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Unusual: confinement enters the museum

 Unusual: confinement enters the museum © AFP Several cultural institutions have started to collect testimonies and objects symbolizing confinement, to remember this particular life experience. Will we ever see masks in flowery fabric and bottles of hydroalcoholic gel on a museum display stand? Many cultural institutions around the world are beginning to collect documents related to the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, they ask individuals to send them testimonies of their confined life, a daily upset for half of humanity.

Wool coat are made of felted wool fabrics, a process that will shrink the fabric but also increase its thickness, which will provide a better insulation than a regular, thin, wool fabric. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Wool fibers are generally durable and are able to bend a thousand times more than man-made fibers. The pronounced scales in the wool fibers makes woolen fabrics more prone to tangling and thus relevant for nonwovens like felt, but it also increases the tendency of shrinkage.

Sarner Toppar are cozy, handmade slippers - and an insult. «Toppar, not a nice word. It used to be said that the people of Sarn were always five years behind, »explains Albert Unterweger in his workshop, whose skylights open up views of alpine meadows and forests in South Tyrol.

Rund um den Durnholzer See führt ein malerischer und familientauglicher Wanderweg. © Photo: Michael Lange / Tourismusverein Sarntal / dpa-tmn A picturesque and family-friendly hiking trail leads around Lake Durnholzer.

Actually it looks progressive. And that despite old machines, one of which is “as old as papa” - 85 years. It was also Josef's father who founded the company as Handweber in 1968, when everyone else stopped. “Sustainability” is the buzzword that Albert Unterweger uses frequently. He patiently explains how he creates Sarner Jangger (jackets), carpets, pillows and much more - popular souvenirs.

20 hikers were rescued from flooding in popular Virginia hike trail, fire official says

  20 hikers were rescued from flooding in popular Virginia hike trail, fire official says Emergency crews rescued 20 hikers on a Virginia trail who had been trapped since Sunday evening due to flash flooding.The hikers were rescued before 10 a.m. Monday on trails around the Devil’s Bathtub Trail in Scott County, Duffield Fire Chief Roger Carter told TV station WCYB.

Wool hiking socks may be the most important piece of equipment you bring on your adventure. Merino Wool Accessories Made for Hiking . When you’re ready to hit the trail for a three-day trip in the mountains, make sure your accessories are as comfortable as the rest of your gear.

Merino wool , the ultra soft fabric most commonly found in performance baselayers and socks, is one of the most sought-after materials in the outdoor gear world. But is it worth the hype? Below we break down the pros and cons of merino wool , including next-to-skin comfort, warmth , moisture wicking

wool from local sheep

Unterweger retrieves a bundle of processed sheep's wool. It feels good, minimally oily. "There is some residual fat in our washing process, which is good for processing," for combing, spinning, knitting and sewing.

The South Tyrolean is proud of his products. "The wool is a gift." In this case from exclusively domestic sheep. "As long as there are people who are aware of this, we can do it." The business is a small niche. The Sarner Jangger has remained traditional in its cut and model.

The beneficial oil of mountain pine

A real regional natural product are the oils of the. Mountain pine, white pine, larch, spruce, juniper, Swiss stone pine and silver fir land here after the distillation process, which can also be viewed, 100 percent natural and certified organic in bottles and flacons.

Scientists warn of 'zombie fires' in the Arctic

  Scientists warn of 'zombie fires' in the Arctic Dormant "zombie fires" scattered across the Arctic region -- remnants of record blazes last year -- may be coming to life after an unusually warm and dry Spring, scientists warned Wednesday. "We have seen satellite observations of active fires that hint that 'zombie' fires might have reignited," said Mark Parrington, a senior scientist and wildfire expert at the European Union's Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service. The hotspots, which have"We have seen satellite observations of active fires that hint that 'zombie' fires might have reignited," said Mark Parrington, a senior scientist and wildfire expert at the European Union's Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service.

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Wool is the textile fiber obtained from sheep and other animals, including cashmere and mohair from goats, qiviut from muskoxen, hide and fur clothing from bison, angora from rabbits

The family exports 2000 liters of oil annually to Germany and Austria. Part of it is used in the wellness area of ​​our own company - for example in the “Original Sarntaler mountain pine bath”.

With a pitchfork and rubber boots, Christine Eschgfeller does not look like a conventional beautician. Under the wood overhang in the wild, she places her customers in the material that remains of the pine oil burning. The cozy bed made of needles, twigs and pieces of wood heated by steam is 50 to 60 degrees warm. The smell is somewhere between freshly baked cinnamon rolls and spicy oriental tobacco. The view falls on snow-sprinkled ridges and lush green meadows. Nature wellness in the Sarntal way.

hiking routes in the Sarntal

So much relaxation makes you fit for the mountain, always on the trail. The cable car floats to the Pichlberg mountain station at 2130 meters: the starting point of the Urlesteig. There are buzzing water wheels between mountain pine groves in the mountain stream, ponds can be crossed with the raft, and a mountain pine maze promises adventure.

