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01:16  01 july  2020
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Trump does not sell out in Tulsa for his first meeting after the Covid-19 crisis

 Trump does not sell out in Tulsa for his first meeting after the Covid-19 crisis In front of a half-empty room, the American president praised his management of the coronavirus crisis in Tulsa on Saturday. During this first campaign meeting despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he said that he had asked his health authorities to slow down the pace of testing for the virus. Ignoring the warnings on the coronavirus, Donald Trump resumed Saturday, June 20 with the meetings which he loves to relaunch his campaign for the American presidential election, but without the expected crowd.

GDP figures show impact of coronavirus pandemic was worse than first thought.

Further information: COVID - 19 pandemic in Georgia ( U . S . state). The Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC) suspended visitations and announced additional sanitation measures, but The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that inmates had seen no extra soap.[67] A prison worker was

The United States found itself increasingly isolated from the world Tuesday as COVID-19 continued to spread across southern and western states.

With America's coronavirus death toll climbing to nearly 127,000, the European Union lifted travel restrictions for 15 countries but not the U.S.

Even China, where the deadly pandemic is believed to have started back in December, made the EU's cut of countries where the rate of infection is deemed low enough to allow people from those places to travel into the bloc.

Christophe: his wife explains his death from the Covid-19

 Christophe: his wife explains his death from the Covid-19 © Provided by Cover Media Christophe Christophe's death, April 16, 2020, in the Brest hospital where he had been transferred from Paris, had been reported to be due to emphysema. The singer, it is true, suffered from this respiratory disease, but everyone suspected that the disease which had ended the days of one of the most popular French singers was Covid-19. His family, however, stood by the first version and was accused of hiding the truth.

White Helmets weaponize Covid - 19 to ensure Syrian people suffer more. The Al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets group have sprung into action to defend the sanctions regime and to effectively condemn the huge majority of Syrian people to further misery should the pandemic take hold in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of people are falling seriously ill from COVID - 19 , and the disease is spreading exponentially in many places We must respond decisively, innovatively and together to suppress the spread of the virus and address the socio-economic devastation that COVID - 19 is causing in all regions.

"The way in which the current American administration has dealt with the virus, I don't think it would be responsible for any European leader to basically let Americans in at the moment," former Finnish prime minister Alexander Stubb told NBC News.

President Donald Trump waited until March 13 to declare a national emergency and has been pushing aggressively to get the country's economy moving again, even as health experts are warning that the pandemic could still get worse.

“We can't just focus on those areas that are having the surge, it puts the entire country at risk," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in his Tuesday testimony before Congress. "We're now having 40-plus thousand new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around and so I'm very concerned.”

UN fears drug use due to corona crisis

 UN fears drug use due to corona crisis As a result of the corona crisis, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) fears an increase in drug use. © Photo: picture alliance / dpa Cannabis plants on a - legal - plantation in Israel. According to previous experience, increasing unemployment - as in a dramatic manner in the current crisis - has always been associated with a plus in the use of drugs, the authority said in its annual report, which was presented in Vienna.

As COVID - 19 Crashes the Economy, Workers and Business Owners Wonder If Anything Can Save Them From Financial Ruin. JP Morgan economists predicted that the U . S . economy would shrink by 4% in the first quarter and as much as 14% in the second quarter, while the economy of the 19

The COVID - 19 outbreak is a human tragedy and has a growing impact on the global economy. COVID - 19 : Implications for business. Average number of contacts identified per case, which measures how effective contact-tracing systems are at identifying and isolating the likely next

Young people, in particular, are at risk, Fauci told the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

“What we saw were a lot of people who maybe felt that because they think they are invulnerable, and we know many young people are not because they're getting serious disease, that therefore they're getting infected has nothing at all to do with anyone else, when in fact it does,” he said

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said we only have ourselves to blame for the continuing contagion.

"We can continue to reopen, to get back to work, get back to school, get back to healthcare, but we have to act responsibly as individuals," Azar said on Fox Business Network. "If we simply do three things: Practice social distancing, wear facial coverings when we can't social distance, and practice proper personal hygiene. If we do those three things, we can turn around the tide of these new cases and continue to reopen."

San Quentin COVID-19 Inmate Outbreak Tops 500 Confirmed Cases; 73 Cases Among Staff

  San Quentin COVID-19 Inmate Outbreak Tops 500 Confirmed Cases; 73 Cases Among Staff A COVID-19 outbreak at San Quentin State Prison continued its rapid spread Friday with 539 confirmed cases among the inmate population and another 73 prison employees having been infected with the virus. © Provided by CBS SF Bay Area Over the last 14 days, prison officials said, 512 cases have been confirmed within the prison population with as many as 1,000 tests still waiting to be processed. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

The COVID - 19 pandemic has had far -reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease itself and efforts to quarantine it, including political, cultural, and They need special attention during the COVID - 19 crisis , and their voices, opinions and concerns are important in formulating responses.[46].

