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20:55  24 november  2020
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Vikings OL Dru Samia tests positive for COVID-19

  Vikings OL Dru Samia tests positive for COVID-19 Vikings offensive lineman Dru Samia has tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing is being performed, and Samia and anyone deemed a high-risk contact will not be permitted to travel with the team for tomorrow night’s game against the Bears. © Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports Samia, a 2019 fourth-rounder, started four games for Minnesota earlier this year before returning to a reserve role. But the Vikings just released Pat Elflein and now find themselves without their top backup at guard. Plus, there is a good chance that there will indeed be high-risk contacts given the nature of O-line/D-line play.

Cats associate their names with rewards, such as food and petting . But the one question cat expert Atsuko Saito always gets is whether cats recognize their own names , an ability that's well known in dogs . In this behind-the-scenes video, see some of the tricks, funny moments, and unpredictability

Pets and their owners are just like married couples and they get more alike over time, a psychologist has claimed. Almost half of the respondents to his survey were cat owners , while 31 per cent had dogs , seven per cent fish, six per They grow to look like each other and to have similar personalities.

Humans name their pets, so it follows that pets must name their humans, too.

I call my dog Archie, but maybe he calls me “Two-legged hairless dog who walks me in the morning, carries my poop in a bag and never gives me as much kibble as I would like.”

It’s probably shorter in dogese.

[The name game: For these pets, inspiration came in many forms]

And so to further explorations of the names we give our animals: Nicholas Dujmovic is a retired CIA historian who now teaches in Catholic University’s Politics Department. He’s someone with an eye toward influential figures of the past. When Nicholas and his wife, Cathy, adopted two rescue dogs, they immediately named them Ronnie and Maggie, in tribute to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Broncos DC Ed Donatell back home recovering after COVID-related hospitalization

  Broncos DC Ed Donatell back home recovering after COVID-related hospitalization Broncos defensive coordinator Ed Donatell required hospitalization after contracting the coronavirus, according to the team. The second-year Denver DC was hospitalized last week but discharged Sunday. Donatell, 63, has been battling COVID-19 symptoms since Oct. 31 and has missed the past three games. Donatell, who is in his third stint with the franchise, is one of a few Broncos staffers to have contracted the virus. Running backs coach Curtis Modkins did so in October, and offensive line coach Mike Munchak was in the team’s COVID protocol.

News organizations labeled them dog - cats , dats, cogs, kuppies, dittens, puppy- cat and pussy Tutt, who was 50 at the time, and whose profession was reported as both a pet shop owner and Stories of scientifically impossible couplings and births are likely as old as the history of naming animals

When deciding to get a pet , it may be a difficult decision about whether to choose a cat or a dog . Although they are both furry friends, the two types of Cats have many favorable traits, including their ease of care, cleanliness, and adorable antics, making them a wonderful pet for any family. 01 of 10.

“Then we found out that their names define them,” wrote Nicholas, of Vienna, Va. Maggie, a Corgi mix, is imperious but extremely smart and loyal. What’s more, he said, “Ronnie, a pointer mix, looks dumb but is smarter than he looks and has a heart of gold.”

The pooches also have a joint nickname. Said Nicholas: “We’re Orthodox Christians, so we call them the Orthodogs.”

Diane Rogers’s late husband, John, loved old movies. And that affection carried over to the names of the dozens of rescue ferrets that sheltered with the couple before finding permanent homes through the Baltimore Ferret Club.

Wrote Diane, who lives now in Leesburg, Va.: “Our best-in-shows — yes, there are international ferret shows — were Clark Sable, Rhatt Butler and Scah-lett O’Hairy. Blue Ribbon winners all!”

NFL expecting huge COVID-19 spike after Thanksgiving?

  NFL expecting huge COVID-19 spike after Thanksgiving? The NFL is bracing for a significant post-Thanksgiving spike in COVID-19 cases across the league. There is a fear that with the surge in the virus, it will have an impact on the remaining regular-season games. The NFL has every reason to be concerned. Cases of COVID-19 are spiking across the United States, with the country exceeding 100,000-plus new positive tests every day since November began. It’s also a trend that reflects in the NFL’s testing of players and personnel, with 47 percent of cases in the regular season coming in November.Oct. 4-10: Eight new cases among players, seven confirmed positives among personnelOct.

Many owners feel their pets understand them, because animals can easily feel anger and sorrow. Often 8) _ (a/the/ -) cat or dog can comfort us at times when human words don’t help. We feel loved too, by the way pets depend 9) _____ us for a home, for food and drink.

Despite their popularity, many pet owners do not follow common-sense guidelines when dealing with these animals. “Anyone can have a cat or a dog , but having a boa constrictor separates you from the rest,” said teen snake owner Ray Patrick. Exotic pets are a real conversation piece and other people

When Andrea Dietrich of McLean, Va., was a substitute preschool assistant 11 years ago, a student brought in a tiny kitten for show-and-tell.

“Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later he had not been adopted, so the student gifted him to me in an oatmeal box,” Andrea wrote. “He was the runt of the litter and weighed a mere 1.7 pounds.”

Andrea’s two children tried to come up with a name referencing the kitten’s orange fur: Cheez-It, Marmalade, Cheddar. But they couldn’t agree and kept calling him a “tidbit” of a cat. The name stuck, though Tidbit is usually shortened to “The Tid.”

