US Saying it failed minority students for decades, school district commits to racial equity

12:40  03 july  2020
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  Apple's WWDC sees former AG Eric Holder urge developers to advance racial justice Holder said developers can use their skills to help people find and share information amid Black Lives Matter protests."If this community focuses on those issues, coupled with great companies like Apple, you all can have a really meaningful impact," Holder said. "We are at the beginning of something that I think ultimately is going to lead to some positive change.

If universities failed to take action, they should also be made legally liable for student -on- student harassment. She said : “ It is a particular concern that many students do not feel confident in reporting incidents of racial harassment and have low confidence in their complaints being dealt with.

Since school funding is so similar across racial and ethnic groups, it cannot be the proximate cause Student -needs adjustments taken to an extreme could imply that no level of school funding—no At the same time, they are 52 percent more likely to say they want “to exit teaching at the first opportunity.”

INDIANAPOLIS — After decades of segregation, of failing to educate and serve all students equally, of “privileging the prejudice of white parents over the well-being of Black students,” a new era has begun in Indianapolis Public Schools.

The IPS Board of School Commissioners unanimously adopted a new racial equity policy and resolution affirming that Black lives matter last week, naming the ways in which the district has failed its Black and brown students in the past and committing to doing better in the future.

Dorchester’s Karilyn Crockett ready to lead the fight for equity

  Dorchester’s Karilyn Crockett ready to lead the fight for equity She views tumultuous times as the perfect soil for transformation. “When people are in the street, that’s when you get the best opportunity to make new policy, to make change,” Crockett said. “It has to be in conversation with these folks who are in these government buildings or in the private sector. The desire of people to make change, to articulate what they need, is being expressed right there. So that’s the time to be in conversation and to move.”Crockett, an Urban Studies professor at MIT, was appointed by Mayor Martin J.

These one hundred school districts and charter schools with socioeconomic integration policies enroll nearly 4.4 million students and are located in thirty-two different states. At a time when American society is being torn along racial , ethnic, economic, and religious lines, school leaders in a small but

Evaluating school finance policies based on equity or adequacy is insufficient. School funding systems should ensure equal access to core educational services. The ESEA’s clear purpose was to ensure a level playing field for low-income and minority students .

It will be wide-ranging, affecting everything from how students are taught and disciplined to how teachers are hired and trained.

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The policy has been in the works for the past 18 months and wasn’t due out until later this summer, but Superintendent Aleesia Johnson said timing its adoption with the current momentum around the Black Lives Matter movement felt right.

Creating and adopting what she calls a “racial equity mindset” was one Johnson’s top priorities when interviewing to lead the district. The first Black woman to lead the district, she served as interim starting in January 2019 and was officially hired into the position last June.

“With the current climate, it felt right to bring it now, in June, and amplify this message and our commitment to racial equity and the work we have ahead,” Johnson said after the vote.

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  'This impacts your life forever': How 1 school district addresses students' racism charges As police departments and corporations face public reckonings over systemic racism, schools, too, are confronting accusations of racism from students.The guards repeatedly asked her about the shirt she was wearing underneath her sweatshirt, she said. Nervously, Harvard tugged on the T-shirt beneath her hoodie. The black T-shirt had words in white that read, "Black lives matter," a nod to the movement started in 2013 calling for action against systemic racism.

Law schools are making an effort to diversify the legal profession by enrolling more minority law students . But Peg Cheng, who helps J.D. candidates sharpen their applications through her company, Prelaw Guru, says that failing to identify as a racial or ethnic minority if you are one is a

Schools for minority children (e.g., African American) were grossly underfunded and poorly resourced when compared to schools for children from the In the decades since the Brown decision and research findings by Dunn, initiatives to remedy the disproportionate placement of minority students

'This impacts your life forever': How one school district addresses students' racism charges

This month's board meeting was the first the district held in person since schools were closed statewide in March. Most board members were present, though at least one participated electronically as concerns persist about the spread of the coronavirus.

Attendance at the meeting was capped at 50, including board members and district staff, but only 25 people were physically present. The district livestreamed the meeting online for those who could not be there.

