US Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric

14:16  11 january  2021
14:16  11 january  2021 Source:   washingtonpost.com

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Conservative talk radio in the United States is a phenomenon that got its start in the 1980's when the Fairness Doctrine was allowed to expire under President Reagan. This allowed broadcasters to present a political opinion, point of view

(Below is a list of articles to date where potential fraud has been identified in the 2020 election and actions recommended to be taken to address issues known to date. A List of Important Dates and Links to State Legislatures to Call to Demand Democrats Don’t Get Away with Stealing the Election .

After months of stoking anger about alleged election fraud, one of America’s largest talk-radio companies has decided on an abrupt change of direction.

a group of people flying kites in front of a crowd: Supporters of President Trump fill areas of the Mall on Wednesday in Washington. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post) © Astrid Riecken/for The Washington Post Supporters of President Trump fill areas of the Mall on Wednesday in Washington. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen from President Trump — or else face termination.

A Cumulus executive issued the directive on Wednesday, just as Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s election victory and an angry mob of Trump supporters marched on the Capitol, overwhelmed police and briefly occupied the building, terrorizing lawmakers and leading to the deaths of five people.

The call to challenge the Electoral College count has split Senate Republicans

  The call to challenge the Electoral College count has split Senate Republicans "I could never have imagined seeing these things in the greatest democracy in the world," said Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah – the party's presidential nominee just eight years ago – sharply denounced the growing movement to challenge the election outcome on Saturday as an "egregious ploy" after a group led by Sen. Ted Cruz issued a joint statement saying they would not vote to certify the election until President Donald Trump discredited claims of widespread voter fraud are investigated further.

President Trump knew back in 2018 that the election in 2020 was going to have massive election fraud by the Deep State Establishment to take him It is being reported that the National Guard and multiple federal agencies were involved in a voter fraud sting that has detected millions and millions

Matt Murphy and Andrea Lindenberg, who host the most-listened-to political news program in Alabama, join "This Week." More stories from theweek.com 5 insanely funny cartoons about Trump's election - fraud failure Trump reportedly nearly blew up delicate COVID-19 relief talks with demand for

“We need to help induce national calm NOW,” Brian Philips, executive vice president of content for Cumulus, wrote in an internal memo, which was first reported by Inside Music Media. Cumulus and its program syndication arm, Westwood One, “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths.’ ”

The memo adds: “If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.”

A Cumulus representative did not respond to repeated requests for comment on Sunday.

The new policy is a stunning corporate clampdown on the kind of provocative and even inflammatory talk that has long driven the business model for Cumulus and other talk show broadcasters. And it came as Apple, Google and Amazon cut off essential business services to Parler, the pro-Trump social media network where users have promoted falsehoods about election fraud and praised the mob that assaulted the Capitol. Apple and Google removed the Parler app from the offerings for its smartphones, while Amazon suspended it from its Web-hosting services. (Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

From a presidential commission to Trump-nominated judges, here’s who has rebuked Trump’s voter fraud claims

  From a presidential commission to Trump-nominated judges, here’s who has rebuked Trump’s voter fraud claims Among those who have denied Trump's unsubstantiated assertions are fellow Republicans Trump‘s latest efforts are part of a years-long pattern. But Trump’s baseless claims have been rebuked by many people, including Republicans and the judges he appointed to the bench.

The video caused uproar among conservative pundits on Twitter, and Trump himself tweeted that the apparent “ballot stuffing leads to an easy win of the State.” The Electoral College meets in less than two weeks to cast its final vote, and even though the Republican lawmakers who control the state

They are challenging election results in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where vast quantities of mail-in ballots allowed this year on the pretext of the pandemic enabled Democrat Joe Biden to overtake Trump and claim victory.

Since the election, Cumulus has remained silent while its most popular hosts — which include Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino — have amplified Trump’s lies that the vote was “rigged” or in some way fraudulent.

On his program on Tuesday, the day before the march on the Capitol, for example, Levin fulminated about Congress’s certification of electoral votes for Biden, describing the normally routine vote as an act of “tyranny.”

“You think the framers of the Constitution … sat there and said, ‘Congress has no choice [to accept the votes], even if there’s fraud, even if there’s some court order, even if some legislature has violated the Constitution?’ ” Levin said, his voice rising to a shout.

