US The U.S. Furniture Industry Is Back---but There Aren't Enough Workers

06:10  05 december  2019
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Audi cuts 7,500 jobs to free up money for electric cars

  Audi cuts 7,500 jobs to free up money for electric cars Audi is reducing its workforce by 7,500, the latest example of dramatic changes roiling the global autos industry. © Andreas Gebert/Getty Images INGOLSTADT, GERMANY - MARCH 14: Workers assemble Audi sedans on an assembly line at the Audi automobile plant on March 14, 2018 in Ingolstadt, Germany. U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on German-made cars should the European Union impose counter tariffs on U.S. products following the announcement by Trump to hit imported steel and aluminum with tariffs.

Construction costs are climbing and production is lagging, in part because there aren ' t enough workers Those in the construction industry are , on average, slightly older than workers in the rest of the As President Trump' s impeachment hearings continue, here' s a look back at how U . S . News

Construction firms are optimistic there will be a boom in new projects in 2018, but they could be hard pressed to find applicants for construction jobs. Construction spending in 2017 peaked in November, reaching over trillion, NBC News reported Monday, and construction firms are optimistic that there

a man sitting in a chair in front of a building: At Catawba Valley Community College’s Furniture Academy, students learn job skills from industry professionals.© Travis Dove for The Wall Street Journal At Catawba Valley Community College’s Furniture Academy, students learn job skills from industry professionals.

HICKORY, N.C—Here’s the good news: There are now more reasons to make furniture in the U.S. than at any point since the financial crisis. Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma Inc. are expanding manufacturing in the U.S., and the factories of longtime furniture makers are humming.

Here’s the bad news: There aren’t enough skilled workers available to support the renaissance.

Manufacturers across the country are struggling to fill open slots in a tight U.S. labor market. Furniture companies, which for decades have been hit by competition from China, face special challenges after years of shrinking. A generation of prospective sewers and upholsterers have steered clear of the industry, leaving it heavily reliant on an aging workforce.

Three French flood rescuers killed in helicopter crash

  Three French flood rescuers killed in helicopter crash Three emergency workers were killed in a helicopter crash near Marseille while on a rescue mission in flood-hit southern France, the interior ministry said Monday. Their EC145 helicopter lost radio and radar contact while on a rescue and reconnaissance flight in the Var region Sunday night. Their EC145 helicopter lost radio and radar contact while on a rescue and reconnaissance flight in the Var region Sunday night. The three were found dead at 1:30 am near the town of Rove, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner and his secretary of state Laurent Nunez said in a statement.

That ’ s more than any other company in the poultry industry except Tyson Foods, which has more than thirty times as many employees. The newcomers’ arrival in small, mostly white cities experiencing industrial decline in turn helped foment the economic and ethnic anxieties that brought Trump to office.

"The kinds of workers that come on seasonally, are often different than the long-term career workers , with the exception of recent grads that need a stepping stone" said Retailers are also competing with hotels, restaurants and others in the hospitality industry that also bulk up staffing during the holidays.

At Century Furniture, based in Hickory, N.C., delivery times have stretched to nearly nine weeks because of the worker shortage, which has caused the company to lose orders.

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“I walk around our factories every other day and am spooked by what I see,” said Alex Shuford III, chief executive of RHF Investments Inc., owner of Century and several other furniture brands. “The retirements are coming and I can’t find enough people.”

The turnabout for a once-beleaguered sector has been spurred in part by the internet, which has reshaped shoppers’ behavior and expectations. Consumers demand their choice of fabrics and features but don’t have the patience to wait two months for an item to arrive from Asia. At the same time, tariffs are stepping up pressure on American manufacturers to move production home.

Almost half of Americans work in low-wage jobs

  Almost half of Americans work in low-wage jobs The low-wage workforce is part of every local U.S. economy, but it takes the biggest toll in the South and West.Contrary to popular opinion, these workers aren't teenagers or young adults just starting their careers, write Martha Ross and Nicole Bateman of the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program, which conducted the analysis.

Low housing inventory and the increased demand for new homes in the U . S . private-housing sector would indicate a construction boom for 2018, but a shortage of construction workers could stall new projects.

During the economic recession, the furniture retail industry was negatively impacted as consumers cut back on non-essential spending, but now there is an uptick in demand. In fact, the U . S . furniture industry has outpaced the U . S . economy in recent years. While the housing market improves and

Roughly 90% of dining tables, bookcases and other wooden furniture are now made abroad, according to Mann, Armistead & Epperson Ltd., an investment banking and research firm. But U.S. factories still churn out about half of upholstered furniture sold in this country, much of it in places like Catawba County, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Custom upholstery requires skilled labor and isn’t well-suited to long production runs of the same items common in overseas factories. Upholstered sofas and chairs are also more costly and difficult to ship than tables and bookcases, which can be easily stacked and reassembled. Shipping a single custom item from overseas can also be too costly.

