US Black family kicked out of historically Black pool, highlighting lasting impact of segregation

01:53  01 august  2020
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Bill proposes $1 billion to diversify medical schools

  Bill proposes $1 billion to diversify medical schools "There simply are not enough doctors who look like the patients in the underserved communities."The Expanding Medical Education Act, introduced in the Senate last week by Tim Kaine, D-Va., was drafted to offer a pathway to "tackle the lack of representation of rural students, underserved students, and students of color in the physician pipeline," it says. The goal would be to reduce mistrust in doctors and health care institutions among marginalized communities, thus narrowing the gap in health care.

A family was kicked out of their community pool at Lago Mar in Texas City, Texas. The lifeguard "claimed" the family which are residents wasn't following

In fact, black women earn less than white men at every level of education and even when they work in the same occupation. But even if changing jobs were Figure A plots the “Duncan Segregation Index” (DSI) for black women and white men, overall and by education, based on individual occupation data

The Fort Lauderdale community is being asked to confront its own history with barring Black residents from beaches and pools after a white woman demanded that police be called on a Black family at a public pool.

a group of people in a swimming pool © Provided by NBC News

Ghenete Wright Muir, an attorney and an LGBTQ advocate, and her son, Masai, 23, are both former competitive swimmers who went to the Joseph C. Carter Park pool, which had been designated for Black people during segregation, for the first time on July 19.

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Black people in the United States are more likely to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites because they commit more violent crimes than whites per capita. – FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States.

Many people, both black and white, are less than enchanted with government efforts at integration that they They warn that if those subsidies shrink, some poor families will have to pay more out of their own “All of the other forms of segregation that exist in our society,” Mr. Cisneros told Retro Report

Muir said after she entered the pool, she turned to her son, who was swimming two lanes away, to ask a question. Muir said that Lani Kempner, a former professor at Broward College, who was swimming in the lane between the two, demanded they stop speaking across her lane. She said she asked the lifeguard if there was a rule prohibiting speaking across lanes. The lifeguard said there was not. According to Muir, Kempner demanded that Muir and her son leave the pool and an argument ensued. Muir said she and her son asked that they be allowed to stay as they had not broken any rules. Kempner then requested that the police be called, according to Muir.

Actress Royana Black Dead at 47 Following Leukemia Battle

  Actress Royana Black Dead at 47 Following Leukemia Battle Former Broadway star Royana Black died of leukemia on July 14. The 47-year-old previously starred in the sitcom Raising Miranda.Her husband John "J.P." Hubbell's sister wrote on a GoFundMe that the 47-year-old died "very suddenly" of acute myeloid leukemia on July 14. "Royana's incredible energy and spirit will be a part of our lives forever, and her friends and family want to remember her and assist her husband, JP, at this most difficult time," the statement read.

ATLANTA – One of the few black kids in her elementary school in Waterford, Connecticut, Alversia Wade remembers being asked in fourth But others say the schools themselves deserve at least some of the credit, for making changes in everything from recruiting practices to out - of -state tuition prices.

The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth. A white apartment manager of an Indianapolis residential complex who kicked out a black resident for no other reason than she had the authority to do so, has been suspended from her job and may be fired once an investigation is complete.

“I was distraught. When I heard her say she's going to call the police, it was already painful for me,” Muir said. “You don't call the police on Black people when there's no danger. Maybe she could have gotten out of the pool and left. If she was really feeling uncomfortable, there was nothing stopping her from leaving the pool. She also could have moved lanes over.”

Another member of the pool staff, who has not been publicly identified, called the police, and could not be reached by NBC News. When police arrived, Muir said everyone was asked to get out of the pool. For fear of what might happen if they did not comply, they got out of the pool.

Bodycam footage obtained by NBC 6 South Florida shows officers asking everyone to leave the pool. Muir said that even after officers asked Kempner to leave, she refused. The Ft. Lauderdale police department has not yet responded to a request for comment from NBC News.

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Vanguard's Black Professional Network, a Crew Resource Group committed to engaging, encouraging, and supporting Black crew members in their personal and professional development, frequently engages with HBCUs to develop high- impact experiential learning initiatives.

