US EU rules for minimum wages planned

16:25  28 october  2020
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For the first time, the EU Commission is calling for specific requirements for minimum wages that could lead to an increase in the lower wage limit in Germany as well.

Würde in Genf bei einer vollen Stelle rund 3800 Euro brutto im Monat verdienen: Ein Gebäudereiniger beim Reinigen von Fenstern. © Sebastian Kahnert / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Would earn around 3800 euros gross per month in Geneva with a full position: A building cleaner cleaning windows.

's goal is that low-wage earners everywhere in the EU get at least 50 percent of the average wage or 60 percent of the so-called median wage in their own country, as the commission said on Wednesday.

The median is also called the mean wage and is a calculation variable: 50 percent of employees earn more, 50 percent less. In Germany, the minimum wage is currently 9.35 euros per hour, well below the stated values.

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Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had promised that all workers in the European Union should receive minimum wages with which they can live adequately in their place of residence. According to the Commission, every sixth worker in the EU is considered a low wage earner, the majority of whom are women. According to the information, wage inequality has grown as has the number of people who are poor despite work.

The directive proposed by the EU Commission is intended to counteract this. Among other things, it provides four criteria for “adequate” minimum wages: purchasing power, the magnitude and distribution of gross wages, the increase in gross wages and productivity. Germany and the other 20 EU countries with statutory minimum wages would therefore have to review the way in which minimum wages are set. In Germany, a minimum wage commission is responsible for this, made up of trade unionists, employees and experts.

The Commission emphasizes that it is not about uniform minimum wages in all EU countries and that existing systems, traditions and national characteristics are taken into account. Because the EU treaties set strict limits on Brussels: The EU is not allowed to set wage levels. Since the Commission met with skepticism in many of the 27 countries, it took a lot of time to prepare the draft directive. The EU member states and the European Parliament must now discuss the proposal. It could take years to take effect.

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