US Gay TikTok stars are bringing millions together. They fear Trump will tear them apart.

15:55  10 october  2020
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Democrat Joe Biden tests negative for coronavirus after President Trump reports positive test

  Democrat Joe Biden tests negative for coronavirus after President Trump reports positive test Democrat Joe Biden has tested negative for coronavirus, his doctor announced Friday, hours after President Donald Trump announced a positive testDr. Kevin O'Connor, the primary care physician, said Biden and his wife Jill were each tested and "COVID-19 was not detected.

Some queer TikTok creators fear the community they helped build on the app may be in danger in the faceoff between the company and the Trump Olsen, who has just under 3 million TikTok followers, said that while the potential ban is worrisome, he's not concerned that the community that has been

They fear Trump will tear them apart . Collins Onosike, a verified TikTok content creator, has amassed 4.4 million followers since joining the platform several years ago.

Steven King, a popular content creator on the social media platform TikTok, said he stumbled across the video-sharing app by accident early last year.

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"I saw an advertisement for what I thought was an app that could put your selfies into motion" he said. "I downloaded it, and two days later I was posting my first video."

King, 47, started by sharing videos about his day, his relationship with his husband and what clothes he wanted to wear. They must have resonated because his following started to grow — all the way to 3 million as of this week.

Custom iOS 14 widgets have become a TikTok flex

  Custom iOS 14 widgets have become a TikTok flex Customizing the iPhone home screen is now an art formInstead of once-boring app icons for your calendar or clock that might get placed in a utilities folder, the new wave of widgets let you spice up your homepage with anything from custom notes to astronomy and weather reports. Those options have existed on Android devices for years, but their sudden arrival on the iPhone has created a kind of gold rush, with users combining them into custom layouts that can be tweaked, shared, and even sold.

The resurgence of the song has a direct correlation to a TikTok video from @420doggface208 - real name Nathan Apodaca - which went viral. The song had reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 on June 18, 1977 and held that spot for one week.

Neighbors of the TikTok stars say partygoers have been defecating and urinating in the street Tik Tok star Bryce Hall's neighbors tell DailyMail.com they are unhappy with all the partying that's come 'There have been parties here where a SWAT team has been brought out to shut them down, during

a man looking at the camera: IMAGE: Steven King (Courtesy Steven King) © Courtesy Steven King IMAGE: Steven King (Courtesy Steven King)

"The amount of people that are seeing my face, that are engaging with these videos I'm creating," he said, "really put me in awe."

King, now a verified creator on the platform, said he knew he was onto something when the comment sections on his page started to fill up with questions about coming out, LGBTQ relationships and confidence in one's own identity.

"When I joined TikTok, there was definitely the sense that it was a young-adult app," he said, and "I knew right away that these were teenagers asking, and I had a responsibility."

Mick Fleetwood Recreates Viral Cranberry Juice 'Dreams' TikTok Video

  Mick Fleetwood Recreates Viral Cranberry Juice 'Dreams' TikTok Video The Fleetwood Mac musician recreated TikTok user Nathan Apodaca's video set to "Dreams," which went viral last monthOn Sunday, the 73-year-old musician joined TikTok and recreated a viral video set to Fleetwood Mac's famous 1977 hit, "Dreams.

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Lowe, who also starred in Parks and Recreation, tweeted: 'FYI, I have to say, I saw Jeremy Corbin call the Prime Minister a 'stupid woman' with my own eyes watching on Sky News.' 'Jeremy Corbyn should know that they are out to get him so was a stupid man to even given them anything at this time.

So in February 2019, King, who lives in Arizona, began doing livestreams where he would answer questions from his followers — many of them LGBTQ youth and young adults — and creating videos to share his advice and aspects of his life story, from his 24-year relationship to his sobriety.

"The traumas that we suffer from as we grow have a huge impact on who we are as adults," King said. "To be able to empathize and put myself back in the position that these teenagers are in, knowing where I came from and how I made it through, I just had to give back that information."

With the help of the algorithm on its "For You" page, which feeds users curated content based on their previous interactions and "likes," TikTok has helped LGBTQ content creators and audiences find one another on the platform. But some fear the queer community they helped foster on the social network may be in danger amid the face-off between TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, and the Trump administration.

TikTok-Oracle deal and a potential US ban: Everything you need to know

  TikTok-Oracle deal and a potential US ban: Everything you need to know TikTok gets a momentary win as a judge grants a preliminary injunction against the ban.On Sunday evening, a US district court judge ruled in TikTok's favor. Lawyers for TikTok had argued earlier in the day that removing the app would infringe on the rights of US citizens to broadcast their views.

They always look smitten when they 're pictured out together and there have even been marriage whispers. That said, the two are already discussing the prospect of moving in together , though Jasmin has insisted she won't be moving to Ross' Manchester home. I wish them lots of luck.'

President Trump called out the Obama administration for spying on him during the 2016 race, saying ' they got caught red-handed.'.

On July 31, following previous concerns over data privacy on the app, President Donald Trump announced aboard Air Force One that "as far as TikTok is concerned, we're banning them from the United States." That same day, reports surfaced about Microsoft being in talks to purchase the app from its Chinese parent company (Oracle subsequently expressed interest in the platform).