COVID - 19 caused a reduction in many types of crime around the world.[3] A report by USA Today on 4 April 2020 showed a decrease in criminal incidents (in America) since 15 March in nineteen out of twenty police agencies examined.[4] However, the report also noted an increase in domestic violence

Trump and his allies have previously blamed the rise in numbers on an increase in testing -- a claim many health experts have dismissed as untrue.

As states like Alabama, Texas, Florida and California continued to report huge numbers of new cases, other states like New York and New Jersey that have been able to flatten the curve were putting off plans to reopen its bars and restaurants.

“This virus indoors is a whole different beast than it is outdoors,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said on "Today." “Our numbers have come way down, probably as much as any American state, but we paid a huge price as you mentioned, 15,000 fatalities. We've gone through hell. The last thing we want to do is go through hell again."

Health experts agree that closing down bars and restaurants was wise.

“I’m delighted they’re closing some of them,” John Swartzberg, a professor emeritus of infectious disease and vaccinology at the University of California, Berkeley, told NBC News on Monday. “I’m disappointed they’re not closing more. The reason I’m delighted is because the highest risk for people is being in an enclosed area for a prolonged period of time. Bars are a perfect setup for that.”

Fewer companies make the jump to the stock exchange

 Fewer companies make the jump to the stock exchange © Reuters / KAI PFAFFENBACH Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Frankfurt Frankfurt (Reuters) - The corona crisis also leaves its mark on IPOs. Worldwide, the number of debuts on the stock market decreased in the second quarter by 39 percent to 186, the issue volume shrank by 32 percent to $ 41.1 billion, as a study published on Tuesday by the consulting and audit firm EY showed.

There have been more than 9,400 cases of Covid - 19 and 152 deaths in the US so far , according to estimates. Globally there are some 220,000 confirmed cases and over 8,800 deaths. Federal agencies will postpone most arrests and deportations during the coronavirus crisis .

While restaurants, gyms, schools and other buildings are closed indefinitely to prevent the spread of COVID - 19 , water left sitting in pipes could change in

In Washington D.C., powerful Republicans who had been reluctant to require Americans to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were suddenly donning them and urging everyone else to do the same.

“Wearing the mask is the best opportunity for us to keep this economy open, keep us working, keep us safe, and help us as we build towards that vaccine” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (R-Calif.), said Tuesday on Fox News.

California has recorded 223,684 coronavirus infections and 5,979 deaths since the pandemic started, according to the latest NBC News tally. And a Los Angeles Times analysis found the state was on track to nearly double the amount of cases it had in May, which was 61,666.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd © Provided by NBC News

Vice President Mike Pence, who was harshly criticized for not wearing a mask during meetings and photo ops, has also started wearing one while out in public.

So has Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“We must have no stigma –- none –- about wearing masks when we leave our homes and come near other people,” the Kentucky Republican said on Monday. “Wearing simple face coverings is not about protecting ourselves. It is about protecting everyone we encounter.”

Sen. Lamar Alexander ( R-Tenn.), opened Monday's Senate Committee Hearing on the Coronavirus Pandemic by recommending again that Trump set an example for the nation by wearing a face mask.

Wilkie: Union exploiting COVID-19 crisis for contract gains

  Wilkie: Union exploiting COVID-19 crisis for contract gains Complaints about collective bargaining terms without facts on how VA has improved by all of us working together detract from a spirit of cooperation that I know exists at all levels in VA. This crisis should bring us closer together, not be used by some to drive us apart while lives are still at stake. Robert Wilkie is the 10th U.S.

“The president has plenty of admirers,” Alexander said. “They would follow his lead.”

Trump, however, has refused to regularly wear one, as have many of his supporters. And as the issue has become politically polarized, there have been confrontations between businesses that require them and citizens who say their rights are being infringed upon.

Pressed about the president’s reluctance to wear a mask, McCarthy said he has seen Trump wear one at times and agreed that him doing so would send a patriotic message.

“It would. I mean, for the 4th of July we could show our patriotism with a red, white and blue mask,” McCarthy said on Fox.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will don one Friday when he travels to South Dakota for an Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore. The state’s Republican governor, Kristi Noem, said they will be handing out masks but not requiring people to social distance.

South Dakota reported no coronavirus deaths overnight, but 91 people have died in the state from the virus and 6,716 cases have been reported, according to NBC News figures.

'Beyond worst nightmares': Argentina's child poverty rate soars amid pandemic .
'Beyond worst nightmares': Argentina's child poverty rate soars amid pandemicBUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Antonio Chenarce, a 49-year-old baker and father of three in Buenos Aires, has struggled to make ends meet since losing his job due to the coronavirus lockdown imposed in the Argentine capital since mid-March.

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