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a close up of a flag: When you think back on your favorite holidays, what do you remember most fondly? Whatever it is, it probably involves some sort of yearly tradition. It's doing the same things year after year, and being able to compare how much you and your family have grown and changed in the 364 days in-between, that really strikes the nostalgic chord of the season. And though the holidays will no doubt look different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to make sure that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is full of joy, love and fun. Good Housekeeping editors and contributors have let us in on their favorite Christmas traditions — feel free to take these ideas, put your family's twist on them and start using them in your own annual celebrations. From now until Santa's arrival (Christmas advent calendar, anyone?), these ideas are packed with good cheer. It's these little things you do to celebrate that your family will look forward to all year long, since the holiday rituals you start today become the good memories your family has in the future.

Wrote Andrea: “Kinda funny now that Tidbit tips the scales at over 14 pounds!”

In 2003, Susan Klinger, at the urging of her youngest son, adopted two cats, a brother and sister. For the female, they chose the name Isabel — nickname Bella — after Hurricane Isabel, which had hit around the time the kittens joined the family. Another of Susan’s sons was studying Latin in high school, so the male was named after the Roman poet Catullus.

The name game: For these pets, inspiration came in many forms

  The name game: For these pets, inspiration came in many forms These canine and feline monikers depended on everything from astronomy to football. You probably haven’t had to christen your own giant panda cub, but there’s a good chance you’ve had a pet you had to choose a name for. I recently asked readers how they decided what to call their animal friends.

Two of the most popular pets are dogs and cats ; the technical term for a cat lover is an ailurophile and a dog lover a cynophile. There is some evidence that pets can facilitate social interaction.[44] Her studies of pet ownership among the homeless found that many modify their life activities for fear of

Cats similar (3) the ones kept as pets today started showing up in artwork thousands of years ago. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed cats were the sacred, or special, animal of a goddess named Bast. They believed that Bast often appeared as a cat , so many ancient Egyptians respected

“His nickname is Cat, which seems appropriate,” Susan wrote. “Sadly, Bella died a few years ago, but Catullus is doing quite well for a senior cat. He’s extremely vocal but hasn’t written any poetry we are aware of.”

Ginny Schultz was a professional soprano who studied voice with Todd Duncan, the original Porgy in “Porgy and Bess.” Wrote Ginny, of Silver Spring, Md.: “I had a beautiful cat named Mozart. After she went to cat heaven we named our next cat Opus Two.”

In the 1930s, Jude Howard and his brothers had a Gordon setter whom their father named Dogue, after the Native Americans of Virginia and Maryland. (The tribe is also known as the Doeg.)

Wrote Jude, of Silver Spring, Md.: “We forever had to explain to our friends that our dog had a proper name and was not simply called ‘dog.’ ”

Speaking of which, when Steve Hunt agreed to watch a Staffordshire terrier/pit bull mix, he thought it would be a temporary arrangement, just two weeks while his neighbors were away on a cruise. The three-legged dog — injured by a car on Interstate 95 — was a rescue awaiting a permanent home.

Some NHL owners prefer not to play in 2020-21?

  Some NHL owners prefer not to play in 2020-21? NHL commissioner Gary Bettman will continue to go to bat for the owners, but will not allow a lack of progress in talks to derail the season. Fortunately, it does seem as though the players are willing to negotiate so long as the owners are open to some concessions of their own. If that is not enough for the “disgruntled” owners, it seems Bettman and the players are unified in moving forward regardless.Subscribe to Yardbarker's Morning Bark, the most comprehensive newsletter in sports. Customize your email to get the latest news on your favorite sports, teams and schools. Emailed daily.

“During that time, I made a point to call him ‘dog,’ not wanting to give him a name,” Steve wrote. It was up to the mutt’s eventual owners to do that.

“However, of course, during that time I became attached to the dog,” wrote Steve, who lives in the Mount Vernon District of Fairfax County, Va.

He decided to keep him. Since the pooch already responded to being called “dog,” Steve decided to name him Doug — long before the appearance of the squirrel-loving hound, Dug, of the Pixar movie “Up.”

Doug the dog was very friendly — to other dogs, to strangers who inquired as to how he lost his leg, but especially to children.

“Doug lived to be 17 years old and never once missed his lost leg — he never really knew any different,” Steve wrote. “Although he’s been gone for about eight years, he still appears in my dreams.”

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a large brown dog lying on the ground: Talk about a “special relationship.” Maggie, left, is named after Margaret Thatcher. Ronnie, right, after Ronald Reagan. The dogs belong to Cathy and Nicholas Dujmovic of Vienna, Va. © Family photo Talk about a “special relationship.” Maggie, left, is named after Margaret Thatcher. Ronnie, right, after Ronald Reagan. The dogs belong to Cathy and Nicholas Dujmovic of Vienna, Va. a cat sitting on top of a wooden floor: When Andrea Dietrich's children couldn't decide on a name for their miniscule orange kitten, the runt of the litter, they decided to go with the nickname they'd been calling it: Tidbit. Andrea — and The Tid — live in McLean, Va. (Andrea Dietrich) When Andrea Dietrich's children couldn't decide on a name for their miniscule orange kitten, the runt of the litter, they decided to go with the nickname they'd been calling it: Tidbit. Andrea — and The Tid — live in McLean, Va. (Andrea Dietrich)

Bidens plan on bringing cat to the White House .
President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill will be taking a new cat with them when they move into the White House in January. The Bidens already have two German shepherds, named Major and Champ, who are shoo-ins to join the First Family at the White House.And CBS Sunday Morning reports that the new First Family will also be getting a cat to join them in the Residence. 'President-elect @JoeBiden and his wife @DrBiden won’t just be bringing their German shepherds, Major and Champ to the White House. The Bidens tell us exclusively that soon they’ll be joined by a cat. #sundaypets,' the news show posted on Twitter.

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