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19:25  30 november  2020
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Trans Americans hopeful Biden admin will stem high levels of violence

  Trans Americans hopeful Biden admin will stem high levels of violence President-elect Joe Biden issued a statement Friday recognizing Transgender Day of Remembrance and the 37 trans lives lost to violence so far this year.“So far, the Biden administration has said the right things. That alone is a big deal,” Alexia Núñez, 42, a trans woman from the Boston area who works in the tech industry, told NBC News.

Minneapolis police face staffing challenges as violence rises. The shortages highlight the challenge facing the city's beleaguered police force as it faces calls for its defunding or even abolishment. By Libor Jany Star Tribune .

Police body-camera video shows a dispute between CTA supervisor Martesa Lee and Chicago police Officer Raymond Haran, and subsequent her The incident, captured on police body camera videos obtained by the Tribune , exemplifies the kind of small, typically undocumented occurrences that can

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We will no longer say "police violence" the day when violent police officers no longer have the assurance of being protected after their burrs.

It is clear that the problem is systemic, structural. The number of known cases is too high to be limited to "those who screw up", to speak like [the Minister of the Interior] Gérald Darmanin. Facebook groups where racist speech is commonplace (one has 8,000 members); the countless and overwhelming individual testimonies of victims, police officers or infiltrated journalists; the countless videos; the countless studies attesting to endemic discrimination in all departments of France (CNRS, Defender of Rights, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, National Institute for Demographic Studies in the considerable “Trajectories and Origins” survey)… All is hyperdocumented. The problem is "systemic", up to the IGPN, the General Inspectorate of the National Police, where colleagues are supposed to sanction other colleagues in a hyper-corporate institution ... This service is useless, as evidenced by the confession made by its director in an interview with the show "Special Envoy" (France 2) last June: the number of cases that led to proposals for sanctions following the 378 reports linked to the demonstrations of "yellow vests "Is ... 2.

Woman Smashes Glass Over Boyfriend's Head For Not Having Dinner Ready, Police Say

  Woman Smashes Glass Over Boyfriend's Head For Not Having Dinner Ready, Police Say Stacy Rose Zelaya-Sheff has been charged with domestic violence after her boyfriend told police she became irate and violent.Stacy Rose Zelaya-Sheff has been charged with domestic violence after her boyfriend told police she became irate and violent at a property in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, over an unfinished meal.

Prepare yourselves and learn about unlawful orders by law enforcement. Learn what to do if harassed, profiled and intimidated by the police .

Chicago police Superintendent David Brown takes off his face mask for a news conference at McCormick Place on May 28, 2020. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune ). Agostini said the officers from the area teams would either be reassigned to form the new citywide unit or moved to district patrols.

Police violence: the" beef and carrots "in the report

The police voted Marine Le Pen at 54% [in the first round of the presidential election] in 2017, Cevipof tells us. A certain number turns a blind eye to the violence, because of the weight of the structure, the duty of protection between colleagues, a gregarious spirit, the casualness or the complicity of the hierarchy (Monday, November 23, during the evacuation of a migrant camp at Place de la République in Paris, it is a division commissioner who tripped over ). The beating [by police officers of the black music producer Michel Zecler in his studio] revealed Thursday November 26 [ by the Loopsider site] is the act of thugs, scoundrels. That they are sanctioned, it makes sense; we will see if they are dismissed [the four police officers implicated in this assault were indicted on the night of Sunday 29 to Monday 30 November]. Will this affect the feeling of impunity of racist and violent police officers, whatever the number? Things don't seem to be moving in that direction. This act is in any case terrible for those who are convinced by their profession, who try to do it well and ethically.

Christian Wood felt for a second he was 'about to die' of COVID-19

  Christian Wood felt for a second he was 'about to die' of COVID-19 Despite feeling that terribly during his bought with COVID, Wood was able to make a full recovery from the virus. As of March 25, the big man was said to be feeling great and fully recovered.Wood became a sought-after player in free agency this offseason. He ended up signing a three-year, $41 million deal with the Houston Rockets.An undrafted center out of UNLV, Wood averaged 13.1 points and 6.3 rebounds in just 21.4 minutes per game for the Pistons last season.Subscribe to Yardbarker's Morning Bark, the most comprehensive newsletter in sports.

Militia leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy still face federal charges related to an armed standoff in Nevada in 2014. Joining us to discuss the Bundy verdict in light of the ongoing protests in North Dakota are Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity; and Steve Russell, a

National Guard soldiers will be deployed in Portland as protests in the city descended into “widespread violence ,” police said soon after declaring a riot, with demonstrators seen smashing storefronts and scuffling with officers.

EXCLUSIVE. The migrant thrown from his tent by the police testifies: "Is this France? "

The government refuses to talk about a" systemic "," structural "or just" serious and urgent "problem, when there are new cases and new blunders every week. For a racist beatings filmed, how many are never made public? Maybe the equivalent of a big big iceberg. That the president say he is "very shocked" [by the video of the beating of the music producer] is revolting and sordid, knowing the probable absence of tangible consequences. Especially since he himself initiated this security turn. And for what major reason? Election marketing to re-emerge in 2022. Of course, we will be dealing with this specific case because we have a video. But other than that, what will be the credible answers? Can we really hope for substantial and lasting changes? We had been entitled to a little spiel from Christophe Castaner [then Minister of the Interior] in January 2020, after, already, a crouch-patte. Without follow-up.

'Defund the police' movement 6 months after killing of George Floyd

  'Defund the police' movement 6 months after killing of George Floyd As the defund the police movement faces an uncertain future, here are major factors that will influence whether it gains more momentum or whether it stalls out. Critics have blasted it as undermining support for police officers.

The violent results have become increasingly unpredictable. Stopping the retaliatory violence that contributes to those sorts of figures has always been the biggest challenge for police . In 2003, when Chicago police first launched a version of the CompStat data analytics system, the principal goal was

(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune ). The main avenue for fixing the Chicago Police Department has been a laborious, yearslong court process forcing hundreds But the idea of reducing police funding, and calls for even more drastic change, may face a greater challenge in Chicago than in other cities.

Police violence: "The responsibility of power is total"

From the "yellow vests", the police have gained the upper hand over the government, paralyzed by the idea of ​​any serious reaction. The slightest inclination to bring ethics to the police triggers indignant cries. But, at that point, we make sure to overcome the obstacle! We start, at least, with solid and long-term plans, we create favorable conditions for reforms - the registration number or the pedestrian camera, for example. Suggestions: improve recruitment at all levels, make great progress on training and its ethical aspects, be uncompromising on mistakes, decide on revocations (this does not seem absurd), work on doctrine and techniques. In some neighbors (the Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc.), law enforcement is a hundred times more exemplary and professional. Reforming the police is possible.

Ravens WR Willie Snead tests positive for COVID-19 Sunday .
Watch some quick efficient passing by Louisville. As soon as David Johnson catches the ball he tosses it up to the hoop for Jae'Lyn Withers to throw it down for the ACC Must See Moment.

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