Several board members commented on the weight of the moment. Commissioner Susan Collins called it a "historic night."

The largest school district in Indiana, 80% of the students it serves identify as Black, Hispanic, multiracial or an ethnicity other than white. Still, white students far outpace their Black and brown counterparts on state tests and the vast majority of the district’s teachers are white. And despite the racial makeup of the district, some of its highest-performing schools are majority-white and inequities in access and opportunity persist.

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  Meet Jael Kerandi, the student leader pushing University of Minnesota to change its relationship with police “It was important that something was said right away, to make sure that our Black students knew that their lives mattered on our campus and we were taking this seriously.” With the help of her peers, she crafted a letter to university administrators that day.“The police are murdering Black men with no meaningful repercussions. This is not a problem of some other place or some other time. This is happening right here in Minneapolis. We no longer tolerate the ineffective, inconsistent ‘bias training’ that rarely serves as more than a fig leaf,” she wrote.

Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, 551 U.S. 701 (2007), also known as the PICS case, is a United States Supreme Court case. At issue were efforts for voluntary school desegregation and integration in Seattle, Washington, and Louisville, Kentucky.

The issue of onerous student debt is surfacing in 2016 presidential campaigns. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination, has proposed government grants to replace loans for students at four-year public colleges and universities. The plan has spurred some of her Republican

a person smiling for the camera: Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Aleesia Johnson poses for a portrait at her Indianapolis office on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. © Jenna Watson/IndyStar Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Aleesia Johnson poses for a portrait at her Indianapolis office on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

That needs to change, said school board president Michael O’Connor.

“We must address the reality of the knee of the white community on the neck of the black community,” O’Connor said, “a knee that may not always extinguish the precious gift of life but certainly has been used to limit the oxygen of fair and equitable access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“What those of us in the white community must now recognize is this: Simply removing our knee from the neck of the black community isn’t enough. We must extend a hand and the warm embrace of equity, that we must assure and provide equitable access to education, economic opportunity and all the tools that allowed so many of us – people like me – to succeed. That is, indeed, what we are starting to say.”

a statue of a person: Michael O'Connor, president of the Indianapolis Public Schools board, speaking at the IPS headquarters on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019. © Arika Herron/IndyStar Michael O'Connor, president of the Indianapolis Public Schools board, speaking at the IPS headquarters on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019.

It’s work the district has begun, Johnson said, but will continue. By adopting the policy, the district “will continue and expand ongoing efforts to identify and address racial disparities and disproportionalities in discipline and academic outcomes, expand equitable access to educational and programmatic opportunities, and examine policies and practices to ensure that their burdens and benefits do not reinforce existing inequalities."

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Like any school district across the country, the Los Angeles Unified School District has been plagued by budget cuts in recent years. However, when dealing with the large number of schools and students that this district is responsible for, funding cuts are that much deeper. The recent passage of a tax

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As part of the new commitment, Johnson will regularly report to the board on students' academic performance and the district's progress on closing achievement gaps. The district will work to create more diverse candidate pools when hiring, in recognition of the importance of representation in its teaching force.

And the district committed to supporting and advocating for legislation to address inequities.

"I am proud of this moment, but we must remember this is just the start," O’Connor said. "All we have done is put words on paper – good, powerful and meaningful words. But, if we don’t follow that up with action, that meaning will all be lost. We must have uncomfortable conversations, make difficult decisions and demand the equity we are spelling out."

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The resolution included several guiding principles:

  • Black lives matter – Every student is capable of success, deserving of respect and valuable to our community.
  • All students – of every race – benefit from Black teachers and Black leaders.
  • Representation and recognition matters.
  • Understanding the ugly truth of our past is necessary to building a beautiful vision of our future.

The district will also recognize Juneteenth as a district holiday. June 19 is celebrated as a day of liberation in the Black community, commemorating the day that the last enslaved people in the United States were freed, more than two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

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Read the resolution below.

This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: Saying it failed minority students for decades, school district commits to racial equity

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