Atlanta-based Cumulus owns 416 radio stations in 84 regions across the country. Many of its stations broadcast a talk format, a medium that has been dominated by a conservative point of view for decades. In addition to its national personalities, it employs local talk-radio hosts in many of its markets.

QAnon supporter from Arizona dressed in fur and horns joins storming of US Capitol

  QAnon supporter from Arizona dressed in fur and horns joins storming of US Capitol The man was seen in photographs from Washington, D.C., amid supporters of President Donald Trump who turned violent and stormed the U.S. Capitol.Angeli was seen in photographs from Washington, D.C., amid rioters who turned violent and stormed the building, causing both chambers to suspend their intended action of the day: certifying the results of the presidential election for former vice president Joe Biden.

Before turning specifically to the 2020 election , it is important to note that election fraud is not unheard of in the United States. In recent decades, there have been over 1,200 known instances of voter fraud due to which 20 US elections had to be overturned to declare a new winner (Heritage, 2020).

A conservative radio show host lost her job after she filmed herself telling landscapers to speak English. Dianna Ploss, a supporter of Donald Trump and conservative talk radio host in New Hampshire, filmed herself berating a man for speaking Spanish while he was working.

Cumulus’s biggest stations include WMAL in Washington, KABC in Los Angeles, WLS in Chicago and KGO in San Francisco, all of which air a news-talk format. (Rush Limbaugh, perhaps the biggest star of conservative talk, is syndicated by another company, Premiere Networks, though his program is heard on many Cumulus-owned stations. Limbaugh isn’t subject to Cumulus’s memo.)

The memo appears to reflect the reality that voters, presidential electors, courts and now Congress have accepted or certified that Biden won the election and is the president-elect. It may also be an attempt to cool down emotions that led to Wednesday’s invasion of the Capitol, and to mollify advertisers that are concerned about being associated with programs that could be inciting listeners to violence.

But it also reveals some of the hidden corporate hand behind what is said and discussed on talk-radio programs. Rather than a medium of freethinking individuals expressing passionately held beliefs, the memo reminds that hosts are subject to corporate mandates and control.

Could Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani face charges of inciting mob violence in Capitol riots?

  Could Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani face charges of inciting mob violence in Capitol riots? Legal experts say President Donald Trump and attorney Rudy Giuliani could face criminal charges for inciting the riots on Capitol Hill.The president's comments came shortly before a pro-Trump mob bashed through barricades, windows and doors, injuring police officers and temporarily occupying the Capitol building in a show of force tied to their anger over false allegations of election fraud.

“It’s naive not to recognize that a corporate imperative goes into all media,” said Michael Harrison, the publisher of Talkers magazine, which covers talk radio. “Corporations have always called the tune ultimately. Everyone pays attention to the guys at the top and always has.”

Talk-radio hosts, Harrison said, “never expected” their critiques of the election “to get out of hand” in the manner seen Wednesday. Cumulus and other broadcast companies “recognize they’re in the hot seat right now because the national eye is on them,” he said.

Asked how hosts who have repeatedly promoted Trump’s claims of fraud can now credibly flip to acceptance, Harrison said: “I would hope they put their personal feelings aside and come clean with their listeners. I encourage them to pursue the truth and to tell their audience something that Trump may not like.”

However, there’s some question as to whether stars such as Levin will comply with the recent edict and whether Cumulus will discipline them if they don’t.

On his syndicated radio program on Thursday, a day after Cumulus sent its memo and Trump supporters breached the Capitol, Levin didn’t seem to be backing off. “It appears nothing has changed in 24 hours,” he said on the air. “Not a damn thing. The never-Trumpers, the RINOs, the media — same damn thing.”

He went on to add: “I’m not stirring up a damn thing. Everything I say is based on principle and mission. Everything is based on liberty, family, faith, the Constitution. … My enemies and my critics can’t say the same.”

Dominion is going after Trump allies and right-wing media over election conspiracy theories. Experts say the voting technology company's defamation lawsuits could be devastating if they win. .
Experts say defamation lawsuits from the election technology company against President Donald Trump, Fox News may have merits.He blamed his loss in the state - and the rest of the country - on Dominion Voting Systems, an election technology company that helps states and counties tabulate their votes, suggesting he lost because of "tremendous corruption with Dominion machines," saying the election technology company "took out machines" and "shredded ... 3,000 pounds of ballots.

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