US GSA finally signed off on Trump's transition. Now we see how much damage was done.

12:06  24 november  2020
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Emily Murphy, the official blocking Biden's transition, has a record of working the system in ways that benefit Trump, ethics expert says

  Emily Murphy, the official blocking Biden's transition, has a record of working the system in ways that benefit Trump, ethics expert says Former ethics watchdog Walter Schaub accused Emily Murphy, head of an obscure but pivotal US agency, of putting loyalty to Trump ahead of her duty.Walter Shaub, who was Director of the US Office of Government Ethics between 2013-17, accused GSA head Emily Murphy of seemingly "putting her loyalty to Trump over her duty to the American people" in a scathing article for The New York Review of Books.

Donald Trump on Monday tweeted he had directed his team to cooperate on the transition , but The GSA is a huge agency that keeps the federal government functioning day to day. In order for a The agency and its director, Emily Murphy, a Trump appointee, said it was important to wait to see how

Emily Murphy, the embattled Trump appointee who held off declaring a winner in the presidential “ GSA does not dictate the outcome of legal disputes and recounts, nor does it determine whether such Three more Republican senators say Biden is apparent presidential winner, urge release of

The rambling Rudy Giuliani press conferences and the slapdash, failing lawsuits may look like a political sideshow, but President Donald Trump's refusal to concede and begin the orderly transition of government is not a laughing matter. With the pandemic raging out of control and record numbers of people being diagnosed with Covid-19 each day, a bumpy handoff from one administration to the next will likely get people killed.

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This is especially true given the timing of this transfer of power. At the very moment President-elect Joe Biden will take the reins of government, the federal government will be in the early stages of implementing the most complicated, most expensive and most important mass vaccination program in our nation's history. On Monday, General Services Administration signaled that it is ready to begin the formal transition process. There is not a moment to lose.

'It's a terrible situation': Inside a government bureaucrat's pressure-filled decision to delay the transition

  'It's a terrible situation': Inside a government bureaucrat's pressure-filled decision to delay the transition As the only obstacle between President-elect Joe Biden and the formal start of the presidential transition, General Services Administrator Emily Murphy is struggling with the weight of the presidential election being dropped on her shoulders, feeling like she's been put in a no-win situation, according to people who have spoken to her recently. © US General Services Administration This was never a position that Murphy thought she would find herself in, the people said.

Obama addresses ' damage done ' by Trump on foreign policy – video. Welcome to today’ s live coverage of US politics. You might have been expecting a slightly more normal and quieter day after the General Services Administration ( GSA ) recognized Joe Biden as the apparent election winner.

The General Services Administration said they would formally begin the transition of power to former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump immediately responded from his Twitter account. GSA administrator Emily Murphy released a letter on Monday evening to Biden announcing

A competent president would have beaten the coronavirus by now. Our current crisis is of the Trump administration's making. His refusal to create a national testing, tracing and quarantine system, his regular attacks on mask wearing and social distancing, and his inability to confront equipment and funding shortages doomed the United States' Covid-19 response effort.

And now, it looks like we are in the middle of the virus's devastating third wave (although the U.S. never really even got to a low enough number of daily cases to qualify as the end of the first wave).

One of the few glimmers of hope recently has been the positive results reported from Covid-19 vaccine trials. Preliminary data from Moderna shows its vaccine candidate is 94 percent effective. Pfizer's early data is similarly strong. And we will likely see additional vaccine candidates emerge in the coming weeks and months. On Monday, AstraZeneca said its Covid-19 vaccine could be up to 90 percent effective.

Trump's refusal to concede creates strange gap between Biden and Harris on classified intelligence

  Trump's refusal to concede creates strange gap between Biden and Harris on classified intelligence Vice President-elect Kamala Harris took part in a classified briefing of the Senate Intelligence Committee this week and emerged in a strange position -- being more informed about current threats than President-elect Joe Biden but bound by congressional rules to keep that information from him. © Joe Raedle/Getty Images U.S. President-elect Joe Biden walks by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as he prepares to deliver remarks about the U.S. economy during a press briefing at the Queen Theater on November 16, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr.

The General Services Administration has declared president-elect Joe Biden the “apparent” winner of the US election, clearing the way for the formal transition Emily Murphy, who heads the GSA , made the determination after Trump ’ s efforts to challenge the results in numerous battleground states failed.

The head of the General Services Administration is bucking House Democrats’ demands for an in-person briefing Monday to explain her blocking The GSA ’ s inaction has stalled the transfer of power in Washington. The agency’ s designation is critical to triggering a formal transition process and

But vaccines don't protect people; vaccinations do. And the effort to make sure that every person in America, as soon as possible, gets vaccinated, is a logistical project on par with than anything the American health care system has ever accomplished. Trump's teams at Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health have begun to develop and implement this system, but it will be barely up and running by Jan. 20. That means that there must be an errorless transition of responsibility from Trump's team to Biden's team. And yet for weeks, Trump's team refused to allow Biden's transition team access to the plan. Hopefully, the GSA's announcement means this will change. But we cannot just assume it will happen.

As leaders of Operation Warp Speed, the coalition of federal agencies overseeing the plan for vaccine distribution, told the Senate last week, Trump had been blocking them from communicating at all with the Biden-Harris transition team. Why? Because of Trump's petulant crusade against reality. Indeed, Trump is still refusing to accept the election results, hoping that desperate lawsuits and the bullying of local elections officials will somehow allow him to remain in office despite the fact that he lost the election convincingly.

