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17:40  03 november  2020
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Coronavirus: Short-lived victory for three municipalities against the curfew

 Coronavirus: Short-lived victory for three municipalities against the curfew The municipalities had been exempted from curfew the same morning before seeing it re-instituted during the day © FRANCOIS GREUEZ / SIPA The curfew EPIDEMIA will indeed apply - The municipalities had been exempted from curfew the same morning before seeing it instituted again during the day The prefect of Bouches-du-Rhône officially extended Saturday to the whole of department the curfew which targeted only the municipalities of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis, de facto annulling the judi

Matignon said on Tuesday that the establishment of a curfew is being studied for Paris and Ile-de-France

Paris reconfiné sera-t-il aussi sous couvre-feu bientôt ? © JEANNE ACCORSINI / SIPA Will the reconfigured Paris also be under curfew? fire soon? CORONAVIRUS - Matignon indicated on Tuesday that the establishment of a curfew is under study for Paris and Ile-de-France

We were not yet fixed on which product was essential or not to the sale when Gabriel Attal announced on Tuesday morning on BFM a new upcoming curfew applying to Paris, or even to Ile-de-France, in addition to the confinement . Denial a few minutes later by Matignon, who corrects the government spokesman by specifying that the curfew in Paris was "absolutely not decided at this stage" .

Spain tries to reverse economic slump as unemployment rises

  Spain tries to reverse economic slump as unemployment rises MADRID (AP) — The Spanish government plans to increase taxes on big corporations and the wealthy and use 27 billion euros ($31.8 billion) in European grants as it tries to reverse one of the deepest coronavirus-related slumps among developed economies. The country is grappling with a resurgence of the virus that has claimed at least 35,000 lives. The government says COVID-19 has probably infected more than 3 million people since the beginning of the pandemic, although tests have detected only a third of that number.

The Minister of Health confirmed a little later that "a consultation with all the elected officials of Ile-de-France will be conducted". Beyond the government's groping, a question arises: what is for concretely an curfew during confinement?

An admission of failure for containment 2.0?

First element, a containment curfew is useful quite simply when containment is not (enough) respected. For Jérôme Marty, general practitioner and president of the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML), there is no doubt that this muddled curfew "announcement" is "proof that the re-containment was misunderstood and badly announced if after a few days we have to reinforce it ”. Communication problem on the part of the Elysée above all according to the doctor. Talking about a light confinement, less harsh than the first, or more relaxed, "it was seen as a light confinement where people can still go out. You can't even blame them, they just follow the music dictated by the government. "

France braces for possible lockdown as virus deaths mount

  France braces for possible lockdown as virus deaths mount PARIS (AP) — France is bracing for a potential new lockdown as the president prepares a televised address Wednesday aimed at stopping a fast-rising tide of virus patients filling French hospitals and a growing daily death toll. French markets opened lower on expectations that President Emmanuel Macron will announce some kind of lockdown Wednesday, though the government has not released details amid ongoing discussions about what measures would be most effective. © Provided by Associated Press People wear masks as they walk in a street of Paris, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020.

Visiting Gennevilliers, Olivier Véran spoke on LCI, effectively emphasizing a confinement not always respected in the capital:" The basic subject is that the police prefect of Paris made it clear that there is a certain number of gatherings in the evening, which can be correlated with the keeping open of essential businesses in the evening ”, indicated the Minister of Health.

Potentially small gains

For epidemiologist Pascal Crépey, things are clear: “If containment is respected, a curfew over it does not increase its effectiveness. If the signals show a relaxation, then putting an additional curfew may clarify the need to limit person-to-person contact. "

For him, it is not the steps or night jogging which greatly increases the incidence rate of the coronavirus ," from the moment you walk alone and masked in the streets, the risks of contamination are logically very weak ”. As for regroupings, more likely to give rise to virus transmissions, the epidemiologist wonders: "If people regroup illegally after confinement after 9 p.m., one wonders if an additional curfew will prevent them from doing so. make ? »

2 charged after explosives found in van amid unrest in Philadelphia

  2 charged after explosives found in van amid unrest in Philadelphia Protests erupted in the city after Walter Wallace Jr. was killed by police Monday. Brian Larue and Eric Murray have each been hit with three felony charges, including possession of weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy, and risking a catastrophe, along with several misdemeanor charges, authorities said.

Efficient but inaudible measures?

Jérôme Marty nevertheless specifies that in absolute terms, we cannot fundamentally be against a curfew, since the measure is in the process of proving its effectiveness, with decreases in cases and incidence observed in cities. having applied it from October 16. Based on this assumption and depending on the source of contamination, since we cannot touch the private family unit in the same home, there is no question for the moment of going back to face-to-face at school and that some companies do not play the game of teleworking , “we have to act on what we can, namely the transmissions outside, hence the curfew. »

A good idea after all, then? If the measure does not seem able to do any harm, since it will not change much for people respecting containment and that it could in the best case convert some Sunday resistance fighters to stay at home, it remains to be wary the consequences it could have on communication , already strongly criticized by the government during this second wave. "If the curfew is implemented, we will have to bring to the commentary the evidence that required it, otherwise the population will not understand anything," said Pascal Crépey.

A curfew "reinstated in Paris and perhaps Île-de-France", in addition to confinement

 A curfew This is what government spokesman Gabriel said on Tuesday morning on BFMTV and RMC Attal. This curfew will be part of the confinement. © afp.com/Fred SCHEIBER The curfew will return to Paris, in addition to confinement. "We are going to re-establish an curfew in Paris and perhaps in Île-de-France". This was announced on Tuesday morning on BFMTV and RMC by the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal.

Jérôme Marty also goes in this direction: “The paradox of this second wave is that we have much more evidence than in March - number of tests, positivity rate, knowledge of the virus, etc ... , but that people believe in it much less. This is the consequence of inaudible communication. We must be wary of a stack of measures going all over the place, at the risk of completely separating the country. "Either before tightening the screw so that this confinement is better applied, ask yourself why it would be little followed.

Paris Coronavirus: The curfew in Paris has "absolutely not been decided at this stage", corrects Matignon Société Containment on the Atlantic coast: There will also be checks on the water, warns the State

Make up: 3 reasons to wear makeup during confinement .
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