“Pretty much all the companies that survived the last crisis have been in a growth mode,” said John Bray, chief executive of Vanguard Furniture Co., which has about 600 employees. “When business picked up, there just weren’t enough skilled people.”

Former Google employees plan to file labor complaints with government

  Former Google employees plan to file labor complaints with government They allege the search giant of terminated them for engaging in labor organizing.Google last month fired four employees for what it said were violations related to data security, according to a staff memo published by Bloomberg. The terminations came just days after approximately 200 Google workers and other supporters held a rally outside one of Google's San Francisco offices. The activists at the rally alleged that Google management was retaliating against employees for speaking out against the search giant.

The study found that hourly workers tend to be young, which isn’ t surprising given that these jobs are something of a rite of passage for many high school and college students and recent graduates. The study found that this industry has a greater percentage of managerial roles than the retail sector, in

3.If a worker is free to quit a job and find a new job at another place of employment, what US economic goal has been met? 5.Why are people with savings hurt by inflation? A. The money they saved in the past is worth less in the future. B. Inflation reduces the interest savings accounts pay.

Chad Ballard, 28 years old, was building swimming pools and trimming trees in Daytona Beach, Fla., when he decided to move to Hickory and then take a chance on an entry-level job at Century. Now, four evenings a week, he studies upholstery at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, a skill that could boost his annual pay to $45,000 within a few years and, if he can master the craft, to $75,000 or more.

Hiring Mr. Ballard was a small victory for Century, which in any given week has about 35 openings for sewers, upholsterers and other trades. “He came to us through a temporary agency,” said Amy Millsaps Guyer, vice president of human resources at the furniture maker. “We won the lottery.”

Furniture makers used to dominate the economies of places like Hickory. But the industry shed roughly 250,000 production jobs from its peak in 2000, leaving about 295,000 such workers in the U.S. today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Some older, more experienced workers were able to hang on, but furniture makers largely stopped hiring during the 2008 recession, leading to a dearth of workers ages 35 to 50. In the Hickory area, 42% of sewing machine operators and one-third of upholsterers are 55 or older, according to the Catawba County Economic Development Corp.

Google's new depth feature makes its AR experiences more realistic

  Google's new depth feature makes its AR experiences more realistic Google has been experimenting with ARCore for the better part of two years, adding more features to its AR development platform over time. Back at I/O this year, Google introduced Environmental HDR, which brings real world lighting to AR objects and scenes. Today, it's incorporating a Depth API that will introduce occlusion, 3D understanding, and a new level of realism. Google is first bringing this new Depth feature to search, which it introduced earlier this year with augmented reality animals. For example, if you search for the word "cat", you'll see an image of a 3D cat in its Google search card.

“ But there aren ’ t enough good workers . There are a lot of missing skills.” So displaced workers who stay put instead of moving to one of the nation’ s new boomtowns may be acting rationally, in a way—since moving alone won’t necessarily lead to a job.

But There Aren ’ t Enough Skilled Workers . Earlier Exposure to Construction Industry Is Key, Some Educators Say Even though GTCC’ s welding program places 100 percent of its students in jobs after graduation, it’ s still not enough to close the gap that exists between North Carolina’ s current

“Parents would say, ‘Stay away. You will lose your job,’ ” said Bill McBrayer, director of human resources for Lexington Home Brands, a furniture maker in Thomasville, N.C. “How do we get the young and old to come back to the industry?”

One answer is the Catawba Valley Furniture Academy here, created by local companies struggling to find skilled employees in partnership with Catawba Valley Community College. Furniture makers are also, for the first time, creating internal training programs and adding benefits such as free health clinics.

“My dad has been in furniture his whole life,” said Nathaniel Kaylor, a 21-year-old student at the academy. “He told me from the get-go to stay out of it. You get old fast. Go to college.”

The academy launched in 2014 at the urging of five local companies, which helped develop the curriculum, donated supplies and provided employees whom the college pays to serve as instructors. Students spend eight months studying manual cutting or sewing, at a total cost of around $425; an 11-month upholstery program costs about $600.

“The good news is we can graduate 150 people a year,” said Vanguard’s Mr. Bray. “The bad news is that the industry needs 800 to 1,000 people.”

Vanguard opened its second manufacturing operation in Hillsville, Va., five years ago because it couldn’t find enough skilled workers in Hickory. To better attract young workers who balk at a 6:30 a.m. start time, Vanguard is looking at how to create a flexible schedule that will allow some workers to have a later start time and still get a full eight hours out of a production shift.