A Trump official is still blocking Biden’s presidential transition. House Democrats want answers.

  A Trump official is still blocking Biden’s presidential transition. House Democrats want answers. Top Democrats asked GSA Administrator Emily Murphy to brief them.On Thursday, House Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Appropriations Committee Chair Nita M. Lowey (D-NY), along with two other senior Democrats, Gerald Connolly (D-VA) and Mike Quigley (D-IL), demanded that General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Emily Murphy brief them by Monday on the delay in declaring President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

The General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden and his team that the Trump administration is ready to begin the transition process. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA .

US President Donald Trump has endorsed a move by the General Services Administration ( GSA ) to begin the country' s presidential The transition starts after the winner of the presidential race is "ascertained" by the GSA , a Washington-based government agency responsible for managing federal

It's hard to overhype the dangers such stonewalling posed to an efficient vaccine distribution plan. Distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be a massive effort requiring a whole-of-government response. The federal government will likely have to manage the delivery of multiple different vaccines produced by different companies. Most of these vaccines require multiple doses and some require extremely cold storage. As more vaccines receive emergency approvals, they will be added into distribution. This is a project with countless moving pieces that will take careful coordination among the federal government, states, the public health community and health care partners.

Withholding the current distribution plan from the transition team risked the president-elect's team not being ready to effectively implement the plan. But we're far from out of the wood yet — because it's entirely possible that Trump's plan is as unworkable as every other plan his team has devised for pandemic response. For instance, nine months into this pandemic, health care providers still don't have enough personal protective equipment, because the president has been unable to put together a plan to produce and distribute enough PPE. What if his plan for vaccine distribution is just as miserable as his plan for PPE production?

The presidential transition begins as the GSA formally recognizes Biden’s victory

  The presidential transition begins as the GSA formally recognizes Biden’s victory GSA chief Emily Murphy formally “ascertains” Biden as the election winner, after weeks of delay and mounting bipartisan pressure.On Monday, General Services Administration (GSA) chief Emily Murphy sent a letter to President-elect Joe Biden, officially authorizing the start of the presidential transition. Murphy issued the letter of “ascertainment” after weeks of delay, and amid increasing pressure from Democrats, and bipartisan pushback from national security and public health experts to start the process. Some Republican politicians had also begun to speak out, too.

Biden needs to be read into the details of Trump's plan now, because the plan may need major alterations. And after hearing directly from Operation Warp Speed's top advisers on the vaccination plan, I can already see some major potential problems Biden may need to address.

First, the plan needs to clearly lay out who is in charge of each phase. Right now, the vaccine distribution plan creates confusion about whether the states or the federal government running the show. Currently, the CDC is leading teams to coordinate distribution plans being established by the states. But, the federal government also is contracting with pharmacies to receive direct vaccine allocations to help with distribution. There needs to be a clear delineation between the role of the states and the federal government so that this does not devolve into the same confusion we faced when trying to deploy tests and PPE.

Second, we need to decide ahead of time who is going to pay for this massive undertaking. Operation Warp Speed officials told the Senate that states do not need additional funding. That is blatantly false. State public health officials wrote to the Senate leadership last month requesting $8.4 billion for comprehensive vaccine distribution, well above the $200 million thus far provided nationwide by the CDC for this undertaking.

Fox News' Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers to Accept 'Reality' That Joe Biden Will Be President

  Fox News' Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers to Accept 'Reality' That Joe Biden Will Be President The host added that the GSA transition decision still does not change her views that election was "rife with problems and potential fraud."Ingraham said that while the past three weeks in which Donald Trump has refused to accept defeat and continued to allege that the election was "stolen" due to baseless claims of mass voter fraud have been "unpleasant and disappointing" for his supporters, it is time to accept Biden will enter the White House next year.

As it stands, the Operation Warp Speed plan only accounts for transporting the vaccines to the states. It is not clear how states, which are already cash-strapped due to the pandemic, will find the money to hire the public health personnel needed to oversee a program of this size, especially for the follow-ups required by a two-dose vaccine or equip themselves with things like cold storage. Congress needs to start planning for this funding now so that states don't have to scramble or worry that the money won't be there when the vaccine arrives. The last thing we want is for states to have vaccines but find themselves lacking the resources necessary to distribute them effectively.

We've seen firsthand how Trump failed to manage the flow of critical supplies to states in the early days of the pandemic. But duct tape, garbage bags and donation drives won't be able to fix a vaccination plan that undermined by Trump obstructionism. Come Jan. 20, the Biden administration is going to take over — whether Trump acknowledges that fact or not. But by refusing to immediately share details of the vaccine distribution plan with the incoming administration, lives may have already been lost.

It's time for the transition begins in earnest. Any further delays, and Americans will continue paying the price for Trump's gross mishandling of Covid-19 even after he's left the Oval Office.

Opinions | Emily Murphy was right not to recognize Biden’s win until now .
I spent 37 days explaining why the GSA would not release transition resources to George W. Bush. Murphy withheld those resources for more than two weeks, well after news organizations called the election for Biden based on vote tallies reported by the states, as is tradition. She was vilified for the delay. But she was right.

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