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01:55  24 may  2020
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Coronavirus: Five new confirmed cases in mainland China

 Coronavirus: Five new confirmed cases in mainland China HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-CHINA-BALANCE SHEET: Coronavirus: Five new confirmed cases in mainland China © Reuters / ALY SONG CORONAVIRUS: FIVE NEW CONFIRMED CASES IN CONTINENTAL CHINA BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese health officials said on Sunday they had confirmed 5 new cases of coronavirus contamination in mainland China the previous day.

Live statistics and coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the COVID-19 coronavirus from Wuhan, China. Coronavirus counter with new cases, deaths, and number of tests per 1 Million population.

Our ability to test for coronavirus antibodies is growing, but what we can do with that information is still limited. These are proteins that bind to and destroy the virus, preventing it from making copies of itself and further spreading the infection.

Près de 15 jours après le déconfinement, les indicateurs sont plutôt positifs, et les nouveaux cas moins nombreux. Certains spécialistes estiment même que l’épidémie est derrière nous. Mais les autorités appellent à la prudence. © AFP

Almost 15 days after the deconfinement, the indicators are rather positive, and the new cases fewer. Some specialists even believe that the epidemic is behind us. But the authorities call for caution.

Time for the verdict. Fourteen days - maximum incubation time for Covid-19 - after the start of deconfinement, indicators measuring its health impact will be known this week. The latest figures are quite positive. Experts believe that the epidemic is behind us. But this observation is not unanimous.

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What do the figures say?

The number of patients in intensive care, a thermometer of the tension of the hospital system, continues to decrease since April 8. On Saturday, there were 1,665 serious cases, against 2,132 a week earlier, according to the Directorate General of Health. Deaths are also declining: between Thursday and Friday, 74 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded in hospitals, against more than 600 daily newspapers in early April. "There is no worrying signal emerging," confirms epidemiologist Daniel Lévy-Bruhl, head of the respiratory infections unit at Public Health France. In its bulletin of May 21, the agency, which also scrutinizes Covid consultations, emergency medical services or emergency room visits, noted a continued decline in these other indicators. "But the data available today mainly reflect what happened at the very end of the confinement," he said.

The assessment of the coronavirus epidemic is approaching 90,000 dead in the USA

 The assessment of the coronavirus epidemic is approaching 90,000 dead in the USA HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-USA-BALANCE SHEET: The assessment of the coronavirus epidemic is approaching 90,000 dead in the USA © Reuters / LEAH MILLIS THE BALANCE SHEET CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC APPROACHES 90,000 DEAD IN THE US BANGALORE (Reuters) - The US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) announced on Monday 698 additional coronavirus-related deaths, bringing the total to 89,407 dead since the start of the epidemic.

Coronavirus is currently wreaking havoc on the world -- but what exactly are we doing to fight it? Are there any promising vaccines yet? In this video, we'll answer all these questions and give you a rundown of the technological tools we’re using to fight the pandemic.

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No region is of particular concern, despite the 46 foci of infection identified since the end of containment. Rather good news, according to Daniel Lévy-Bruhl: "We detect them and therefore we break potential transmission chains, thanks to 'contact tracing'. We can however wonder: what part escapes us? Risk is everywhere, without being particularly strong. "

What do generalists observe?

The MG France union conducted a survey of its members during the first week of deconfinement, to which 2,292 general practitioners from all over France responded. According to its results, revealed by the JDD, these generalists received 6,097 possible cases from Covid-19. After a virologic PCR test, 344 of them tested positive. "Or a positivity rate of 5 to 6%, calculates Jacques Battistoni, the president of MG France, which seems reasonable if we compare it to that of 2% announced by Olivier Véran, which related to all the tests practiced. "

Coronavirus: Brazil records nearly 1,200 additional deaths

 Coronavirus: Brazil records nearly 1,200 additional deaths HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-BRAZIL: Coronavirus: Brazil records nearly 1,200 additional deaths © Reuters / Ricardo Moraes CORONAVIRUS: BRAZIL RECORDES NEARLY 1,200 ADDITIONAL DEATHS RIO DE JANEIRO Reuters) - Brazil has registered an additional 1,179 deaths from the coronavirus, the health ministry said Tuesday, bringing the country's total to 17,971 people dead in the country. This is the highest number of daily deaths reported by the government since the start of the health crisis.

The Coronavirus : What Scientists Have Learned So Far. A respiratory virus that originated in China has infected more than Symptoms of this infection include fever, cough and difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. Now, they hope that work from past outbreaks will help cut the timeline further.

The researchers worked around the clock, in shifts of three to five hours, hoping to stave off weariness and keep their minds sharp for the delicate task. They set up lines of laboratory volunteers: medical residents, postdoctoral students, even experienced veterans of science, each handling a specific task.

By extrapolating this result to all of France, we would obtain 158,000 possible cases of Covid-19, and 8,972 confirmed positive. The survey will be repeated this week. "The idea is to be able to measure the trend fifteen days apart, specifies Jacques Battistoni, to see if these rates change, and how." Results on June 4.

