US Americans love baseball. Canadians love their lives more.

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2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit: Rankings, strategy tips and more to get you ready for the short season

  2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit: Rankings, strategy tips and more to get you ready for the short season 2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit: Rankings, strategy tips and more to get you ready for the short season[Still time to join or create a fantasy baseball league for the short season]

Why do americans like baseball so much ? Americans love baseball because it is the greatest game ever created. Now go back to whatever third world American Your BFF from Manitoba, yep our house is gonna be sold right away and I'll move up there with you and we'll live happily ever after, pick

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Sitting in witness over the last few months while COVID-19 has swamped the United States and made our political, economic and medical structures squirm under its thumb, gasping for air and begging for mercy, I have wondered what it would be like to live in a functional country, one with a robust democracy and a sense of civic decorum that might, for instance, compel most people to wear masks in public.

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This weekend, I got my answer. Days before Major League Baseball's much-delayed Opening Day on Thursday, Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced that the government thought it too risky to let ballplayers cross from the U.S. into his country and that, therefore, games wouldn't be taking place north of the border. It was a profound contrast. The U.S. has decided to let COVID-19 run wild in service of marginal economic gains; Canada, which has a semblance of an operating civil society, goes out of its way to protect people.

Fantasy Baseball Catcher Sleepers: Breakout, undervalued backstops to target in 2020 drafts

  Fantasy Baseball Catcher Sleepers: Breakout, undervalued backstops to target in 2020 drafts If you don't get one of the top five or six catchers in your 2020 fantasy baseball draft, chances are you'll be looking for a sleeper backstop in the late rounds. We highlight five breakout candidates to circle on your cheat sheets.The five backstops highlighted below are far from sure things, but there are reasons to consider all of them at various points in your draft. It's unlikely you'll get much in the way of average from most of them -- and you certainly aren't going to get any steals -- but most of these guys can either hit homers or get on base (or both), and that's all it takes to have value at fantasy's thinnest position.

Would more guns save more American lives ? Jump to media player A gun rights group in the US state of Illinois argues that arming more In the US there are currently more guns than humans, between 300m and 350m registered firearms. Each year they are responsible for about 34,000 deaths.

The American NFL plays some of its games in London each year, but few locals pay much attention. Similarly, Major League Baseball held the first game of the season in Australia for a while, but now seem to For sports fans, the historical resonance of their local games adds meaning to their lives .

Our failure to control, contain, test for or treat the terrors of the coronavirus has been well documented. It's been a real American Nightmare, a performance in the face of a monumental national challenge best described as "pitiful." Sports were, for a while, at the vanguard of responsible COVID-19 decision-making — canceling the NCAA tournament was one of the first major precautionary shutdowns, you might recall. But eventually the business interests won out, and an endeavor that revolves around fit and healthy competitors has joined in the insanity.

The billionaire owners of the NBA, the NHL and MLB had seats at the table on reopening advisory boards, and President Donald Trump was vociferous in his desire to get sports back as soon as possible, even in our coronavirus-infused environment. Some state governments, including Florida's, even went so far as to declare professional athletes essential workers, allowing for the isolating masses to sustain themselves on cable wrestling shows. Athletes will now resume playing sports — albeit without fans — even though basically nothing has been accomplished to eradicate or contain COVID-19.

Fantasy Baseball Points League Strategy Tips, Advice

  Fantasy Baseball Points League Strategy Tips, Advice Fantasy Alarm's Dan Malin gets you ready for 2020 fantasy baseball points league draft with some tips and strategy advice.I prefer points leagues because, in my experience, owners are less likely to check out. That’s not to say owners never check out in points leagues, but if someone has a big lead in Roto points at the All-Star break, it can be discouraging. In a points league, it’s a head-to-head format, and similar to fantasy football, you're trying to run up the score on your opponent. Even more important, things can swing in a hurry.

Canadian baseball fans will pay tribute to Martinez, who capped an impressive four-year career in Montreal “There’s such a love affair because Pedro loves them back and shows respect to them He had cost the Expos their starting second baseman, Delino DeShields, and was best known as the

“I love baseball ; I played it my whole life so I’m still really connected to it,” says Ryan McCrinnon of Washington, DC. As more and more people proudly displayed US flags and increased their support in the armed forces, American sports expanded their involvement as well.

To their credit, I suppose, the NBA and the NHL have adopted a pair of outlandish plans to ensure a safe-seeming return. Basketball will house every viable team at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This "bubble" will largely isolate players and staff from the outside world, though they will still be tested every day (even though the state has a massive testing backlog). The NHL has split its own bubble across two Canadian cities, Edmonton and Toronto, and players will also be tested every day (the country has a far smaller testing backlog).

Indeed, the mighty nation of Canada has done a pretty decent job controlling its outbreak, using its more reliable, less chaotic health care system and setting aside political differences to wage a unified fight against a silent, slippery enemy. Canada's superior touch involved a lot of cooperative efforts and small sacrifices, the kind Americans and their government have been mostly unwilling to make.