California border agents find 11 Chinese nationals hiding inside appliances, furniture in truck from Mexico

  California border agents find 11 Chinese nationals hiding inside appliances, furniture in truck from Mexico Federal agents in California found 11 Chinese nationals hiding inside appliances and furniture that filled a moving truck crossing the border from Mexico over the weekend. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers stopped a 42-year-old male truck driver, a U.S. citizen, around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, located in the city of San Diego just north of Tijuana, the agency said in a statement.

Companies are even having trouble finding enough rig workers . But outreach efforts are beginning to pay The oil and gas industry needs more workers , especially in the Rocky Mountain states where a This school isn' t all classrooms and textbooks, it' s also grueling work on a tall drilling rig out back .

American furniture -makers are finding out that China can launch an entire industry with lightning Now he was telling employees the company no longer would make its furniture there , but would And that ' s in a county where two out of every five workers are employed at a factory, about three times

Competition for furniture academy graduates is so keen that Lexington’s Mr. McBrayer sometimes swings by in the evening to get to know the students before graduation. To find recruits, he speaks to parent-teacher organizations, high-school classes and Rotary clubs.

“The toughest question,” the 61-year-old executive said, “is the one that haunts us forever: What makes me think that if my child goes into this industry it will be there in two years?”

Kevin Sierks, chief financial officer of Crate & Barrel, a unit of Otto GmbH & Co KG, said quick delivery is another advantage for U.S. factories. “It’s no different than the fashion industry.”

The Northbrook, Ill., retailer outsources most upholstered furniture production to three U.S. companies. It recently made its first investment in U.S. manufacturing, working with a Hickory-based startup on a new $3.1 million factory that aims to shrink production time to two weeks.

Chinese companies are also looking to cater to the changing demands of U.S. customers. This fall, Samson Holding Ltd., which manufactures in China, acquired Southern Furniture, a nearly century-old, Conover, N.C., maker of custom upholstered furniture. “We were only going to take it to the next level by offering special orders, which is difficult to do” from Asia, said Jeff Scheffer, the North Carolina-based chief executive of Samson’s Universal Furniture unit.

Jason Buck, 21, planned to start his furniture studies in mid-July, but classes were delayed until September because there weren’t enough students. At Catawba Valley Community College, 197 students were enrolled in the welding program this fall, nearly three times the 67 studying furniture making.

House votes to provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of undocumented farmworkers

  House votes to provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of undocumented farmworkers The House passed a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would grant legal status to thousands of undocumented farmworkers, but faces uncertain future in Senate.The House passed a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would grant legal status to thousands of undocumented farmworkers.

Malaysia' s furniture industry -- one of the world' s largest -- says that monthly shipments are In one state, the palm-oil industry loses more than 0 million annually because there aren ' t enough As in Europe and the U . S ., government efforts to explain the essential role of foreign workers have fallen

Those ambitions are taking the Waneks outside their comfort zone of making furniture styled for American McMansions. Ashley is now trying to sell No other U . S . furniture maker has tried to expand internationally on the scale planned by Ashley, and it hasn’ t been easy. On a recent Sunday, only a

Williams-Sonoma last year asked the college to create an eight-week training program. The shorter program focused on basic sewing and upholstery skills and was followed by eight weeks of in-house training.

“The labor market is very tight in North Carolina,” said Darryl Webster, the executive in charge of Williams-Sonoma’s manufacturing operation. “I quickly realized that you need to be literally standing there before they graduate offering them a job.”

When Williams-Sonoma opened its fourth upholstered furniture factory this year, a process accelerated by tariffs, it set up shop in Baldwyn, Miss., because of the area’s deep pool of talent. Still, a job fair held at a nearby community college last December produced 200 applicants, but just 15 hires. “Probably 50% didn’t have any experience,” Mr. Webster said.

Bonita Hawkins, 51, had a job offer from Williams-Sonoma in Hickory even before she earned her certificate from the furniture academy in 2016. “All over the city, I see signs looking for upholsterers, for sewers,” said Ms. Hawkins, who made custom clothing in Los Angeles before moving to North Carolina.

Craftmaster Furniture Inc., based in nearby Taylorsville, N.C., recently set out yard signs offering a $2,000 signing bonus for experienced seamstresses. Soon after, a friend told CEO Roy Calcagne that he had spotted the signs in a competitor’s trunk. “It’s every man for himself when it comes to hiring people,” Mr. Calcagne said.

Craftmaster has a doctor and nurse offering free medical care on site four days a week, and gives raises every four weeks to trainees who show improvement. “The old-school way used to be that you were lucky to have a job,” Mr. Calcagne said. “The way we look at it today is we are lucky to have you here.”

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