Should we fear a second wave?

It is still possible, said Olivier Véran on the eve of the Ascension weekend. If there is hope for the seasonality of the virus, "today the potential for a second wave is clearly there: there is no group immunity," added epidemiologist Daniel Lévy-Bruhl. Everything will depend on the collective attitude of the French.

On Wednesday, the director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Andrea Ammon, told the Guardian that the question was not whether this new wave of contamination will take place, but "when, and how much" she will. According to her, "85% to 90%" of the population remains exposed to Covid-19.

First death linked to coronavirus listed in Gaza

 First death linked to coronavirus listed in Gaza HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-GAZA-DEATH: First death linked to coronavirus listed in Gaza © Reuters / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa FIRST DEATH RELATED TO CORONAVIRUS LISTED WITH GAZA GAZA (Reuters) - A first Deaths linked to the coronavirus epidemic were reported on Saturday by the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, where 55 cases of infection have been recorded for two million inhabitants.

This week, New York City and Los Angeles County laid out guidelines for testing, recommending We don't have anything specific to give you for coronavirus ." The doctors said their advice to young As more tests become available, Schaffner and Walensky say they hope to be able to loosen up these

This figure therefore includes deaths and recovered or discharged patients (cases with an outcome). For example, a quantity growing by 7% every period (in this case daily) has a growth factor of 1.07. A growth factor above 1 indicates an increase, whereas one which remains between 0 and 1 it is a sign

In our hospitals, the arrivals of seriously ill patients are decreasing. But experts warn of a possible winter return of Sars-CoV-2, like other coronaviruses, or of a very slow restart of the epidemic with an explosion of cases in several months.

What if the epidemic was behind us?

Several experts, minority, support this hypothesis. Jean-François Toussaint, professor of physiology at Paris-Descartes University, believes that in France the epidemic is ending. "After successive waves of diffusion in autumn-winter and an explosive phase in spring, the peak was crossed on April 6." No wonder, he said, since the epidemic is "already behind in 50 countries." "They have crossed the summit, gone down the wave and there are no more deaths. This disease is therefore not endemic," he argues.

According to the epidemiologist and researcher at Inserm Laurent Toubiana, the virus would have circulated "quietly" in France, probably in the fall, without being spotted. It has affected many people, but very few have been diagnosed, only the severe forms have emerged. "The epidemic was meteoric, but it has already affected everyone she could touch, he postulates. She will not iron." According to his estimates, as of May 6, more than 12 million French people had been in contact with the virus. Or 20% of the population.

Coronavirus: Nocturnal curfew lifted in Syria

 Coronavirus: Nocturnal curfew lifted in Syria HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-SYRIA: Coronavirus: Nocturnal curfew lifted in Syria © Reuters / Omar Sanadiki CORONAVIRUS: NIGHT FIREWALL LIFT IN SYRIA DAMAS (Reuters) - Syria announced on Monday the lifting, from Tuesday, of a night curfew instituted to fight against the coronavirus. Damascus also re-authorized travel between governorates.

Economic Indicators . Politics. World. Coronavirus . In the era of coronavirus , many of those steps will overlap, particularly the mid-stage and late-stage trials, Collins and Corey said. Since the markets are losing a bit of steam, this must be the catalyst for next weeks " Hope , Dreams and Optimism" fuel.

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, new terms are entering the lexicon — and we’re here to help. Last week, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic after it spread across six continents and more than 100 countries.

A figure much higher than the 4.4% advanced on May 13 by researchers from the Institut Pasteur in Science. "We will never know, says Laurent Toubiana. Among all these infected, many remained asymptomatic; others are insensitive to this virus and are not detectable. Their immune system rejected it without making specific antibodies."

Will we achieve collective immunity?

The results of large-scale surveys carried out by Inserm will provide reliable data on the serological status of the French at the end of May. In theory, the protection threshold is reached when 60 to 70% of the population has been contaminated. But, in addition to unknowns about the protection conferred by antibodies and its potential duration, this threshold is debated.

A study by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine argues that it could be between 10 and 20% only, not everyone is sensitive to the new coronavirus. American researchers estimate, in the journal Cell, that 40 to 60% of the population could be protected against Covid-19 without even having been contaminated. This "cross-immunity" is believed to be due to past exposure to other coronaviruses.

The idea of ​​collective immunity already acquired is "far from unanimous", nuance Daniel Lévy-Bruhl, who considers it crucial to maintain barrier gestures, even with a positive serological test: "We can always transmit the virus : the hands have no antibodies. "

VIDEO. Coronavirus: Donald Trump cuts ties with WHO .
The tenant of the White House accuses the UN agency of being too lenient towards China on the file of coronavirus © Alex Brandon / AP / SIPA Donald Trump in the Michigan, May 21, 2020. DIVORCE - The White House tenant accuses the UN agency of being too lenient towards China on the coronavirus file The crisis between the USA and China has caused a new victim: the World Health Organization .

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