6-year-old boy discovers 3,500-year-old clay tablet depicting ancient captive

  6-year-old boy discovers 3,500-year-old clay tablet depicting ancient captive A 6-year-old boy in Israel has discovered a 3,500-year-old clay tablet depicting an ancient captive and his captor. © FoxNews.com An archeological dig in Israel uncovered a secret 'piggy bank' of 1,200-year-old gold coins. Imri Elya found the tablet during a hiking trip to the Tel Jemmeh archaeological site in the Negev desert with his parents, according to the Times of Israel. He picked up the small clay object and showed it to his parents, who contacted the Israel Antiquities Authority.

WARMTH AND WEATHER Organic Wool and Wool -Silk clothing and rainwear keeping the whole family you Washing your woollens is easier than you think! Use a wool wash soap Fill a basin with room temperature water DON'T AGITATE - that will make it smaller Squeeze out by hand Then roll it

Immersed in the Val Sarentino valley, this 4-star hotel features a gourmet restaurant and free wellness centre. This family-owned hotel is located in a small village at the crossing of Bolzano/Bozen- Sarentino / Sarntal motorway and one of the main hiking trails to the north of Bolzano

The circular route around Lake Durnholzer is equally suitable for families: pure nature with a view of the church and alpine flower idyll.

You can also start from the Sarner ski hut at 1618 meters above the Auener Alm with nice guest taverns to the Stoanerne Mandln on the Grosse Reisch, a mountain peak that is a good 2000 meters high. An army of stone figures with an impressive view of the Dolomites is waiting above.

The Sagenweg in Aberstückl is less alpine, but just as varied. Pupils from the local primary school designed the path together with the forest authority and tourism association. Narrow paths, pastures, wooden bridges, waterfalls, scree fields and always lovingly thought out stations to the legendary world of the region.

A very special craftsmanship

Back in the valley, a peacock loudly marks its territory on one of the many picturesque courtyards in the region. Peacock feathers are the starting material for another traditional trade in the Sarntal. In the basement of the family business, loosely strokes a bundle of feathers. "In July and August the peacock loses its feathers, then we or the farmers come and collect them," he explains. Feathers from 80 to 90 centimeters in length are used. Six to eight embroidery threads are made with precision work - the quills. These are then embroidered into fine motifs on cowhide and calf leather products through holes pre-punched with a pointed awl.

Olivia Ruiz: "I took care of myself"

 Olivia Ruiz: © Eric Dessons / JDD The singer and now a writer headed south, in a green area near her own. After being sick, she says she is ultra-careful. Olivia Ruiz strives to be warm and cheerful by welcoming us on the small terrace of her home, on the heights of Montmartre. But you can feel it a little tense: there is no question of entering your beautiful white sun-drenched loft, which you can see through the landing door.

Read more about the miraculous properties of wool fibers that keep you warm even when wet. To the untrained eye, a sheep might look like a big, dumb heap of wool standing around in the rain. What you might not know is that the wool on a sheep's back is actually a sophisticated web of fibers that

Merino wool is pretty magical. This sustainable, natural performance fiber helps fuel adventures in more ways than we could have imagined when we started making socks over 20 years ago. We think that Merino wool clothing is key to staying comfortable in the outdoors.

Traditional belt for the price of a small car

«Quill embroidery has been around for about 250 years. We still have the same work technique as we did then, ”says Thaler. The expert points to an opulently embroidered traditional belt. “100 working hours is worth about 5000 euros. If we embroider very elaborately, it can have the price of a small car. » Such belts are status symbols and heirlooms. They are ordered by shooting clubs, music groups and traditional costumes associations. Delivery time of the jewelry: quite two years.

Faster orders for the second main sector of quill stickers - wait around eight weeks for personalized purses or key fobs.

"A busy valley with hard-working people," is how Handweber Albert Unterweger describes his home town of 7,000 inhabitants, the largest municipality in South Tyrol in terms of area. The former seclusion of the Sarntal apparently made its inhabitants inventive and made household resources a premise. Something families can learn from today. It's called sustainability.

info box: Sarntal

Destination: The Sarntal is an approximately 45 km long Alpine valley in South Tyrol between the Penser Joch and the city of Bozen. It lies in the Sarntal Alps of the same name.

addresses: Unterweger wool manufactory, Europastraße 27 / D, 39058 Sarnthein, Italy (Tel .: + 39 / (0) 471 62 00 40, info@unterweger.bz). Experience nature in Eschgfeller, Unterreinswald 17, 39058 Sarntal, Italy (Tel .: + 39 / (0) 471 62 51 38, email: info@eschgfeller.eu). Feather keel embroidery Thaler, Rohrerstrasse 41, 39058 Sarnthein, Italy (Tel .: + 39 / (0) 471 62 32 58, email: info@federkielstickerei.com). Check the opening times again before the visit.

information: Sarntal Tourist Office, Kirchplatz 9, 39058 Sarnthein, Italy (Tel .: + 39 / (0) 471 62 30 91, info@saroTal.com, www.saroTal.com).

Ballermann star Jürgen Milski: He is now becoming a travel guide - but fans are surprised at the price .
© Andreas Rentz / Getty Images Jürgen Milski Jürgen Milski (56) reinvented during the crisis period . The Ballermann star actually delights his fans with hit hits. However, live appearances have not been an option in recent months due to the ban on contacts. During a break in the Salzburg region, he finally got the idea for a new business model, as he revealed in an interview with "express.de": namely as a personal luxury travel guide. A unique opportunity for his fans.

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