecting mass data on their students - and researchers say it won't work

Researchers have said there's no evidence such surveillance can predict whether students will commit shootings.

Florida, for instance, implemented a state-wide data repository after the Parkland shooting that requires school districts to collect information in a single database on students' grades, disciplinary records, teacher's notes, social media activities, and more.

The system immediately sparked criticism over students' privacy rights and concerns that certain students, such as those with disabilities or mental illnesses, might be treated unfairly.

Researchers from the Aspen Institute who studied Florida's system warned that "preventing school shootings through data is fraught with ethical and technical risks," and recommended that any such system should be accompanied by firm transparency and accountability guidelines.

When will the Chicago teachers strike be over?

  When will the Chicago teachers strike be over? Chicago Public Schools are likely to cancel class again. 2020 Democrat Elizabeth Warren joined CPS teachers and staff on fourth day of their strike.A little 2020 pressure came Tuesday as Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren showed up in the Windy City, on the heels of releasing a slate of union-friendly education proposals.

On the Republican side, we tend to offer thoughts and prayers and not much else. Substantive efforts to solve the problem, whether legislatively or through regulation, are either not discussed or are not followed through. We say "Now is not the time for politics," without saying when that time may come Tim Kaine taking the lead and working with Homeland Secretary Tom Ridge, among others, to bring people together to produce real results. It resulted in legislation -- signed into law by President George W. Bush and supported by both the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign to Prevent

A school shooting is an attack at an educational institution, such as a primary school , secondary school , or university, involving the use of firearms.

Schools across the country have struggled with implementing policies to reduce the likelihood of shootings in recent years, and research has shown that some are more effective than others.

Many schools have adopted measures like dramatically ramping up active-shooter drills, arming teachers, bolstering security with metal detectors and security guards, and encouraging students and staff to report alarming behaviors or threats they encounter.

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The education conversation we should be having .
A veteran education writer calls out progressives who, he says, aren’t really educationally progressive. Here’s his piece. By Alfie KohnMore than 50 million children attend public elementary or secondary school in the United States. The fact that so many voters spend so much time thinking about what happens to their kids in school means that the topic of education — specifically, what comes between preschool and college — should be a priority for a Democratic candidate. And the focus should transcend political and economic considerations in order to address how our children are being educated.

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