US TESTIMONIALS. "A worker in a slaughterhouse is a factory soldier"

16:05  30 june  2020
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China stops poultry imports from Tyson due to new corona cases

 China stops poultry imports from Tyson due to new corona cases Beijing, Jun 21 (Reuters) - China suspends imports of poultry from a listed US meat processor, Tyson, after a corona attack on a farm. The customs authorities announced this on their website on Sunday. According to the information, a slaughterhouse in Springdale in the US state of Arizona is affected, where there have been an accumulation of corona cases among employees. Tyson didn't want to speak at first.

Slaughtering animals and processing their flesh is an inherently dangerous industry where company profits consistently take priority over workers ’ About the Workers . Like other divisions of agriculture, slaughterhouse and “meat”-processing workers are predominantly black and brown people living in

For slaughterhouse workers , the trauma isn’t confined to one incident. Slaughterers will kill hundreds of animals every day – and they are the perpetrators. But tragically, people end up trapped in this line of work . Butler explained in a speech, ‘Inside Tyson’s Hell’, how most of his colleagues were illiterate

Nadine Hourmant : « Je n’ai jamais employé le mot abattoir. Je dis que je vais à l’usine. » © The Damned Nadine Hourmant: "I never used the word slaughterhouse. I say I'm going to the factory.

A documentary, aired Tuesday June 30 on France 2, captures the words of workers in slaughterhouses. A sensitive testimony to the daily lives of men and women. No judgments. But just and punchy words.

Brittany has made it a flagship. 40% of industrial jobs are linked to it in the region. This is the food industry . Slaughterhouses are the economic heart of territories. But from Quimperlé (Finistère) to Saint-Jacut-du-Mené (Côtes-d'Armor), what do we know? It’s the culture of silence that reigns. These are the shock images that we retain.

Schalke 04 - Fan demo also against Clemens Tönnies: "Schalke is not a slaughterhouse"

 Schalke 04 - Fan demo also against Clemens Tönnies: © Getty Images For Clemens Tönnies it could also be tight on Schalke. The supervisory board boss, who is currently fighting privately for the survival of his meat empire, has moved into the crosshairs of the fans. The Ultras have broken their long silence and give the entrepreneur a complicity in the crisis. "Schalke is not a slaughterhouse! Against the disassembly of our club," is the pithy motto of several fan organizations that have announced a demonstration for Saturday. At 3.30 p.m., when

Rarely noted is the fact that the slaughterhouse is a site of unfathomable connectivity. The most intimate and bloodstained bond between humans It will come as no surprise that the consequences of such emotional dissonance include domestic violence, social withdrawal, drug and alcohol abuse

As a soldier , not adequately trained appears in various events that surrounds his life in Dresden. Slaughterhouse -Five explores the life of the protagonist Billy Pilgrim in a series of arbitrary events. Slaughterhouse Five is a work of literary fiction mixed with elements of sci-fi, history, and also

"This is the omerta. Because we don’t want to hear that there are men and women who work in the sector. Nadine Hourmant is a former member of the Doux group. She still works in Chateaulin (Finistère). In poultry. "I never used the word slaughterhouse, I say that I go to the factory. I am a production agent. We produce to feed other people.

Joseph Ponthus, auteur installé à Lorient, fait partie d’un témoin. Dans son livre multiprimé « À la ligne », il décrit son expérience d’ouvrier intérimaire dans l’agroalimentaire. © The Damned Joseph Ponthus, an author based in Lorient, is part of a witness. In his multi-text book "On the Line", he describes his experience as a temporary worker in the food industry.

With an open heart, Nadine Hourmant delivers herself to Anne-Sophie Reinhardt's documentary, Les Damnés. A moving film to discover on Tuesday on France 2.

In front of the camera, eight witnesses from all over France talk about their daily lives. Their history with slaughterhouses. There is the smell, the cries of the pigs, the pace to keep, the painfulness of the repetition of the gestures, the backbone which bends ... "We must already prepare mentally, we arm ourselves, as if we were passing a bullet proof vest. The limbs suffer, tendinitis arrives in the first weeks. We hold on even when the body no longer wants to follow. Automatically, people don't stop. "

Schalke fans demonstrate against Tönnies

 Schalke fans demonstrate against Tönnies At the same time as the last season game of FC Schalke 04 football professionals at SC Freiburg, fans of the Bundesliga team will demonstrate at the Veltins Arena at home. A maximum of 2000 visitors are allowed to observe the demonstration from 3:30 p.m., observing the hygiene regulations. © Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa / archive picture Clemens Tönnies stands in the stadium.