Historically black schools educated nearly 300,000 students in 2014, the latest figure available from the National Center for Education Statistics. Education Department data shows that three-quarters of all doctorates awarded to African Americans, three-quarters of all black officers in the U.S. military and

City Commissioner Robert McKinzie said Fort Lauderdale is working on a plan to make sure an incident like this does not happen again, especially because the pool staff member “never should’ve called the police,” he said.

“My question is, why did one of our lifeguards feel so threatened to pick up the phone and call the police for something that we could have handled,” he said. “It's a public pool, so we welcome all, but we will not tolerate that type of behavior.”

In a statement to NBC News, a representative for the city of Fort Lauderdale confirmed Muir, her son, and her friend Niki Lopez, 45, who was also at the pool, were banned for 24 hours for “inappropriate behavior and failure to comply with the lifeguard’s directives.” Kempner was banned for two additional days for “violating park rules.” NBC News reached out to Kempner and the pool manager but did not receive a response.

When legal segregation barred Black swimmers from pools and beaches

Marvin Dunn, a historian, said Muir’s experience points to an issue that has existed in Fort Lauderdale since at least 1896 when Black people in the city were first denied access to the ocean after the Florida East Coast Railroad was built.

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Slowly, Jones, who is black , and Packwood got to know each other better. One day, Packwood was coming out of detention and missed his bus. So a guidance counselor suggested he consider Morehouse College, one of the most iconic historically black colleges in the United States.

Advocates of the state's four historically black universities have fought for more high-demand academic programs they say would enhance the A dual and unequal system, he said, is a vestige of segregation . And that inequality is reflected in the disparities in the academic offerings within

“It’s a glimpse of what we have gone through, historically, in terms of one kind of denial, one kind of discrimination, one aspect of racism that can be traced back to a period when there was intense resistance to be in the water with Blacks,” Dunn said. “In the whole scope of desegregation, the thing that white people themselves resisted, second only to intermarriage, was swimming with Black people.”

In 1961, Black protesters in the city staged a series of “wade-ins” at white-only beaches in order to get proper roads built to the Black-only beach that was overgrown and only accessible by ferry.

Dunn said that over time, the exclusion of Black people from beaches and pools had an impact.

“It’s not that Black people cannot swim. It’s that they were denied access for so long that the skill stopped being learned,” he said. “Because of racial segregation and Blacks not being allowed access to pools, Blacks, as a group, tend not to be able to swim comparative to whites.” African American children ages 5-19 are 5.5 times more likely to drown in a swimming pool, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A 2017 survey by the University of Memphis and the USA Swimming Foundation found that Black children and their parents are three times more fearful of drowning than white children and their parents. The survey also found that 64 percent of Black children have low or no swimming ability and there’s a high likelihood that if parents do not know how to swim, their children don’t either.

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But Muir learned to swim at age 5 and began competing when she was 9. She made sure that both her sons could swim, too.

After the incident at the pool, Muir’s swim club, Diversity in Aquatics, an organization focused on teaching water safety and aquatics activities to underrepresented communities, organized a swim-in protest. They are asking that pool staff be trained in de-escalation tactics, that more aquatics programs be established to teach Black community members to swim, and that Kempner be banned from the pool.

“Causing people who already love the water and people who are learning to love the water to then be kicked out in a traumatic fashion by using police power is a micro-example of how they maintain the disconnect Black people have with water,” Thaddeus Gamory, director of community engagement and programs for Diversity in Aquatics, said. “That maintains the disparity, and the myth that Black people can't swim.”

He adds that this incident may have introduced an added anxiety to swimming for Black people. It suggests that the pool is another unsafe space where a white person's discomfort could put their lives in danger.

Muir said her son went back to the pool as soon as he could but she was anxious about returning. On Sunday, she said, her stomach was in knots as she recalled what happened the last time she was there, but she got in the pool at Joseph C. Carter Park and swam with her son and her friend.

“I need to make a habit of going there at least once or twice a week, and owning it and releasing what happened there,” she said. “There's a part of me that feels like I'm never going back there, but then it feels like, no, that's wrong. I have equal rights, and I own the pool as much as anybody here in the city.”

Black LGBTQ Americans face 'harsher consequences' of virus-hit economy .
A new survey found 31 percent of Black LGBTQ respondents had their work hours reduced and 18 percent became unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.An online survey of 10,000 people across the U.S., conducted from April to July by LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and PSB Insights, found that Black LGBTQ respondents fared worse than both the Black population and the LGBTQ population along every economic indicator measured.

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