US Mosquitoes: why do some people get bitten more?

16:05  20 july  2019
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Moustiques : pourquoi certaines personnes se font-elles plus piquer ? © Medisite Mosquitoes: why are some people bitten more?

Mosquito bites often spoil the holidays. Some people are covered by that. Why are they more bitten? Their blood group, body temperature but also their dress would be the main reasons.

In summer, everything is conducive to the relaxation . The sun, the beach, drinks with friends ... The only downside: the mosquitoes . Some holidaymakers even get devoured ! But for what reasons? Does the type of skin really play a role?

Who attracts mosquitoes the most?

It is not an absurd belief but rather a reality . Some people attract mosquitoes more than others. But can we therefore speak of mosquito skins ?

Shark attacks injure 2 men on Florida's eastern coast

Shark attacks injure 2 men on Florida's eastern coast One attacked occurred in Jacksonville Beach, and another in New Smyrna Beach.

It all depends on what we are talking about. The idea that a sweet skin would attract mosquitoes more is, for example, completely false . Garlic or light are also not prized by insects .

What attracts mosquitoes is your body temperature. Mosquitoes are, in fact, very sensitive to the heat of your body. It is for this reason that pregnant women are particularly prone to mosquito bites. They are on average two times more punctured.

Mosquito bite and Co2

To detect us, mosquitoes use a certain number of receptors . The carbon dioxide that we release when we breathe stimulates these receptors. In addition to a higher body temperature, pregnant women release 21% more carbon dioxide during their pregnancy than other women. They are therefore, once again, more vulnerable .

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Adults, too, give off more Co2 than children, due to their higher build . They are therefore more bitten. This is also the case for people in who are overweight and who release more carbon dioxide.

body temperature and releases of Co2 are not the only reasons for mosquito bites . The blood group also plays a role! In any case, this was demonstrated by a team of scientists in the journal Journal of Medical Entomology . The researchers found that the tiger mosquito seemed to be more attracted to people in the O blood group. This group is said to contain proteins which are highly valued by female mosquitoes. Conversely, people in group to are the least exposed. They would attract them two times less.

Mosquitoes don't like air flows !

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