Slaughterhouse -Five (Chapter 1) Lyrics. All this happened, more or less. The war parts, anyway, are pretty much true. My name is Yon Yonson, I work in Wisconsin, I work in a lumbermill there. The people I meet when I walk down the street, They say, "What's your name?"

Slaughter : Workers hold a snake before killing it at a snake slaughterhouse . Snake skins measuring in the hundreds of metres, are sold to bag factories in the West and Laborious: Workers use pairs of scissors to cut the skins of snakes. All in a day's work : Wakira smokes a cigarette as pieces of dried

Olivier Le Bras, aujourd’hui conseiller régional, ancien délégué syndical chez Gad, à Lampaul-Guimiliau (Finistère). © The damned Olivier Le Bras, now regional councilor, former union representative at Gad, in Lampaul-Guimiliau (Finistère). "We are the scapegoats"

Nadine, facing the camera, has tears rising. Like the others, she came for a week-long contract. And then, even if we do not choose this profession, we remain, "once I got there ..." She has been working there, on the assembly line, for thirty years.

If she agreed to speak, with an open face, it is so that looks change, that society questions itself more and is a bit grateful: "People have to eat. We are the scapegoats for this situation. We are not responsible for . " Does killing the animal make employees torturers?

She recognizes it, “there are slippages, as in all trades. But there are veterinary services. Animal welfare is taken into account. We suffer from being blamed for the issue. "

Olivier Le Bras, too, describes " this very strong desire to leave and this even stronger mechanism which pushes to stay ". He spins the war metaphor, linked to death, omnipresent in slaughterhouses. A battle that is played every day and asks to “invent something to hold on” . Above all, do not reveal emotions…

Army speaks out on Vanessa Guillen, missing Fort Hood soldier

  Army speaks out on Vanessa Guillen, missing Fort Hood soldier "We fully understand the frustration felt by the family, friends and fellow Soldiers of Vanessa," the Army said. "We are doing everything in our power to get her back."The Army's move comes days after investigators said they suspect foul play related to her disappearance and opened up a separate inquiry looking into allegations that she was sexually harassed by a supervisor.

B. The shocking truth is that the Russian capital at wintertime is not as cold as many people would imagine. D. Muscovites enjoy a wide variety of sports and activities in the wintertime. Cross-country skiing is a great way to both get fit and enjoy the winter beauty of the many public parks in Moscow.

Worker -Peasant- Soldier student. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Worker -Peasant- Soldier students became history in 1977 after Chairman Mao Zedong's death, when Deng Xiaoping reinstated the National Higher Education Entrance Examination.[1].

Six years after leaving the food industry, he still has the cries of “that echo in my head ». He experienced the difficulty of projecting elsewhere and works today as an airport security officer.

On October 11, 2013, then union representative, he stood by his 983 comrades when the slaughterhouse in Lampaul-Guimiliau (Finistère) closed , "an economic pan that is crumbling" . His commitment, he lives today in politics, involved in his town and as a regional adviser. For all workers who come for a job and a salary, he wants to fight: "I don't want them to be judged on what they are not.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, the director, decided not to turn anything into a slaughterhouse. Its witnesses evolve in nature, in the middle of the forest. Like "Human Beasts", as Sorj Chalandon titled in Le Canard enchaîné.

The damned, workers in the slaughterhouse, Tuesday June 30, at 10.50 p.m., documentary broadcast in the program Infrarouge , on France 2.

Turkey: Fireworks factory employees detained after explosion .
ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s official news agency says three people have been detained in connection to a massive explosion at a fireworks factory that left at least four people dead. Anadolu news agency reported Saturday that a manager and two supervisors were detained following Friday’s explosion in northwestern Sakarya province. Three workers are still missing, and rescue teams continued their search in a forest and fields near the factory. The cause of the blast, which injured some 114 people, was under investigation. Television footage on Friday showed a large, mushroom-shaped cloud of smoke rising from the factory amid sounds of explosions.

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