When Buffalo eliminated college baseball, 'It derailed a lot of lives, a lot of plans'

  When Buffalo eliminated college baseball, 'It derailed a lot of lives, a lot of plans' While attention has shifted in college sports to the state of the fall season, the clearest sign of the pandemic’simpact is the number of teams cut.The text came mid-trip, pinging phones with an ominous alert: Please attend a meeting at 8 a.m. tomorrow in the university’s art center, referred to on campus as the “drama room.” Unbeknownst to the baseball team, athletes and coaches on three other programs — men’s soccer, women’s rowing, and men's swimming and diving — were being given the same message.

canadians love beer. america has made many fast food restaurants.(mcdonalds,kfc etc). canadians go overseas and try to insist that they are not american when people hear their accent. I live not far from Canada , I have a lot of Canadian friends and you would have a hard time spotting

Their lives reconnect in shattering fashion. Their love -hate relationship lasts into high school, with Monica's edge and Quincy's top-dog attitude separating them, except when Quincy's parents argue and he climbs through Monica's window Terrific Non-Stereotypical, Feminist African- American Romance.

Nor, apparently, has Major League Baseball. Unlike their pals on the hardwood and the ice, MLB has decided against centrally locating its teams, and players will be tested only every other day. Contests will take place at home stadiums, on an adjusted schedule that reduces travel but doesn't eliminate it altogether.

Except the Blue Jays. Because Canada, the home of the Toronto Blue Jays — and, apparently, common sense — shut down the idea of a bi-country season, the Blue Jays have been left scrambling, looking at sharing a stadium with the Pittsburgh Pirates and other U.S.-based options.

Why is it that Canada is able to declare traveling bands of superspreading baseball players off-limits, while the U.S. can't even keep Disney World closed? Why can the Canadian government act aggressively in the obvious best interest of its people, while America's virus problem has gotten so bad that the president has taken it upon himself to intercede in testing efforts to reduce the appearance of spreading?

The answer, I believe, is the outsize role wealth plays in dictating the priorities and function of the United States. Sports team owners are extraordinarily wealthy men and women with a lot of influence, and the pandemic has been really bad for the profitability of their league Investments.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Auction Values, Dollar Projections

  2020 Fantasy Baseball Auction Values, Dollar Projections It would be downright irresponsible to go into your 2020 fantasy baseball auction without dollar projections. With a big assist from Fantasy Pros, we help you fill out your draft cheat sheet with updated dollar values.Our friends at Fantasy Pros have provided their projected dollar values for each position, and while we know that some players will go for considerably more or less than listed below, these projections can still serve as a guide for each player's value. Studying these values is a good way to plan how you want to build your team. If you tier off the players at each position you want to target, you can put together rough budget and auction strategy.

Why do Americans love guns so much ? Why are they so obsessed with having guns and killing things? Most of the media (and several writers here on Quora) love to perpetuate the idea that us gun nutters are nutters for guns and are all John Rambos who spray and pray, killing indiscriminately

Yet Americans love their troops more than most any other country. Because they have kept us free. They will put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans and people who face oppression around the world.

Chicago White Sox and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf has been self-reporting nine-figure losses on account of the pandemic's clampdown on sports. Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta, whose fortune is based primarily on the similarly suffering casino and chain restaurant industries, has taken on massive debt that naturally became deeply burdensome when all of his revenue streams were subjected to quarantine.

It would take a powerful political force to square off against the financial desperation of owners and have public health come out the winner. The idea that Washington would step in à la Ottawa to oppose reopening this major revenue stream — for tax coffers as well as industry titans — is laughable. The pockets of America's political class are lined with the dollars of sports team owners; if they wanted a season to happen, even against the best epidemiological practices, it was almost certainly gonna happen.

Reinsdorf's donation list is filled to the brim with various members of Congress, and he's not even the Chicago-based owner deepest into the political pool. Cubs owners Joe Ricketts and his family are some of America's most prolific political donors, having funneled more than $30 million into super PAC spending in the previous election cycle. Betsy DeVos of the Infamous high-spending DeVos clan and Trump's widely loathed education secretary? Part-owner of the Orlando Magic.

Feds use tear gas to try to disperse rowdy Portland protests

  Feds use tear gas to try to disperse rowdy Portland protests PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — U.S. agents again used tear gas to try to disperse a large crowd of protesters outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, Friday night after multiple fireworks were shot towards the building as raucous demonstrations continued in the city. Thousands of people gathered in Portland streets hours after a U.S. judge denied Oregon’s request to restrict federal agents’ actions when they arrest people during protests that have roiled the city and pitted local officials against the Trump administration.By 8 p.m.

If you are suspicious of the role big spending plays in politicians' decision-making, here is a relevant recent example. Remember when I mentioned Florida's making pro athletes essential workers and declaring the WWE an essential business? Well, as it turns out, the very same day Gov. Ron DeSantis took that action, longtime WWE executive Linda McMahon's Pro-Trump super PAC committed to a whopping $18.5 million in television ad spending in the Sunshine State. It stands to reason that there's a connection.

Canada, with its more stringent regulatory climate and less wealth-obsessed culture, manages the privilege of just not giving a hoot about the fake needs of whiny billionaires in the face of a pandemic. Our chaotic, disease-ridden country could stand to learn from our neighbor's example.

The Backstory: What our reporters saw, heard and learned at the Portland protests .
It was important for us to stand at the courthouse fence, to be among the protesters, to watch law enforcement. Even if it meant being in harms way.I wanted to hear from both of them. I had questions.

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