Then on Aug. 6, the White House issued an executive order barring U.S. companies from doing business with ByteDance. The order, which is set to go into effect next month, would be a major blow to TikTok if it is not sold to a U.S. company, according to NBC News' previous reporting. TikTok responded to Trump's executive order this week with a lawsuit claiming that the administration had failed to follow due process when it ordered the ban, and that it never provided evidence that TikTok posed a security threat.

'Full of queer people'

Collins Onosike, a verified TikTok content creator, has amassed 4.4 million followers since joining the platform several years ago.

a person posing for the camera: IMAGE: Collins Onosike (Slash MGMT) © Slash MGMT IMAGE: Collins Onosike (Slash MGMT)

"My 'For You' page is full of queer people — I love it," he said. "I've met a lot of friends on here; it's really a happy place."

creative job search: the resume as a TikTok video?

 creative job search: the resume as a TikTok video? Use TikTok to search for a job? This example shows how it can be done © Getty Images tiktok-bewerbungsvideo-karriere-aufm.jpg Could TikTok help young people who have just graduated from university to find a job? It seems like this: Ffion Clarke, 22, took inspiration from another young woman and decided to convert her résumé into a TikTok video in the hopes of grabbing an employer's attention.

Trump continued to have an advantage with white voters. Currently, 51 per cent of white respondents say they 'll vote Trump , while 44 per cent said Biden. Biden overwhelmingly beats Trump among Black, Latino and Asian voters - with Black Americans preferring Biden by the biggest margin.

Trump claimed both that he was 'taking almost nothing' and then taking 'not a heavy steroid' as he suggested Gold A test taken Monday revealed Trump has antibodies for coronavirus present, raising questions And they 're coming out and we ' re trying to get them on an emergency basis,' Trump said.

Onosike, who has built both his career and social group around TikTok, is among those who has been on edge amid the back and forth between the president and ByteDance.

"The thought of just losing it, just losing all of it is quite scary — for myself and other influencers," he said.

Onosike, 20, joined TikTok in its early days when the app was still called Musical.ly. At first, he focused on dance and lip-sync videos, but he then pivoted to comedy skits where he often incorporates drag into his performances.

"I get a lot of comments saying, 'Seeing the way you express yourself has given me the courage to be myself as well.' It's so cool to see the amount of power a video can give to someone else."

'Freaking out'

For Sarah Schauer, the prospect of TikTok shutting down was like "having deja vu."

"I was like, 'Are you f------ kidding me? I've done this before," said Schauer, who started her social media career on the now-defunct video-sharing platform Vine and lost 848,000 followers in one day when it shut down in 2017.

"I understand why everyone else was freaking out, but it was like 'I had practiced for this,'" she said. "This time I would lose 1.2 million [followers]."

a woman smiling for the camera: IMAGE: Sarah Schauer (Slash MGMT) © Slash MGMT IMAGE: Sarah Schauer (Slash MGMT)

Schauer, who lives in Los Angeles, started posting on TikTok last year after hearing success stories of other creator accounts growing rapidly on the platform. She said she has found a supportive fan base on the app, where she shares point-of-view-style comedy videos.

TikTok CEO resigns amid battle with the White House

  TikTok CEO resigns amid battle with the White House TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer resigned on Wednesday amid mounting uncertainty over the Chinese-owned video app's future in the United States.Mayer, who had only been with the company since May, said in a note to employees that a series of changes to TikTok's structure had prompted him to step down from his post, according to a copy obtained by The Hill. The move comes just weeks after President Trump signed an executive order that would effectively ban the wildly popular social media app from operating in the U.S. unless it found a U.S.-based owner.

"I didn't do queer content when I was on Vine, because I came out later, but I've started to integrate it into my content now," said Schauer, who is bisexual and estimates that her followers are about half queer and half straight.

Schauer, who said the platform's large queer community is commonly referred to as "gay TikTok," said the app's algorithm is about discoverability — and goes far beyond LGBTQ-related content.

"I've seen so much Native American and native Hawaiian content. The disabled community can create videos about their situations," she explained. "I've never seen their videos as much as I have now."

'We'll find a way to do it again'

For Chris Olsen and Ian Paget, a gay couple who split their time between New York and Los Angeles, TikTok started as a place to watch videos and stay entertained amid the pandemic. But then in April, the duo started posting their own videos to the platform.

a couple of people posing for the camera: IMAGE: Ian Paget and Chris Olsen (Courtesy Chris Olsen) © Courtesy Chris Olsen IMAGE: Ian Paget and Chris Olsen (Courtesy Chris Olsen)

"I was a little skeptical about having a new app to have to tend with in my everyday life, but then I understood why everyone was on it," said Paget, who has nearly a million followers on TikTok, where he said he gets to be his "most kooky self."

Olsen, who has just under 3 million TikTok followers, said that while the potential ban is worrisome, he's not concerned that the community that has been connected by the platform will disappear.

"The support that has been built within the app won't just dissipate if the app goes away," he said. "We're creating now, and we'll find a way to do it again."

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